10 Apps for the 1% and Those Who Aspire To Be

We’ve all heard the slogan “there’s an app for that.” It’s true, there’s an app for just about everything today. From games, to maps, dating, to the news and even watching movies; you can pretty accomplish anything these days on your smartphone or tablet. We all know the ways smartphone apps have certainly made life more convenient.

Listed below are ten apps for the 1%. While all of the apps are of the utmost usefulness to people with large bank accounts, those who aspire to be in that category are't left out entirely. Hint: while you might need to be in the 1% to travel to Paris using one of these apps, you don't need to be in the 1% to order French shoes straight off the runway on another one of these apps. There's one more app not on the list, that we know you will want to download: our very own, TheRichest App. You can read all of your favorite articles while waiting for a chauffeur you ordered from another one of the apps found on this list. You can even browse the app if you get bored while waiting in line to buy couture from a world famous department store, which has its very own luxurious app.

It should be noted that while all of these apps are available for iOS devices (iphone and iPad), not all are currently available for Android devices. This doesn’t mean they won’t be available in the future. Some of the apps that are free may have paid content subscription fees. However, if you have the money to buy what these apps sell, you probably won’t have a problem affording the small subscription fee.


10 Louis Vuitton Pass: Free

The Louis Vuitton Pass App, which is available for iOS and Android is a fun, but practical app. This Store Locator feature prevents the very difficult problem of trying to find the nearest Louis Vuitton store if you are in an unfamiliar area. The app also allows you to view Louis Vuitton’s beautiful advertising campaigns, as well as exclusive behind the scenes videos. More importantly, it showcases the products in each campaign, making them available for purchase with just a few taps of the finger. If you just can't decide between a seasonal Speedy Bag or classic canvas one, or perhaps you just purchased one and want to show it off, there is also a feature which allows you to share the content via social networking or email.

9 Uber: Free


Uber, which is available for both iOS and Android devices is quickly becoming one of the most popular apps available for both the 1% and the aspiring. With the tap of a finger, Uber will send a luxury vehicle to your locale on demand, in over thirty-five countries. What could be better than having a Cadillac Escalade, BMW 7 Series, Lincoln Town Car or Mercedes-Benz pick you up after a long day of shopping or business meetings? Or more importantly, after dancing and drinking the night away? Uber even lets you track your car via GPS and a tool to estimate the fare. The fare is paid for with the app, so nothing is exchanged with the driver. Celebs including Ellen Page, Seth Rogen, Lindsay Lohan and Neil Patrick Harris love using Uber.

8 Bang & Olufsen: Free

If you live the luxury lifestyle, you already know that Danish manufacturer Bang & Olufsen make some of the most beautifully designed audio and video equipment on the market. With their Beolink app, available for iOS and Android, they’ve found a way to improve their products seamlessly. Beolink allows you to control all the B&O products in your home including audio, video, lighting and curtain and temperature systems. With multiple user and multiple home profiles, you can set the mood of a room or even an entire house, from anyplace in the world from Berlin to your bathtub, as long as there is Wi-Fi.

7 Tiffany & Co. Engagement Ring Finder: Free


He knows she is going to say yes to the question, but will she love the ring just as much as she loves him? She will, if you use Tiffany's Engagement Ring Finder App. As brilliantly developed as the diamonds Tiffany sells, this app is the best thing to happen to engagements since bridal registries. It has so many useful features including the capability to search for a ring by setting, shape, metal and design. The rings are displayed true to size and can be viewed from different angles. Yes, you can even take a picture of your hand to virtually try on rings. The most useful feature of the app is the Ring Sizer. Once you've found the right one, you can order it straight from the app. Still unsure? Diamond consultations can be booked via phone or email from the app, if you aren't already sure that bigger is always better.

6 Net A Porter: Free

If you want to go from waiting in line at the DMV to shopping for Isabel Marant boots, with the tap of a finger, there's an app for that. While it won't teleport you to a boutique, the Net-A-Porter App is the next best thing. You probably already use Net-A-Porter to purchase your favorite clothing, shoes, handbags, jewelry, lingerie and beauty items from nearly every top designer and luxury brand on the market from Alexander McQueen to Versace. Their app allows you to shop from over 350 different brands as well as create and manage a wish list. Updated fashion news is available daily, as is exclusive video content. Net-A-Porter also has a separate magazine app that allows you to purchase items directly from an editorial.

5 Harrods: Free


If you want to shop at Harrods, but are stuck in a far less glamorous locale, the Harrod's app makes it possible. Packed with a range of features that function both in and out of the famed department store, this well developed app might be the best thing to come out of England since Burberry. Available for iOS and Android, there are features you you automatically expect like allowing you to shop, as well as check out exclusive video and editorial content. If you happen to be already shopping at the store and thought it couldn't be any more luxurious, the Harrods app can enhance your experience to a new level. There are 360 degree tours of each department. In addition, there is a map covering over one million square feet of the seven story store. If all of that wasn't enough, the icing on the cake is the audio tour of the landmark store's history. Who said shopping couldn't be educational?

4 Wine Spectator- $2.99 per month

Wouldn’t it be glamorous to have your own personal sommelier on demand whether you are ordering wine at a restaurant or perhaps pairings food and wine for a dinner party? The Wine Spectator App has made that luxury available for your iOS device. For a monthly subscription fee of $2.99, there is access to a database of over 300,000 wines with scores, reviews, tasting notes, and price information to which over 1,000 new wines are added monthly. You can also create a personal wine list. There is also access to Top 100 lists, expert picks and vintage charts. A free version of the app includes recipes, news, educational videos, pairings, and a selection of vintage charts. This app is perfect for those who don't know the difference between Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay, all the way to Cabernet connoisseurs.


3 Magellan Jets: $4.99


Some people say the best way to travel is in First Class. Clearly, those people have never been on a private jet before. Booking a private jet can be just as easy as booking a commercial flight, if you use the Magellan Jets app, which is currently available for iOS devices. Like Kayak for commercial flights, Magellan aggregates the costs of various carriers to get you the best price for a private jet of your choice. This app allows you to see pictures of the jets, search by availability, GPS location, as well as calculate the flight time and cost. Using the “tip a friend” feature, you can also share info and pictures with a friend or colleague.

2 Michelin Restaurants: $16.99

Foodies and sophisticates alike know the Michelin Guides are the best way to find restaurants in New York, Chicago, San Francisco and throughout select parts of the European Union. Now those guides are available for iOS and Android. The three American cities available are New York, Chicago, and San Francisco, as separate apps for $3.99 each. The entire guide to Europe is available for $16.99. In addition to larger guides, there are several a la carte guides available for select European countries including Italy, Great Britain & Ireland as well as a guide which include Spain, Portugal and Andorra, which cost $8.99 each. The a la carte guides also include hotels.

1 iVIP Black: $999.99


Available for iOS, Android and Windows phones, iVIP Black is known as the “Millionaires App.” At $999.99, iVIP Black is the unofficial app of the 1% and one of the most expensive apps currently available. So what does a $999.99 app get you? For those who can afford it, iVIP offers discounts on luxury goods and services. The app gives you access to a private concierge on demand. iVIP's have a range of great perks including free champagne in a limo you book through the app, as well as free gifts and upgrades. However, there’s one catch to unlocking all the goodies an iVIP membership offers: you must certify you are a “high net worth individual,” so even if you can shell out the price for the app itself, you can’t take full advantage of all the free perks unless you can afford to do so. If you aspire to be an iVIP Black member, but your income has yet to match your ambitions, you can download iVIP Red for free.


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