10 Of The Dopest Beards In Hip-Hop

There are so many rappers in the Hip-Hop industry right now, so it’s really important for an artist to maintain a unique style and distinct look. In the list below, we have compiled a selection of rappers who are known for having the most unmistakable (and often most unkempt) facial hair. Have a look.

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11  Freeway:

Via: www.youtube.com

Rapper Freeway is a Muslim rapper from Philadelphia, and most fans of Hip-Hop know him from his days of being signed to Jay-Z and Damon Dash’s Roc a Fella Records in the early aughts. At that point in time, the NYC-based label was riding high, and Freeway (along with his huge beard) enjoyed decent success as one of the main rappers on the label’s roster. 14 years later, Freeway is still putting out new music and yes, he still has that huge beard.

10  Rick Ross:

Via: www.zkhiphani.co.za

9  Stalley:

Via: leakjones.com

Ohio rapper Stalley has been making noise in the Hip-Hop game for the last five years or so. He was loosely affiliated with Damon Dash’s Blu Roc label until he jumped ship and ended up signing with Rick Ross’s MMG label. It’s funny actually that he ended up signing to a label owned by a rapper with a beard almost as big as his. We have a feeling that during their down time in the studio, Rick Ross and Stalley probably discuss some beard grooming tips.

8  Aaron Cohen:

Via: www.thekrusader.com

You really don’t hear too much about rappers hailing from Seattle, but this young emcee is trying to change all that. His name is Aaron Cohen and he burst onto the scene a few years back with a confident rapping style and funny, sharp and witty rhymes. He currently splits his time between NYC and Seattle, and his ever-present rust-hued beard makes it easy to pick him out in a crowd.

7  Juice (Flatbush zombies):

Via: www.nashishphotography.com

There is a new rap collective that emerged from the Brooklyn underground rap scene in the last few years. They are called Beast Coast, and it consists of several groups including: The Flatbush Zombies, Pro Era and The Under Achievers. Juice (shown above) is one-half of the Flatbush Zombies and out of all the new school rappers on the scene, he’ll probably win the prize for having the most massive facial hair. Well done young man!

6  Jakk Frost:

Via: www.allflamerz.com

It’s quite unusual to come across a name like Jakk Frost in Hip-Hop, and the rapper who bears that moniker is certainly a unique character. He hails from Philadelphia and he is affiliated with a crew of rappers who call themselves “The Beard Gang.” Actually, a lyricist named Malik B. who was formerly affiliated with The Roots (Jimmy Fallon’s back-up band) is part of this crew. Jakk Frost is a mainstay on Philly’s underground Hip-Hop scene, and he’s always easy to spot with his ever-present bushy beard.

5  Action Bronson:

Via: www.eventsguide.com

One of the best Caucasian rappers on the scene presently is the rotund force of nature that goes by the name of Action Bronson. He hails from the borough of Queens in NYC, and this Fall, he’s scheduled to drop his first major label album titled Mr. Wonderful. He’s been sporting a substantial beard since he first entered the industry, and as his popularity increases, the beard seems to be getting bigger too. Keep an eye on this guy – he might just be one of the next really big stars on the rap scene.

4  Tech-N9ne:

Via: respectfulrappers.tumblr.com

Hailing from Kansas City, Missouri, Tech N9ne is probably one of the most successful independent rappers in the business today. His record label empire named Strange Music houses a slew of talented artists and they own tour buses, distribution centers and sell tons of merchandise – all without the help of any major labels. There is something else that is special about Tech N9ne; he is the king of the goatee. There is no other rapper that has sported more goatee beard variations than him, and to his credit, he pulls off the look very well.

3  Sean Price:

Via: www.rapburger.com

Hip-Hop is going through an interesting changing of the guard right now. The 90’s years were pretty much considered as the Golden Era, but it looks like a new golden era is underway with talented acts like Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole, Mac Miller etc. One of the best rappers from the 90s still making music is Sean Price. He hails from Brooklyn, and he is loved and cherished by true Hip-Hop purists. You will never catch this guy looking all smooth and dapper at an award show –he sticks to his scruffy beard and street-approved Hip-Hop gear. Long live underground rap!

2  Pharoahe Monch:

Via: soultrain.com

New York City has been known for producing the best lyricists in rap music. Of course, we all know about more mainstream acts like Jay-Z and Nas, but one left-field artist from Jamaica, Queens who has been killing it for years in Pharoahe Monch. He is known for his dense and complex delivery, his unique sense of style and his creative beard grooming preferences. If you’re a fan of true Hip-Hop, be sure to check his music out – this guy is really good.

1  Bonus: Rick Rubin

Via: www.mstarz.com

Technically, Rick Rubin isn’t a rapper, but he certainly deserves the title as one of the important godfathers of the Hip-Hop culture. In 1983, him and Russell Simmons formed the record company called Def Jam that launched the careers of LL Cool J, Run DMC, The Beastie Boys and so many others. These days, Mr. Rubin is a highly sought after producer working with the likes of Jay-Z and Kanye West, and he is also known for his peaceful zen and meditation practices. Actually with his long flowing beard and serene demeanor, he looks like a wise old sage who has unlocked all of life’s secrets. Wouldn’t you agree?

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