Cook In Style With These Celebrity Kitchen Appliances

Simple kitchen appliances used to be considered a luxury in the home during the days when their intended uses were to simplify daily household chores. The simple luxuries of an oven, stove and refrigerator could be found in homes during the 1920s. As technologies began to improve, kitchen appliances began to get outfitted with better options for consumers to want to trade in their old models for new ones. As with all things, kitchen appliances have been taken up a notch with companies going above and beyond when it comes to manufacturing these common appliances. Many of these luxury kitchen appliance companies have been around for decades, improving their products with only the highest quality raw materials possible and catering to the elite with the endless possibilities of a custom-made kitchen appliance.

It is no surprise that many luxury kitchen appliances can be found in the kitchens of celebrities. As a celeb, they not only require the best, but they can actually afford the best kitchen appliances on the market. Celebrity kitchens have become the go-to for those who are re-modeling their kitchens for their luxurious designs and high-end appliances. Here is a list of seven luxury kitchen appliances that you will be sure to find in any celebrity kitchen.

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7 Thermador

Thermador has been creating luxury kitchen appliances for more than eleven decades. The company was started back in 1916 when founder, William E. Cranston began to produce electrical items and most notably, built-in heaters for the home. In 1947, Thermador broke out into the kitchen appliance market when it invented the first wall oven and cooktop. That was also the year that Thermador began to introduce stainless steel to home appliances. Since then, Thermador has been noted for its continuous innovative technologies including the home version of the warming drawer that many have come to love today. Thermador's appliances vary in price from its $9,000 refrigerators to its $8,000 ranges. Celebrities with Thermador appliances in their kitchens include Gerard Butler, Trisha Yearwood and the famous Julia Child when she was still around cooking up a storm.

6 Jura Capresso Impressa 27

The Jura Capresso Impressa 27 is one coffeemaker that can be found in many celebrity homes including Gwyenth Paltrow's due to its sleek design and versatility. The coffeemaker may look intricate, but it is loved for its simplicity with its one touch feature that brews up a perfect cup of coffee in no time. The Jura Capresso Impressa 27 makes over eight different types of coffee drinks including cappuccino, latte, macchiato, hot chocolate, hot tea, espresso, ristretto and crema coffee. The Jura Capresso Impressa 27 costs around $3,199, but is well worth it considering all of the money saved from not visiting the local coffee shop twice a day.

5 Viking

Viking is another elite appliance producer that specializes in ranges, cooktops, ovens and just about any other appliance that is used in the kitchen. Founded in the 1980's by Fred Carl, Jr. when he turned to designing his own range when he couldn't find one that he wanted in the present market. Viking provides its customers with the industry's best warranty, granting them three years of a comprehensive warranty on all Viking products. Also, Viking prides itself as helping out the U.S. economy since all of its products are American made. The wealthy enjoy Viking appliances in their kitchens due to its functionality as well as the freedom to be able to customize their appliance to fit their kitchen motifs. Viking ranges are priced between $4,800 to $16,749. There appears to be stiff competition between Viking and Wolf when it comes to luxury kitchen appliances. Although it is not quite clear who comes out on top as it seems both are equally loved. Celebrities who choose Viking for their kitchens include, Tracy Morgan, Christina Aguilera, Meg Ryan and Ellen Pompeo.

4 Miele

Celebrities love Miele's dishwasher for its innovative technologies and sleek design. Miele has been around since 1899 when it was founded by Carl Miele and Rienhard Zinkann. Miele has remained family-owned, with the fourth generation now running it. Miele's precision German engineering is guided by the company's mantra "Immer Besser" which means "Always Better." Miele's Futura Series dishwashers claim to be the world's smartest dishwasher. The dishwashers have AutoSensor technology that automatically sensor and set the proper cleaning intensity. Celebrities love Miele dishwashers since they can throw in their delicate wine glasses and not have to worry about breaking or water spots. Miele's dishwashers are the quietest dishwashers in America thanks to its research and testing with Owens Corning Acoustics Research Center. Prices vary for the dishwashers, starting from $1,000 to $4,000. Although they are well worth the price since most of Miele's appliances have been reported as lasting as long as 30 years. This long life span is attributed to Miele's 10,000 hour endurance test that each appliance must go through in order to be stamped with the Miele name. Celebrities that love their Miele dishwashers include Will Smith, Gwyneth Paltrow and Charlie Sheen.

3 Wolf

Wolf is best known for its ranges and cooktops that provide precise cooking for those that can afford it. Wolf dates back to the 1930s where it began creating only the best in ranges for top restaurants all around the country. All of the appliances made by Wolf are designed, manufactured and tested in the USA. The company has been able to maintain its high reputation due to its use of only the highest quality materials and extensive testing of products before they reach the consumer. Wolf prides itself on its prestigious quality assurance program that includes not only testing every single unit before it leaves the factory, but also every major component is tested before it hits the assembly line and all features and functions on every unit are inspected before it can be shipped out. Wolf appliances can cost from $4,200 to $16,000, but are worth every penny due to the precision and functionality that the appliances provide. The classic look of a Wolf range with its signature red knobs creates that perfect, elite kitchen look that many aspire to have in their homes. Celebrities such as Ralph Lauren, Rob Lowe, Billy Joel and Sharon Osbourne all equip their kitchens with top of the line Wolf appliances.

2 Sub-Zero

When it comes to premium food preservation, Sub-Zero is the leading manufacturer of built-in home refrigerators. The company has been around since 1943 when founder, Westye F. Bakke built his first freestanding freezer in the basement of his home in Wisconsin. Sub-Zero transformed kitchen designs by creating the built-in refrigerator in the mid-1950s and from there went on to create wine storage and excelled in technologies that improved food preservation. These included dual refrigeration as well as an ethylene reducing air purification system. Sub-Zero refrigerators stand out above the rest with its dual sealed systems with compressor and evaporator for the refrigerator and freezer side. The use of dual refrigeration allows food to stay fresh 20 percent longer when compared to refrigerators with only one system. Sub-Zero's patented air purification system scrubs the air every 20 minutes, eliminating ethylene gas that is released from produce which reduces spoilage. Sub-Zero refrigerators range in price starting at $8,000 going all the way up to $15,000. However, at these steep prices, Sub-Zero refrigerators are supposed to last around 20 years plus, due to the high quality components that are used. Sub-Zero's refrigerators are not only efficient, but they are also highly aesthetically appealing with the clean look of clear glass doors. Sub-Zero refrigerators can be found in many celebrity homes such as Christina Aguilera, Ricky Martin and Bruce Willis.

1 La Cornue

La Cornue is a French appliance company that was started back in 1908 by Albert Dupuy when he invented the first gas oven that was built for the home. The company remains family owned, with Dupuy's grandson, Xavier Dupuy running it today. La Cornue's products are never mass produced, they are custom made to order in France. This means customers have to wait at least two months for their ovens to arrive in their homes. The Chateau line is entirely assembled by hand by one person at starting costs of $46,000. One thing about La Cornue's ranges is that they are exquisite and can make the look of an entire kitchen. The designs and colors that are placed on La Cornue's ranges represent luxury kitchen appliances at their finest. La Cornue only uses the best materials, solid brass, steel, cast iron, nickel and enamel, for its appliances creating exceptional quality. Celebrities that love the signature La Cornue look in their kitchens include Jennifer Lopez, Blake Lively and Celine Dion.

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