The 10 Best Chefs in Canada

Chefs are artists who prepare food. They look at food differently than most people, and this is why great chefs basically create artwork with their food. The only difference between this type

Chefs are artists who prepare food. They look at food differently than most people, and this is why great chefs basically create artwork with their food. The only difference between this type of artwork and other types of artwork, is people like yourself can eat it.

You may be curious as to who are the best chefs from Canada are. Below are the top 10 best chefs in Canada, starting with number 10. 

10 Guy Rubino 

When it comes to top chefs from Canada Rubino is one of the best. Throughout his career he has owned and operated around three restaurants. Rubino has appeared on shows such as Iron Chef, as well as a show on Food Network Canada, which followed him managing his restaurant Rain. He got into the industry around 1987, when he started his own restaurant while attending university.

9 Lynn Crawford 

Crawford is one of the most well-known chefs from Canada. She started her career by training at George Brown College located in Toronto. She has more than 25 years experience as a chef and she currently owns Ruby Watchco, which is located in Toronto. Crawford has received numerous awards, both on a national and international level, recognizing her work as a chef. 

8 Martin Picard

Martin Picard is a great chef who has built his reputation up as being one of the most creative chefs in Canada. His career got a boost when he started to appear on shows such as Chef Wild and No Reservations. However, he has been working as a professional chef since the 1990s, making him an experienced chef, as well as a highly skilled chef. Picard also opened up a sugar shack, which is located in St Benoit de Mirabe. Some of his most popular dishes include lobster pie with almond cream. 

7 David Adjey

Adjey made the decision to become a chef at the young age of five. He received his training at the Culinary Institute of America. Adjey demonstrates great culinary skills and this is why he was once the chef Dan Aykroyd, the actor. The chef has also appeared on numerous television shows, and he is still on television. He can currently be seen on the show The Opener, which airs on the Food Network Canada.

6 Mark McEwan

This chef is married to Roxanne McEwan. The chef received his education at George Brown College. He has enjoyed great success as a chef, author and businessman. He actually opened up a grocery store back in 2009, and he also owns ONE, a hotel located in Toronto. 

5 Christine Cushing 

Cushing was born in Greece, but she moved with her family to Toronto at the age of one. Just like other chefs mentioned in this article, she attended George Brown College, and she also received education at The University of Toronto. She has also made many TV appearances throughout the last 10 years. She is also a talented writer, and has published three cookbooks. You can still watch her on TV, as she is the host of the show 'Fearless in The Kitchen. She became who she is today because of the hard work she has put in. She is also married to a man named Ted Cushing.

4 Anna Olson 

Anna Olson is married to Michael Olson, and she is a trained pastry chef. Olson is perhaps the most popular chef from Canada. She has published more than four books, all relating to culinary. Throughout the years she has open and sold restaurants, and some major companies have asked her to endorse them. She currently hosts her own show, called "Cooking With Olson". 

3 Ned Bell

Ned Bell is a highly skilled chef, and this is why he ranks number three. He got his start in the industry at the age of 15, when he worked at a dishwasher at a restaurant. Dubrulle Culinary School is where he attended and where he picked up some of his skills. He is currently the executive chef at the Four Seasons Hotel in Vancouver. If you want to eat a great meal, then you should head to the Four Seasons, and see exactly why Chef Bell is one of the best chefs in all of Canada. His food tastes amazing, and he puts in a lot of hard work and creativity into his dishes. 

2 Ricardo Larivee 

When it comes to great chefs, Ricardo Larivee is one of the best. In matter of fact, this is why he is ranked number two on this list. Just like other chefs previously mentioned, he hosts his own TV show that can be watched on the Food Network Canada. It was in the 80s when he developed a passion for culinary arts. He started to create dishes in his spare time, and then he eventually got his own radio show. The chef is actually considered a household name in Quebec. He has also authored five books, and he also has his very own magazine. You may think he learned his skills while in school, but he actually studied communications while in school.

1 Michael Smith

Smith is the number one chef in Canada. There are many reasons why he is ranked number one. Smith currently hosts five shows relating to cooking. He has helped restaurants in Canada, such as The Inn At Bay Fortune, gain popularity across the nation. He too has also authored some books, all of them cookbooks. He currently owns three restaurants, one of them being the Inn At Bay Fortune, Prince Edward Island and Chef Emeritus. In matter of fact, some of these restaurants are considered to be the best restaurants located in all of Canada. Smith was born in in NYC, but he was raised in Canada, and he received his education in Canada, and has worked in Canada for many years. 


There are many great chefs located throughout Canada, but the best chefs are the chefs that are listed above. All of the chefs listed in this article have worked extremely hard at what they do, and they all possess the skills needed to stand out in the culinary industry.


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The 10 Best Chefs in Canada