10 Amazing Summer Date Ideas

best summer date ideas

During the long and painfully cold winters, most couples end up being very lazy. Date nights consist of movies by the fire and keeping each other warm. We spend our winters talking about all the things we want to do in the summer and once summer comes it's as if we forgot everything we wanted to do.

I feel that when you are in a couple you are always trying to find new activities to do on date night (or date day) and a lot of couples find themselves doing the same old thing all the time. The next ten date ideas are perfect for summer dates and an ideal list to keep handy if you lack creativity in the date department.

Although there are countless date ideas that vary from city to city, this is a general list of ten super fun and romantic summer date ideas that everyone should try before the summer is over.

Don’t be lazy this summer because winter is sadly coming right back around the corner, so take advantage of the nice weather and take your lady (or guy) out on an epic date. The following ten dates are perfect for both new couples, first dates and even couples who have been together for years. It is the perfect summer date list, comprised of ten activities that will help you have fun and bond!

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10 Bike Ride

Going on a bike ride is a really easy and fun way of experiencing a date during summertime. Whether you go for a long ride along a body of water or a shorter ride around your neighborhood, going for a bike ride is a fantastic way of spending time together. Last time I went on a bike riding date, we ended up having a picnic in a beautiful park. This is a cheap, easy, fun and healthy date option that should definitely be considered. Just make sure you tell the girl beforehand that you guys will be going on a bike ride, as she needs to dress appropriately for the occasion; no heels… unless you want date night to be spend at the hospital!

9 Picnic

There is something super romantic about having a picnic. Picnics are a way of showing creativity and a great way to enjoy each other’s company. Picnics are easy to pull off and actually much cheaper than going out to eat. All you need is a basket or cooler, a blanket and whatever food your culinary skills allow you to make. You can pre-make food or you can have a real “European” picnic where you pick up a baguette, some cheese and cold-cuts, maybe even some grapes and definitely a bottle of wine, turning a simple meal into an incredible date.

8 Amusement Park / Carnival

This is probably one of the most fun dates you can ever choose. Rides, cotton candy and games where you win stuffed animals…sounds pretty perfect to me! Both amusement parks and carnivals are a great summer date because there is so much to do. I know a lot of people who are afraid of rides, however there are countless other activities to participate in. Make a day out of it and unleash your inner child. I can almost promise that it will be one of the best dates ever because it is hard not to have fun at a carnival or amusement park. Oh and by the way, you will get bonus points if you win her one of the big stuffed animals…just saying!

7 Water Slides

Water slides are almost on the same level as amusement parks and carnivals except a little bit better. Going to water slides is something that can only be done in summer and it is so much fun. It's also a great excuse to check your date out in a bikini at the same time. This is an exciting and out-of-the-box date idea that is bound to be adventurous and memorable for both him and her. Just make sure you bring towels and a change of clothes so that you and your date aren’t soaking wet on the way back!

6 Music Festival

Summers have become all about music festivals all around the world. Music festivals are an amazing date idea because they represent the perfect mix between romance and fun. It is no secret that music is a way of connecting with people, so why not take advantage of that? Whether it's your first date or your fifth year dating, this date is bound to be a hit. It is such a fun experience you would be sharing with a date and such a great way to learn more about each other's likes, based on what shows they want to see.

5 Hiking

Yes, literally take a hike! This is one of the most romantic summer date ideas ever. It's not about the destination, but the journey. Take the time to talk to your date, maybe even trek somewhere with no cell phone service, and enjoy one another’s company and the nature around you. Once you have reached the top, there is usually a stunning view to enjoy, this is the perfect time to sit down and just be in each other’s presence. We all lose track of what is important a lot of the time and it's nice to get back to the simple things in life. This is a great way of doing that with someone you care about.

4 Street Fair/Food Trucks

Street fairs, food trucks, really any kind of fair that involves street food and music. This is one of the things I love the most about summer; you can shop, eat and dance all while exploring the eccentricity around you. This is an incredible date idea that will be memorable. It is a great and cheap way to spend time together and get to know one another or reconnect. There is also something delicious about eating gourmet food from a truck that really puts the cherry on top of the sundae; it somehow tastes better on the street. This casual and low-key date idea is one guaranteed to be a hit.

3 Golf

I know to many of you golf seems like an old man sport your dad and granddad play, but believe it or not it's a great way of spending a date. This summer date idea is fun, healthy and original. You can either choose to play 9 or 18 holes and it's a wonderful way to spend time together and do something active. Golf is not a super competitive sport, which is why it is great for a day date. Take the time to talk to each other and help each other out. Golf can surprisingly be very sensual…if you know what you’re doing that is!

2 Farmers Market

There is something fresh and energizing about going shopping at a farmers market. This summer, a great date would be to go to the farmers market as a couple, spend the day walking around and shopping for fresh produce, grab a light lunch and maybe pick up some flowers. Then at night the two of you can cook dinner with the ingredients bought earlier on at the market. This is a fantastic way of turning a day date into a daylong date. So if you want to have a great and casual day with the one you like this a great way of doing so.

1 The Zoo

There is something nostalgic about going to the zoo. Since most of us haven’t been since the age of 11, we forget how much fun the zoo can be. It's a great way of both spending time together and feeling like a kid again. There are plenty of activities to do at the zoo and there are a variety of animals to see. Depending on what zoo you are at of course, there is even the possibility of watching shows put on by the animals and trainers. This is a super cute and fun way of doing something you haven’t done in years.

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