It only Costs $1 500 to get Yourself Kidnapped

Some people shell out a few hundred dollars to go sky diving or splurge thousands to drive race cars, but those are not even as wild as the newest adrenaline experience. People are now paying from $500-$1,500 to be kidnapped on purpose! This service is available through a Detroit-based company called Extreme Kidnapping that is run by a man named Adam Thick, or in the rap world as Mr. Scrillion. The company accepts cash in order to abduct those that want to experience a real-life Taken. The $500 will get you a four-hour kidnap, but if you want to be held overnight, that will cost you $1,500 more.

You get to choose the terms of the kidnapping; including who does it and even what state it's in (if you do this outside of Detroit, then expect to spend thousands more). This company has been around for 10 years, but it's now starting to gain more popularity after a couple in New York was recently "kidnapped" by the company. When you customize your plan for the occasion you get to choose if you are tortured, which includes: being water-boarded, stunned by an electric gun, being tied up, getting slapped and a lot more. You get to customize this as much as you want, depending on what your fantasy is and how much you have to spend.

Unfortunately this elaborate hoax is causing problems for law enforcement, as they are spending many hours investigating alleged kidnappings. This costs them money and time, and is now starting to become a big problem. This is still a legal and running business that you can take advantage of if you need a fantasy fulfilled. Just make sure you have the money and you can get whatever you want! It's also important to note that the cost will rise if you want to include another person, like your significant other. Each person involved will have to pay or else they will not be eligible for the kidnapping.

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