Top 10 List of Rowdiest Rappers

Hip-Hop music started out in the parks and street corners of the Bronx in NYC. Back then it was all about energy, skills, passion and propelling the culture. However, since rap went mainstream, a lot of acts are just concerned with making money and buying the big house rather than delivering energetic, heartfelt music for the fans to consume. Below is a list of 10 super-rowdy and extra-energetic rappers who always deliver the goods with their music and live performances.

8 Lil Jon

Hailing from Atlanta, Lil Jon is most likely the face that comes to mind when people think about Crunk music. He had a great run in early 2000’s with his group, Lil Jon and the East Side Boyz. Not only did they churn out huge hits for themselves, but they also produced smashing tracks for artists like Ying Yang Twins, Usher, E-40 and Ludacris. The great thing about Jon was that his entire look fit his rowdy, crunk music. He has the long dreadlocks, the big sunglasses, and he used to carry a bejeweled chalice (his pimp cup) for sipping his crunk juice. Lil Jon is still active on the music scene and he has a current hit in the clubs now called “Turn Down For What.”

7 Action Bronson

Upon first inspection, Action Bronson looks like quite the anomaly in Hip-Hop. He’s stocky and considerably overweight, he’s of Albanian and Jewish descent and get this, he actually happens to be a gourmet chef. But all that doesn’t matter, because when it comes to showing his skills on the microphone, he’s an absolute prodigy. His rhyme style has actually been compared to be the legendary Ghostface Killah of the Wu-Tang Clan. Even though his weight might seem to be an obstacle for him, he actually happens to be one of the most energetic and inspired rappers you’ll ever see perform. He controls the stage like an expert and he has become quite popular for clotheslining exuberant fans who try to jump on stage when he’s rapping. He’s a larger than life character and one of the most colorful rappers on the current Hip-Hop scene.

6 Waka Flocka Flame

If there was any rapper who looks just like his chosen nickname, it’s Wacka Flocka Flame. The tall and massive Atlanta rapper has an imposing presence and long flowing dreadlocks. He’s tattooed all over and his songs are so raucous and wild that they could literally incite riots. A few of those high energy songs include “O’ Let’s Do It” which featured a remix with Rick Ross and Puff Daddy, and another street hit named “Hard In Da Paint.” Interesting tidbit: Wacka’s mom used to be the manager of popular Atlanta rapper Gucci Mane, but they have since parted ways.

5 Busta Rhymes

You can’t say that you’re a fan of Hip-Hop and not have respect for veteran Brooklyn emcee, Busta Rhymes. Ever since he entered the rap game in the early 90s with his crew, Leaders of the New School, he has been bringing unbridled energy and originality to the forefront of the culture. There are so many hits he’s had over the years - “Put Your Hands,” “What It is,” “Pass the Courvoisier” etc – and he has worked with all the big names in the music industry: Janet Jackson, Notorious B.I.G., Puff Daddy, Pharrell, Swizz Beatz etc. Whenever you see a live Busta Rhymes show, you see something special – rowdiness, pure energy and exuberance. He’s passionate about his craft and it always shines through.

4  Tyler The Creator 

3 M.O.P.

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The Veteran Brookyln duo known as M.O.P. is a perfect amalgam of hardcore street rap and pure Hip-Hop energy. The duo comprises of two no-frill rappers, Lil’ Fame and Billy Danzini, and together they’ve been holding it down through several different eras of rap. Two of their biggest hits to date are “Ante Up” and “How about some Hardcore?” Both songs were released many years ago, but to this day, whenever “Ante Up” is played in the club, people just go crazy and want to started breaking bottles and acting wild. That’s what real music does – it can create and manifest emotions that some people didn’t even think they had inside them.

Danny Brown 

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Danny Brown is one of the most volatile elements in Hip-Hop right now. He’s originally from Detroit and he’s a self-admitted weirdo. Even his look of his crazy permed hair and crooked dentition bolster his extreme left-field approach. But all that aside, his music is what draws people in. He’s extremely unique because he has a huge following amongst hipsters, but underground rap purists also love and cherish his music. When he’s on stage, he’s a whirling fireball of energy and he gives 110% of himself at every concert. With Danny Brown, it’s easy to tell that he does it for the love, rather than the money.


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The A$AP MOB are one of the most buzzed about groups in Hip-Hop right now. They are a young collective of Harlem kids who love fashion, love partying and they also deliver extremely high-energy live shows. The group is led by A$AP Rocky and A$AP Ferg, but they have a full legions of soldiers including A$AP Yams, A$AP Twelvvy, A$AP Nast and more. Individually they all deliver decent shows, but when the full contingency combines, prepare to see explosions. Also be on the lookout for their new compilation LP dropping this summer.

 Redman & Method Man

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Now these two aren’t exactly a duo, but during the late 90’s and early aughts, they certainly established themselves as one of the most rowdy, energetic and exuberant duos in rap music. The pair released two albums together: Blackout! In 1999 and Blackout2! in 2009. They had huge hits like “How High” and “Da Rockwilder” and their live shows have become the subject of folklore in rap circles. Whether they are diving into the mosh pit, crowd surfing or climbing high up on stacks of speakers, these two guys know how to have a rollicking great time.

1  Onyx

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In the early 90s, you couldn’t find any group rowdier or more energetic than the NYC-based Onyx. Their debut album was called Bacdafucup, and it featured the mega-hit song “Slam” – a track which is still in rotation to this day. They had an imposing presence too; 4 scary looking guys with bald heads, all dressed in black, and they always looked like they were ready to start a fight. Over the years, the two main members Sticky Fingaz and Fredro Starr branched out into acting, but they recently got together just this year to release a new album titled #Wakedafucup. 

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