10 Fat Burning Foods To Knock Off The Pounds

The significance of hormone balance in the body is being critically studied and its impact on obesity. It is being firmly concluded that it’s in hormonal imbalance in the body wherein lies the trigger

The significance of hormone balance in the body is being critically studied and its impact on obesity. It is being firmly concluded that it’s in hormonal imbalance in the body wherein lies the trigger that leads to slowing down or the speeding up of our metabolic rate. Some foods have the potency to trigger such imbalances. They may contain fats that are incredibly good or alarmingly harmful for the body. The ones that are good actually speed up your fat loss. Incredible but true, that some foods have progesterone, a hormone that acts like a diuretic which has an anti-inflammatory effect that can be critical to your weight loss program.

The surge in gym attendance and umpteen numbers of weight loss programs launched every now and then to combat obesity across countries seems to have doubled in the last two decades. However, the failure rates of weight loss programs seem to be equally high.

Understanding how the body responds more easily to natural stimulus such as food to set in motion it’s natural weight loss process, is what makes this list of ten super foods the best bet to knock off all the excess baggage.

The ultimate building blocks of your body is the cell, and to have healthy cells you need to manage the nutrient levels that allow its membranes to remain healthy. This will allow better hormonal balance and essential metabolic activity to burn fats. The four food categories one needs to be wary of are sugars, grains, hydrogenated oils and omega 6 fats that slow down metabolism by creating a resistance to leptin and insulin. Both of these in the right quantities are necessary to control weight, sugar levels in the blood and in controlling water retention and inflammations in the body.

Fats that maintain ideal insulin and leptin levels, is what our body needs. They are mainly saturated fats which contain omega 3 fats, rich in anti-oxidants and trace minerals. All of these are essential to provide the body a gradual supply of energy, resistance to infections, diseases and inflammations.

Here are the ten fat rich foods that can actually set you on your path to good health and ideal weight.

10 Coconut: Breaks Down Fats

Who would have thought that this tropical nut, known to be rich in fiber and minerals such as calcium, potassium and magnesium, as well as amino acids and electrolytes; could actually target thyroids efficiency and help reduce weight. The thyroid gland not only stimulates hormones to reach their healthy levels but also regulates the sugars at the cellular core thus affecting the breaking down and absorption of fats.

9 Wild Game and Grass-fed Beef: Good for Energy

Well yes, the world depends on farm fed animals for their source of proteins but if you can source this variety then you’d be having fats that actually enter your muscle mass and get burned rather than settle in your body in fat pockets. The magic ingredient in this food being Conjugated Linoleic Acid or CLA that has the ability to help fatty acids to penetrate muscle and tissue cell membrane and then convert to energy.

8 Apple Cider Vinegar: Tones the Digestive Tract

It’s a simple kitchen must-have which when consumed can be a rich source of acetic acid that balances sugars in the blood and curbs the appetite. It disallows the spiking of insulin levels that are known to create hunger pangs. Also known to be rich in B vitamins, potassium, enzymes and pro-biotics, it’s known to tone the digestive tract.

7 Lemon: Perfect for Detoxing

A natural and highly efficient detoxifying agent which cleanses the liver and is high in vitamin C and P; lemons are mainly a source of Vitamin C which is linked to the levels of Carnitine in your body. Carnitine is a known stimulant for marshalling the fats to the mitochondria of the cell thus helping them convert to energy rather than sit around your body as adipose tissue.

6 Raw Cheese: Breaks down Fat for Energy Conversion

Another wonder food that has been around for long and is perhaps the only form of dairy that is enormously rich in Conjugated Linoleic Acid or CLA and Omega 3 fatty acids. It’s a healthy protein with vitamins like A, E, D3, K2 that help break down fats for energy conversion. The emphasis above all is on the word ‘raw’ and not processed.

5 Amasai: Improves Liver Function

Not your typical drink but one used by the Masai tribesmen of Kenya for centuries; this fermented dairy product is known to be highly beneficial for toning the gastrointestinal tracts and in developing better gut motility and liver function, as well as in providing you the benefit of Omega 3 fatty acids, Creatine, Carnitine, zinc, iron and B12. Made from the milk of grass-fed cows this probiotic drink provides you the benefit of the best enzymes to your body which other pasteurization processes negate.

4 Avocados: Attacks Cellulite

Fats have always been visibly identified as cellulite in the body and the food which attacks cellulite is avocado known to possess high quantities of potassium. Potassium is in turn known to break down cellulite deposits by reducing water retention, increasing metabolic speed and balancing critical hormones.

3 Organic Eggs: Rich in Protein and Omega 3

Proteins and Omega 3 fatty acid rich organic eggs are the perfect source of lutein and ziaxanthrin that are known carotenoids that increase cellular health and as some studies have even proved, it is responsible for reduction in lung and breast cancer. Apart from being an incredible source of B vitamins and choline, its minimal calories account for maximum benefit in terms of food nutrients as compared to any other food.

2 African Mango: Rids You of Cravings and Fat Pockets

Not the delicious pulpy flesh but the extract from the seed is what can actually help you curb your appetite in the most natural way. The seed extract acts on C Reactive protein that acts as a barrier against the action of Leptin. Ironically Leptin is a hormone which is released by fat cells. This goes on and acts on the receptors in the hypothalamus ensuring a feeling of fullness and regular fat burning to help the body get rid of fat pockets and cravings.

1 Fermented Whey Beverages: Reduces Muscle Fatigue

A light drink that is amazing in its nutritive richness containing magnesium, potassium, enzymes and probiotic; it ensures cleansing of the digestive tract as well as acts as a diuretic, thus balancing the levels of progesterone. Leucine, one of the branched chain amino acids that whey drinks contain, is directly linked to protein processing in the muscles. It regulates the breakdown of protein so as to reduce muscle fatigue and help build a leaner body.

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10 Fat Burning Foods To Knock Off The Pounds