10 Reasons Why You Should Live Alone

Living alone has a few disadvantages. For one, watching a terrifying horror movie is much scarier when you are home alone. That night, when you're unable to sleep after watching Paranormal Activity, you won't have a roommate to stay awake with you all night with the lights on. Roommates are great built-in friends, who can tell you that Paranormal Activity is just a movie, eat dinner with you any night of the week and binge-watch a TV show with you on a Saturday night. Having a roommate can be totally awesome but also totally annoying. They can invade your personal space, leave their clothes everywhere and eat the last box of Thin Mints.

Sure, feeling lonely while eating a cold slice of pizza all alone for dinner on a Thursday night may make you long for a roommate, even one that eats the last box of Thin Mints, but don't. Living alone is full of perks if you know just what to appreciate. Admittedly, most of the perks of living alone come from the fact that you’re well, uh, alone but that should be taken advantage of while you can. Who knows were life will lead? In a year, you could be married with a kid. At that point in your life, you may be longing for eating cold pizza alone on a Thursday night. Here are the ten best advantages to living alone:

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10 Pants Are Always Optional

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Not only are pants optional but underwear is even optional. You can be naked whenever you want, however you want. After a shower, you can wait five minutes to put your clothes back on or for two hours to put your clothes back on. Who cares? After all, it's just you there. What you wear is completely up to you because there’s no one there that you have to dress for. You can sleep in the nude, binge watch in the nude, eat in the nude, basically live in the nude.

9 Cleaning When You Want

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Clothes on the floor, sink full of dishes or unswept floor? Who cares! You can clean your apartment when you want. In fact, you can only clean when you know you’re having guests if that’s your jam. If you don't want to clean for guests, then don't. It's totally up to you. If you’re a neat freak and would rather keep the whole place spick and span, that's cool too and you won’t have any messy roommates to clean up after.

8 Sleeping Like You Give No F***s 

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Who doesn’t love sleeping in? Psychopaths might not like sleeping in but that’s why they’re psychopaths. Sleeping until 4 p.m. is even better when no one is around to judge you. How many times have you gotten up before noon on a Saturday only because that's what a responsible adult does? That’s the only reason why some people get out of bed on Saturdays at all. Having no one to know that you barely got out of bed at all throughout a whole weekend is even more relaxing than the fact that you barely got out of bed for a whole weekend.

7 Bathroom For One

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There’s no way around it, sharing a bathroom blows because hot water is not unlimited. If you share an apartment with someone who has a similar work schedule, it can be an actual battle for who uses the bathroom first in the morning. You'll have to get up earlier just to make sure you get the shower with hot water. When you live alone, you're the only person showering so it's hot water by the bus load, which is nice. You also can shower whenever you want, however you want. No more waking up thirty minutes early just for your shower. No more toning down your early morning rendition of whatever song you'd like to sing. Sing away in the shower! There's no roommate to be annoyed by it.

6 No Food, No Problem

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Not having to stock the apartment with real person food is a luxury only for those who live alone. If you want to order Seamless every single night, go ahead because you don’t have to worry about appearing to be a functioning adult with spinach in the fridge. Better yet, you don’t have to bicker with a roommate about another food shopping bill that they want to split when all they bought was the gluten-free, sugar-free stuff that you don't even eat. Even better yet, you don’t have to worry about a passive aggressive roommate who writes their name on everything they bought after you drunkenly ate their last Hot Pocket. They should just get over it, already, right?

5 You’ll Never Impose On Anyone

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If you have a hot date, you’ll have to ask your roommate to kindly scatter. If your roommate has a hot date, they’ll have to ask you to kindly scatter. There’s a lot of kindly scattering when you share a living space with someone else, and the thing is, that kind of sucks. You know what else sucks? Listening to your roommate have sex on a Friday night when you’re trying to make the moves on your Netflix. Living alone means never having to worry about accidentally crashing someone's date and it also means that you'll never have to turn down the volume on your own date.

4 Binge-Watching For One

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Living with a roommate means you have a built in show-buddy, which can be as awesome as it is annoying. Sure, you’ll have someone to chat about the show with, but you’ll also have to watch at the pace of someone else. If your roommate likes, you know, doing things on the weekend, you won’t be able to host a 16-hour binge watching session on Saturday and you may have to wait until Monday to watch the next episode, which is just unacceptable.

3 Showering When You Feel Like It

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Well, you can shower whenever you feel like it any day but this perk is more about the fact that you can go 3 days without a shower and no one but you and your deodorant stick will know. In fact, if you want to go a whole weekend without so much as brushing your hair or teeth, no one will know but your dentist. There’s nothing like letting your dirty side out when no one can judge you for it.

2 Judgment-Free Midnight Snacks

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Eating ice cream for breakfast is awesome. Eating leftover pizza for breakfast is awesome, too. You know what’s not awesome? Getting side-eye from a roommate for eating a piece of cake for dinner. Sure, your roommate is right and maybe you shouldn't be eating cake for dinner, but it's your right as an adult, right? Living alone means you can eat all the cake and pizza you want without any judgement. Sure, it might not be good for your waistline, but you do you.

1 The Only Real Ticket To Hibernation Nation

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The only true way to hibernate is by living alone. If you have a roommate, you’ll have to be pleasant and, at the very least, say hello to them once or twice a day, even on those days when you don't want to talk to anyone. There are definitely times when crawling into a hole and not speaking to another human being for a few days is the most desirable thing in the world but you can't really do this if you have a roommate. Truly hibernating away from the world is a luxury that only people living alone know.

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