Top 10 Steak Houses To Indulge Your Appetite

If there was a chance to eat every luxurious tender cut beef, it would be in a place called a steak house. From angus to wagyu, a good steak is defined not only by the kind of beef used but also the w

If there was a chance to eat every luxurious tender cut beef, it would be in a place called a steak house. From angus to wagyu, a good steak is defined not only by the kind of beef used but also the way it was marinated, cooked and served. Various restaurants fight for the title as the “best beef steak house” in the world but focusing in America, here are 10 best steak houses that you should not miss out on.

10 Morton’s, The Steakhouse

Found around Newberry Plaza and in six other sites, Morton’s the steakhouse is one of the known restaurant chains that focuses on nothing more but their specialty steaks! The restaurant is given a 3.5 rating on Yelp and is still as popular as one of the best, even with its fastfood chain reputation spurring out in the open and its classic theme of a Midwestern style cooking brings more customers interested as it tastes better than home. In the way they cook their grain-fed beef are wet-aged and broiled to high heat to make the meat soft. At the price of $47.50 to around $48.50, this tender meat is turned into fine steaks. Many state that better steak houses and new restaurants are stepping out but this old recipe still wins the heart of many.

9 STK restaurant

The name itself has been mocked by many critics that joke around its acronym as “sexually transmitted disease” instead of it being a shortcut for “STeaK” without the vowels. Though STK is made fun with its name, it’s tag line seems to be attracting many women as it states “Not your daddy’s steakhouse” and its competently female oriented recipe. With a 3.5 rating on Yelp, customer reviews focus on the ambiance as part of its down side having leather banquettes and dark lighting and loud music. It defines a certain niche of the market to capture, which specifically could be those rich, dark and weird enough to feel calm and comfortable in this place. Though this steakhouse doesn’t seem to have that ambiance fit for everyone, the steaks turn things around as it features wagyu and truffle slices that are simply put in a mincer and create the difference in taste. Some say it opposes the purpose of having to eat wagyu but some say the mincer process made it unique – something they’re trying to achieve.

8 Smith & Wollensky

This steak house found in New York City became popular to women with its filet mignon as it provides women meals without the fat. Men may come looking for the fat but as Smith and Wollensky feature their grilled and au proivre cooked steaks that are certified USDA Prime grade beef. They only use in-house dry-aged meat to guarantee high quality and great texture filled with flavors. The rating on Yelp indicates that this Steak joint is only a 3.5 but having a gourmet meal through their other menu items such as their shellfish, creamed spinach, lamb, poultry, coconut cake and red wine brings in many loving fans.

7 Cattlemen’s Steakhouse

Around Oklahoma City you will find one of the most Texas inspired places that is often mistaken for Cattleman’s Steakhouse. However, this restaurant is already one of the oldest and probably the most loved by locals since it continues to exist after 103 years of operation. The meat used is from their local farms, aged within a secret method that only in-house employees probably know, portioned, broiled under charcoal fire and served well with the right texture. Most critics indicate that the lamb fries and T-bone steaks are to die for together with the homemade pie for dessert.

6 Red the Steakhouse

Miami Beach isn’t going to back down with its steak houses as it fully features Red the Steakhouse. After 7 years of operating as a successful small steak house in Beachwood, this restaurant opens a larger branch right in Miami to attract celebrities and various other customers even though it’s just a year old in the new place. With a rating of 4 on Yelp, customers come back for more steaks in their delightfully modern cooking ways. Available in their menu are varieties of dishes, from fish to pastas and salads. Beef is a given of course. Using Angus prime steaks, Japanese Wagyu, oysters rockerfeller and much more flavorful mouth-watering fresh ingredients, the food is exceptionally said to be divine. The ambiance is also said to come in-line with their cooking in modern yet uniquely twisted look that captures a masculine yet contemporary designs. It welcomes all customers including those travelers that are alone and brings out the better experience for a steak house. Though great steak also come within a price, specifically $19 an ounce, this popular joint is rated 4 on Yelp and is said to be a place you must visit.

5 Kevin Rathbun Steak

Rated highly on Yelp with 4 stars, Kevin Rathbun Steak is a name that Atlanta locals know very well. It features the steak house, Rathbun’s and Krog bar that are all found in one site. It’s basically a big restaurant that serves the classics that has rib-eyes and 16-ounce New York meat. Other menu items include lobsters, eggplant fries, pork ribs, tuna and meatballs. Among all other offered dishes, the steak is still said to be the best dish there is that should be tried by visiting tourists.

4 Peter Luger

New York has a ton of restaurants that are extremely competitive in terms of price, taste and quality. This is where you will find extreme measures of quality and sitting down at Peter Luger around New York would just be one of the top. Rated with 4 stars on Yelp, Peter Luger has a wide range of delicious items ranging from soup, salads, and of course, steak. This steak house is also known to serve delicious porterhouse steak cooked by broiling it first then sliced, cooked German-style and served in huge amounts that are good for three people. The meat is dry-aged and sliced on the spot, cooked in the perfection of a crusty texture. Though people say it is very expensive to eat in a place as such, dining here is truly worth it.

3 Killen’s Steakhouse

They show off their steak in an elegant room with a gourmet looking presentation of food as cooked by Chef Ronnie Killen, who was trained at the famous restaurant, Cordon Bleu. Around Houston, Texas, you will find his restaurant that features steak renowned as one of the top best tasting dishes according to critics and media features. Even the dessert items count as one of the best as the Food & Wine Magazine features their crème brulee bread pudding in the top 10 dishes back in 2008. Steaks are perceived superb and versatile to any taste bud as this restaurant has both dry-aged and wet-aged steaks that gives people more options and caters both kinds of preferences. The meat comes from superb suppliers in Chicago, the Allen Brothers and in Pittsburg, Strube Ranch. With a rating of 4.5 on Yelp, customers come back for more filling steaks that their taste buds can’t resist.

2 Bern’s

Bern’s steak house in Florida is a place for a big appetite and big pockets. As Yelp reviews state, this restaurant deserves a 4.5 rating out of five as it features a full line of caviars in 20 different types. Though the place is already left out by the developments, its classic old-school style still remain unforgettable for fans who dig different kinds of slices of meat in different kinds of preparations, cooked according to the preference of the customer. Foie gras, two kinds of steak tartare, oysters three ways or other dishes are also available. They also use a wide range of ingredients to capture specific tastes, offer great wine in different kinds and a huge list of desserts.

1 Cut, Beverly Hills, Calif.

There was only one name that everyone knew about because of his unconventional ways of cooking that turned into the new standard of the norm – the name is Wolfgang Puck. California was first introduced to the irresistible pizza joint called “Spago” and now he gave his talents towards creating great steaks in his reinventions in a new joint called “Cut.” The Cut was named as such for the variety of cuts they offer at the restaurant, ranging in 17 different kinds. They feature the typical filet mignon and New York sirloin styles and even Japanese Wagyu rib-eye steaks but who says these typical steak house dishes is going to taste the same? With Puck’s luxurious price list and a high rating of 4 from Yelp reviews, this Beverly Hills based steak joint is at the top of the “must taste list” for a reason and it is because of the genius Puck puts in the style of his cooking.

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Top 10 Steak Houses To Indulge Your Appetite