Spam for $75 in South Korea

South Koreans consider Spam a luxury, especially during festive events. During the annual lunar thanksgiving festival, many people will receive and give Spam to their loved ones. South Koreans regard Spam as a vital high dollar gift that warms the heart. A gift basket of Spam, typically called a Black Label Hamper by South Koreans, retails at $75. Anybody who receives this gift basket is very happy.

South Korea is the second largest consumer of Spam after the U.S. Many people think of junk email when they hear the word Spam. However, it is a reputable dish of pre-cooked canned meat. Spam was introduced into South Korea by the U.S. army before World War II hence the name “Army Stew”. Over the years, Spam has evolved to become part of Korea’s culinary landscape and desirable gift, whose high-class image is enhanced by celebrity-studded commercials. Retailers in South Korea stock different types of Spam such as classic, bacon and garlic-flavored Spam.

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Spam for $75 in South Korea