Baby Gaga Breast Milk Withdrawn, Safety Tests to be Conducted

Here’s some news all new moms should know. The Baby Gaga breast milk that had become quite a rage has now been deemed unsafe for drinking. According to reports, some infants showed medical complications after consuming this milk. The authorities thus moved quickly, and banned the product, till the time more safety tests can be conducted. It is not just the Gaga breast milk, but the breast milk ice cream as well that has been withdrawn for the time being at least.

This breast milk was good news for new mummies who were looking for a quick natural solution. A lot of moms have to return to work soon after delivering the baby. They thus have to depend on solution feeding. Many of them don’t trust breast pumps that collect milk and store it in jars. It was great news for moms who faced lactating problems or were unwilling to breastfeed, in spite of the medical expert telling them that this was the healthiest option. This natural breast milk product seemed to be the right answer. But it now seems that these mommies have to wait for the results of these tests to come out before they can depend on it again. Of course, health of the child can never be compromised.

True, there have been no reports of any death as yet. But some children who have consumed the milk and the ice cream did fall ill. And some of them even had to be hospitalized. The authorities simply could not ignore this. They have done the right thing by announcing these safety tests. So it would be some time before we get to see these products again, if at all.

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Baby Gaga Breast Milk Withdrawn, Safety Tests to be Conducted