Expensive Eats in That are Found in Hong Kong

You're never going to get hungry in Hong Kong, it is just impossible. Aside from the popular tourist destinations, visitors love going back again and again to Hong Kong because of its food and dining

You're never going to get hungry in Hong Kong, it is just impossible. Aside from the popular tourist destinations, visitors love going back again and again to Hong Kong because of its food and dining choices. With choices ranging from street food to gourmet fine dining, adventurous foodies will surely have a field day in Hong Kong. There is so much food worth trying everywhere you go and the possibilities are endless. On your next trip to Hong Kong, embark on a dining adventure and try one or two or maybe all of these most expensive eats.

10 Grand Hyatt Steakhouse: Wagyu steak ($1,550) 

Steaks are generally expensive but are you willing to spend $1,550 for six ounces of steak? To be called a true blue steak lover, join other meat lovers who converge at the award-winning Grand Hyatt Steakhouse to try this A5 Kumamoto filet mignon that costs $258 an ounce. This steakhouse is a living testament that Hong Kong is not just known for dim sum and Chinese food but has excellent steaks too.

9 Mandarin Oriental: Tasting menu ($2,888)

Serious gastronomes with deep pockets need to head to the Mandarin Oriental Hotel to try The Krug Room's tasting menu. Dine in this intimate, elegant restaurant that was created in partnership with Krug champagne to sample the creative menu prepared by executive chef Uwe Opocensky. This very exclusive restaurant, that can only accommodate 12 guests at a time, is designed with an open kitchen so you can see how all the gastronomic delights are being carefully prepared.

8 The Mercer: Sushi Set ($4,500)

It's a sushi feast reminiscent and just as good as Chef Masahiro Yoshitake's (who has three Michelin stars under his belt) other restaurants in Tokyo that are also called Sushi Yoshitake. This eight-seater restaurant only serves the freshest ingredients from Japan. Dining here with $4,500 will get you seven appetizers and 13 pieces of sushi.

7 Inakaya: Robatayaki fish ($1,300)

Robatayaki fish is an exclusive fish which is why it commands a $1,100 to $1,300 price per piece. It is hand-caught fresh from Hokkaido and only around 20 pieces are caught every day so you have to line up in advance to get it. Robatayaki fish means fireside cooked in English and is called such because of the manner it is cooked which is slow grilled over hot charcoal.

6 The Ritz-Carlton Pastry Gem Macarons ($158)

Macarons are all the rage now, including in Hong Kong, with the presence of high-end brands like Pierre Herme and Laduree. However, the cream of the crop, price-wise, is the Pastry Gems at the luxury boutique style pastry shop located in the lobby of the equally luxurious Ritz Carlton Hotel. At $39.25 per macaron, it is easily the most expensive in all of Hong Kong. It comes in six flavors but the most popular are mandarin peel and black truffle.

5 Bo Innovation: Caviar smoked quail egg ($280)

This Caviar smoked quail egg is no ordinary dim sum. Chef Leung of Bo Innovation (a two-star Michelin restaurant) blurs the boundaries of Chinese and Cantonese cuisines by incorporating molecular gastronomy in his dishes. This dish is basically the chef's interpretation of Shanghainese soup dumpling with Oscietra caviar from China.

4 Four Seasons Hotel: Amazing abalone ($7,000)

Diners can only expect nothing but the best at Lung King Heen which is incidentally the only Chinese restaurant with three-Michelin stars in the world. Its Braised Whole Yoshihama Abalone in Supreme Oyster Sauce is made with the biggest abalones available and the bigger the abalone, the pricier it gets. Lung King Heen is known for its mature cooking techniques that produce the finest Cantonese cuisine.

3 Shangri-La Hotel: Mieral Bresse chicken ($1,380)

Petrus (one-starred Michelin restaurant) at the Island Shangri-La's Hotel is known for its Mieral Bresse roast Chicken that is priced at $1,380. This very expensive chicken is imported from France and perfectly roasted with black truffle butter, thyme and young carrots. The Bresse Chicken variant is considered the best of the best chickens in the world that's why it commands the price.

2 Death by chocolate ($4,200)

At $4,200 a pop, who wouldn't drop dead with this price for a chocolate cake? It couldn't get any pricier than this for a cake. Kidding aside, this limited edition cake combines fashion and sugar rush to make an unforgettable cake that is beautiful to look at and eat. It is meant to be enjoyed both as a visual art with a handmade Swarovski skull decoration and a sweet treat with choice of red velvet or chocolate fudge cake with wild berry sauce.

1 The Parlour: Club sandwich ($480)

To pay $480 for a club sandwich is apparently not unheard of in Hong Kong. The Hullett House's The Parlour makes the most expensive club sandwich, according to Guinness World Record. This staple casual restaurant food is made expensive because of expensively lavish ingredients spread in lightly toasted bread which include the Beluga caviar, claimed as the most expensive caviar in the world; as well as A5 wagyu beef and Balik salmon. Other ingredients include Iberico ham, black pork bacon, French chicken, Belgian figs, sliced Roma tomato, cucumber, Romaine lettuce, Italian organic egg, mesclun salad and green asparagus.

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Expensive Eats in That are Found in Hong Kong