10 Best Celeb Social Media Accounts You Should Be Following

Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Four Square; social media has taken over our society. This has turned out to be both a good thing and a bad thing. Bad because we are too busy checking our Instagrams to enjoy a real conversation, but good because we have a direct line to some of our favorite celebrities. Social media has raised the stakes in the sense that there is an even bigger chance for our idols to actually respond to our desperate Tweets, comments, likes and whatever else is involved with social media interaction. Most of the times there are celebs like Beyonce or Britney Spears who do not run their own accounts and the odd time that they do send out a message to their fans, it is generic and more for an informative purpose. However, the game changes when celebs do run their own accounts. Some use it for exceptional purposes like bringing awareness to a cause or treating it like a fan club page, where they can inform their fans of impending performances and appearances. Some of them even use it for the sole purpose of talking directly to their fans (like the time James Franco tried to hook up with one of his underage teenage admirers). Granted the best social media pages are the ones who give you a glimpse into the lifestyle of the rich and the famous and allows you to live vicariously through them. At the risk of sounding like a super fan, here is a list of 10 celebrity social media accounts that you just have to follow.


10 Cara Delevingne - Twitter & Instagram: @caradelevingne

If you are into all celebrities, all the time then model/actress Cara Delevingne is the one to follow; her Instagram and Twitter accounts are filled with photos of her posing with her posse. This includes fellow model Karlie Kloss, singer Taylor Swift, reality TV star/designer Nicole Richie and basically all of young Hollywood right now. She is the funny girl who knows when to get down and dirty with her girls and she has a lot of celebrity fans like Kristen Wiig, Kate Moss and Zoe Kravitz, who in return regularly post candid shots with her (or in Wiig’s case with her magazine covers).

9 Miley Cyrus – Instagram: @mileycyrus


Ever since actress turned singer Miley Cyrus dropped the Hannah Montana act, she has gone wild; and all of those wild and crazy antics just happen to be very well documented on her Instagram account. Cyrus can be seen posting photos of herself and her fellow young Hollywood friends smoking, partying, sometimes performing and even making out with random people. This free spirit recently came out as bi-sexual and has dedicated some of her more recent posts to helping the transgender movement. Cyrus never ceases to amaze anyone and her strong demeanor is certainly reflected on her much talked about Instagram account.

8 James Franco – Instagram: @jamesfrancotv

There is no question that actor James Franco is a total free spirit; his ever popular Instagram account has almost 4 million followers and has some of the most candid Franco-photos ever. We are talking Franco at his best, in drag, posing at a lemonade stand, and posing as Jon Snow; there are even a few appearances from his much loved brother Dave Franco. So why should anyone follow Franco? If you want a light-hearted laugh at silly photos and all things Franco, then this is your best bet. Plus there seems to be some obsession with this recent University grad.

7 Kendall Jenner – Instagram & Twitter: @kendalljenner


Okay, so as we all know, the Kardashian/Jenner Klan gets a really bad rap but it looks like Ms. Kendall Jenner is trying to break the mold by becoming a legitimate model. Her Instagram and Twitter account show her jet setting across the world, getting candid in front of the camera and of course, some family love. If you look hard enough, you can get past the craziness that is the Kardashian’s and see the budding future of the family. Jenner is down to earth and recently has shown her undying support to her father; hate all you want but she is pretty independent and dedicated to doing her own thing.

6 Jared Leto – Instagram: @jaredleto

He’s in a band, he’s an actor, he’s hot and he is an activist; following Jared Leto can only lead you down the right path. The actor/musician looks great in every picture no matter how beat up he is after a hard day on set. He knows how to poke fun at himself with pictures like this and quite frankly, he makes veganism look oh so appealing. Leto routinely posts pictures of things he finds fascinating, his gym progress and an abundance of selfies. He has recently made a splash in the acting world again after a long foray into music, so maybe it is time you hop on the band wagon.

5 Anna Kendrick – Instagram @annakendrick47


Actress Anna Kendrick is like everyone’s universal homeboy; you just get the feeling that as well as she can hang out and throw shade with the girls, she can turn around and play a little Call of Duty with the guys. Kendrick’s Instagram account only proves this theory; she knows how to make fun of herself and somehow manages to drag her celerity friends into the joke with her. Her page is lined with photos of everyone from her Pitch Perfect co-stars to rapper Snoop Dogg (or is it Snoop Lion now?). She shows off more than just herself all dolled up.

4 Lupita Nyong’o – Instagram: @lupitanyongo

Actress Lupita Nyong’o’s Instagram page is like a breath of fresh air. She comments on everything from the latest fashions which she gets to rock on the cover of great magazines like Bazzar, candid shots with her supportive family, and breathtaking photos of her frolicking around the world. You get to see her social activist side as she promotes freedom of speech, confidence and her bid to empower fellow women. In this crazy world of social media, Nyong’o’s Instagram is a no-hate zone that anyone can get into. Also it is super colorful, intriguing to look at and an easy way to see what she has coming up next.


3 Kim Kardashian – Instagram & Twitter: @kimkardashian


We all know that Kim Kardashian is very active on social media. She practically documents her life as if it is a movie, but who can fault her? She gives everyone who is interested a peak into her social life, her frequent trips and her experiences all over the world. One could even say that her social media pages are positive vibes to those who are struggling with something. She seems to be one of the most hated-on people, yet she always posts positive messages and sticks up for herself and her family. So why should you follow her? Simple, people always want to know what she is doing; there are 10 seasons of her show and millions of followers to back that up.

2 Taylor Swift – Instagram: @taylorswift

Like Cara D, Taylor Swift seems to push her way into being friends with just about everyone. Her Instagram page is filled with photos from her on stage doing her thing (music, obviously), to her apparently throwing baby showers for her older friend Jaime King. Swift has almost every moment of her life documented on her social media accounts, so if you are a big fan she is one to follow. If you do not see it in the media, you are guaranteed to see it on her Instagram; candid shots, fan love and a great documentation of her 1989 tour.

1 Emma Watson – Twitter: @emwatson


Ever the activist; inspirational Harry Potter Saga star Emma Watson, is one person everyone must follow. She has used her popularity for good and has even managed to educate herself obtaining a degree from Brown University, even though she is worth millions. Her social media account has photos of her addressing her peers on topics that cover poverty, empowering women and educating others on global warming. She always posts a positive quote and even embraces her Harry Potter roots, instead of shying away like most child actors now grown up would do. It is refreshing to see an intelligent young actress who respects herself and her position in life.


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