10 Angels Whose Cleavage Shows the Power Of Victoria's Secret

Look at any model strutting down the Victoria's Secret runway and you'll see a vision of long legs and sexy lingerie. But most of all you'll see voluptuous curves, many of which women all over the world envy. Behati, Adriana, Karlie... they're all beautiful and they're all busty, while their glittered wings flap behind them as Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, or Justin Bieber's voice serenades them down the catwalk. But find most of these models off-duty, and you'll notice their once busting-out curves are barely there. So what's Victoria's not-so-secret secret? A major push-up bra. Girls, you've got nothing to worry about –even supermodels cheat a little. Take a look at these 10 Victoria's Secret models who get a little (or a lot) of help from a push-up, with these before and after shots, demonstrating that everyone, even Adam Levine's supermodel girlfriend, needs a little something extra.

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10 Cara Delevingne

Via: dailymail.co.uk & galleryhip.com

Model-of-the-moment, Cara Delevingne is looking cute and sporty in the candid beach photo on the left, but is rather curve-less. Her VS runway shot, on the other hand, is way more sultry than tomboy. It's hard not to notice how great her curves have been emphasized, while looking super flirty in the striped ensemble she's wearing down the runway; Cara's push-up is definitely accentuating her in all the right places. Notice the difference it makes on her supposed 32A cup size?

9 Behati Prinsloo

Via: theblemish.com & thegate.ca

Behati's before shot, from a Victoria's Secret catalog shoot from 2013, shows off her relatively small chest; she's a rumored 32 A. Nonetheless, it's impossible to deny her gorgeous figure. On the runway though, Behati's looking a little different. The 24-year old model can be seen in the 2013 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show on the right, where her bust is noticeably fuller; it's no wonder she's rumored to have gone under the knife. But was it surgery that made this babe's bust larger, or was it the power of an extraordinary push-up bra? Either way, I'm sure her boyfriend, Adam Levine, isn't complaining.

8 Karlie Kloss

At only 21 years old, 6 foot 1 Karlie Kloss is already a world-renowned supermodel who shows off her fine figure on the VS runway yearly. The off-duty photo of her was taken just a couple of years ago at Coachella 2012, while her Victoria's Secret runway shot was taken at the 2013 show just last year. Her apparent 32A chest is noticeably more voluptuous in her runway shot –a result of growing up a little, or the power of an amazing bra? You decide.

7 Candice Swanepoel

6 Lily Aldridge

Though she's certainly bikini-body ready, Lily shows off a much less curvy bod in her beach-side photo shoot for VS, than she does when she's representing the famous, sexy lingerie brand on the runway. The 28-year old is said to be a 32B, but they're definitely amped up when she's got her wings on. Find the perfect example in the photo on the right from the 2012 Victoria's Secret fashion show, proving there's nothing a good push-up bra can't do.

5 Elsa Hosk

Via: celebmafia.com & huffpost.com

This 25 year old Swedish model is all kinds of gorgeous, both on and off the runway. Her body is pretty amazing, but even her 5 foot 9 inch frame gets a little emphasizing on the catwalk. She's a 32 A, apparently, which makes sense on the 2013 bikini photo from the left. But her 2012 Victoria's Secret runway walk on the right, shows some pretty hefty cleavage. What are the chances she's sporting a push up? We'd say you could probably bet a large amount of money on it.

4 Jessica Hart

This 28-year old Australian model undoubtedly looks great in a bikini, but even more so in her Victoria's Secret get-up. Notice how much curvier she looks on the runway? We can thank a push up bra for that, giving her cleavage a ton of extra oomph and emphasizing her slim, hourglass waist. We can all agree that Jessica's definitely in on Victoria's secret.

3 Adriana Lima

Even the buxom Adriana Lima gets a lift, courtesy of Victoria's Secret. Her VS catalog shot shows a perfect model body, but her on-duty photo in 2010, where she's sporting and promoting the $2 million diamond bra she wore in that year's runway show, is another story; her curves are incomparable. The supermodel is rumored to have gotten breast implants, which would account for their noticeable size change... or can a Victoria's Secret bra really work all that magic? It probably can, but in this case, we'd bet Adriana's had a little bit of extra help from both sides of the court.

2 Erin Heatherton

1 Alessandra Ambrosio

This 33-year old gorgeous Brazilian model is a mother of two (though you'd never tell) and has been walking down the Victoria's Secret runway for many years. Her bikini-bod is pretty much perfect, but you can easily see just how much extra lift she gets on the runway, thanks to a perfectly good bra. So supermodel or not, Alessandra can use a little push and lift, just like the rest of us. But we'll give her credit where credit's due: her post-baby body in both photos, is almost too good to be true. We'd all really like to know Alessandra's secret on this one.

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