9 Of The World's Most Indulgent Chocolate Buffets

It’s hard to deny the power chocolate has over many of us. For some, even just thinking about chocolate fires up a comforting, pleasurable chemistry in one’s brain. And why shouldn’t it? The rich, melt-in-your-mouth taste is unique to any other food in this world and is said to possess powerful antioxidants. If that isn’t a good enough reason to up your daily intake of chocolate, then what is? Alright, maybe you’ve grown tired of the usual “date night.” Perhaps you need to visit a chocolate buffet. “A ‘chocolate buffet?’ Is there such a thing?” you ask. Yes, oh yes. And we've listed them for you – 9 glorious, all-you-can-eat, mouth-watering buffets featuring your favorite lover: chocolate.

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9 The Langham, Boston

After a long work week, Saturdays are your sweet reward at The Langham, Boston’s deluxe chocolate buffet. Hosted in the spacious Café Fleuri, rows and rows of gourmet desserts usher in your weekend “cheat day.” Whereas some other chocolate buffets tout the “mini,” everything is bigger in Boston. Hearty portions of Boston cream pie fill large serving glasses and jumbo chocolate chip cookies accompany a tall, chilled glass of milk. If you need a break from chocolate, pick up a stick of pink cotton candy or a cream puff shaped like a swan. There are plenty of distractions and you’ll find yourself bouncing from one table to the next in a fantastically futile effort to sample it all.

8 The Sukhothai, Bangkok

A feast of sight and smell as well as taste, the Sukhothai, Bangkok hotel offers an unapologetic chocoholic affair every Friday, Saturday and Sunday between 2 and 5 p.m. Enjoy made-to-order hot drinks using the world’s most exotic chocolate blends, such as Guanaja (70%) or Manjari (64%) in addition to old favorites like Belgian chocolate. Partake in equally rich pastries like the red currant with white chocolate tartlet and get your fill of pralines, macaroons and truffles for the type of gourmet gluttony you can only get away with in Bangkok.

7 The Langham Huntington, Pasadena

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A chocolate buffet with a twist, Tiffin Chocolate Tea fuses the tradition of high tea with the essence of chocolate. Dine in the surroundings of intricately carved chocolate art sculptures where mini sandwiches, scones, tarts and mousses all feature an element of chocolate, subtle and complementing to your choice of tea. Enjoy imaginative creations like vanilla marinated shrimp with a white chocolate and avocado mousse or smoked salmon and roasted fennel with raw cacao nibs. The Langham Hotel in Pasadena, California makes for a sophisticated late afternoon alternative to the ubiquitous “happy hour.” But of course, champagne is also available.

6 Chocolate Ecstasy Tours

Get your golden ticket for an exclusive visit to leading British and French chocolatiers. VIP tours of London with ChocolateEcstasyTours.com get chocolate devotees up close and backstage in small groups of 10 for private tastings and chocolate cocktails. In tours lasting an average of 2-3 hours, guests also get an education on the history of chocolate and a peek into the art of making chocolate. The company also hosts pairing events like chocolate & wine; chocolate & beer; chocolate & cheese.

5 The Peninsula, Chicago

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Every Friday and Saturday evenings from 8 p.m. to midnight, the lights in the lobby at The Peninsula Chicago dim to welcome guests in search of after-dinner indulgence. Savor the sweet sounds of jazz with the richness of chocolate delicacies in the heart of one of the most beloved cities in the United States. Chocolate at The Pen features bite-sized, elegant chocolate desserts accompanied by fine brews of espresso and coffee.

4 Four Seasons, Beirut

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Beirut is not exactly the first place that comes to mind when defining conspicuous indulgence, but the chocolate buffet at the Four Seasons Beirut is artfully and decadently pleasurable. Desserts are presented like fine jewelry – lavish, alluring and maybe a bit sexy. You might catch yourself ogling the caramel éclair on a bed of chocolate pearls, accented with delicate gold leaf. Located in The Boulevard Lounge of the hotel, from 3 – 11 p.m. on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, the selections are curated according to the seasons. Springtime blooms colorful sugar flowers and rich dark chocolate with fruity balance. More than 20 varieties are for the taking and guests can choose either the full buffet or order by piece.

3 Sofitel Hotel Metropole, Hanoi

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The opulence of the colonial era lives on at the Sofitel Hotel Metropole Hanoi. Inside the Club Bar of this regal hotel building, there is a nod to a bygone age of French Indochina, where the patisserie lives on. Mini eclairs and mille-feuille pastries are in endless replenishment, while chocolate filled crepes sizzling in Grand Marnier await. The selection is truly top-notch and word of the delicious made-to-order hot chocolate station has spread across Vietnam.

2 Fullerton Hotel and Fullerton Bay Hotel, Singapore

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The Chocolate Buffet at the Fullerton Hotel’s atrium lobby is the perfect way to wind down from an ambitious day of financial deals and high-powered negotiations. Built in 1928 and located at the center of Singapore’s commercial district, along the banks of the trading river, the Fullerton Hotel boasts a rich and grand setting ideal for meeting with discerning colleagues. Its sister hotel, the Fullerton Bay Hotel, also hosts a chocolate buffet, but in a contemporary decor, yet equally lavish with signature delights. Don’t miss the chocolate Manjari crunch cake or the banana Tainori chocolate cake. For a lighter treat, try berries compote with milk chocolate Chantilly. Of course, no spread is complete without everyone’s favorite macaroons and pralines.

1 Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

Leave it to the flamboyant Marina Bay Sands to craft a chocolate buffet to rival all others. It’s here at Singapore’s most iconic hotel where the wizardry of pastry prodigy, Chef Ryan Witcher, transforms the top-floor Club, a private venue of the Sands Sky Park, into an indulgent chocolate dream every evening at 8 p.m. Guests walk in as sophisticated adults but are immediately overcome with childlike enthusiasm at what is indeed chocolate heaven. Enjoy 57 mouth-watering chocolate creations (white, dark and milk) that marry the sweet with savory for surprising sensory and fragrant tasting experiences like the white chocolate, strawberry and basil lollipops or thyme infused pralines. It only takes one visit to The Chocolate Bar to realize you've never experienced chocolate like this before, but you’ll be glad you did.

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