45 Delicious Things You Can Make With Nutella

Nutella. The chocolaty goodness that goes on just about anything. Who knew that one simple jar of hazelnut spread could be used in so many different recipes? To some, licking Nutella right off the spoon is more than enough to satisfy their cravings. But why stop there? In today’s world, you can find just about anything on the internet, which makes it so easy to access millions of delicious recipes. From coffee, to cake, to popcorn….the possibilities are endless.

Originating from Italy, Nutella has now become one of the most universal ingredients in so many recipes. It has become a common household product for many and it is both delicious and addicting. Depending on your tastebuds, it can be used as a simple spread, just like peanut butter, or it can be that final touch in a fancy dessert recipe. Whatever its use, Nutella never disappoints. If you weren’t already a fan, brace yourself because you are about to be persuaded otherwise.

45 White Chocolate and Nutella Truffles

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Truffles are just classy in so many ways. You can either put them on display at a party, wrap them up and give them as a gift or simply serve them as a sweet treat after dinner. These white chocolate coated Nutella truffles are the perfect mélange to satisfy anyone’s sweet tooth.

44 Braided Gluten-Free Nutella Bread

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The beautiful thing about this recipe is that it’s a bread, but it’s gluten-free! Luckily the internet has opened up so many doors for easy access to gluten-free recipes. This delicious braided bread is perfect to serve as a sweet snack, with coffee, or even to bring over to someone’s house!

43 Nutella Rice Crispy Squares

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Rice Crispy squares are one of the most popular desserts of all time. Sure, it can get a little messy mixing in those delicious marshmallows but let’s face it, it’s totally worth it. Adding in half a cup of Nutella will give those crispy squares just the right amount of chocolaty goodness. Can you say delicious?

42 Nutella Cookie Cups

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These tart-like desserts are the perfect treat for any time. Start by baking some cookies in a mini muffin tray. When they come out of the oven, press down in the center of the cookies with a shot glass and scoop some Nutella into the hole. Let them cool and enjoy! Chances are you won’t be able to just have one.

41 Nutella Chocolate Chip Baklava

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Phyllo dough drizzled with honey is just spectacular. Its light and flaky texture will have you addicted in no time. Add a little Nutella and some semi-sweet chocolate chips to the mix and you’ll be fighting over the last piece. Baklava is a perfect little dessert to finish off a meal or even to accompany a nice cup of Joe.

40 Nutella-Dipped Berries

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Fruit dipped in chocolate is one of the easiest and tastiest desserts to serve. It’s classy and can even be seen as a romantic gesture. Instead if sticking to the traditional semi-sweet chocolate dip, why not make that dessert even more delicious by mixing a little Nutella and heavy whipping cream together. Deliciousness in under 60 seconds.

39 Nutella Espresso Rolls

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Any type of pastry roll is a great way to end your meal or even to start your day with a nice cup of coffee. Like cinnamon rolls, espresso rolls are quite simple to make. Step one, prepare your dough and let it sit for two hours in the fridge. Step two, create the Nutella-Espresso filling. Step three, spread the dough, cover with Nutella, sprinkle with toppings and bake. In-croy-able.

38 Nutella Cookies

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There are a million and one Nutella cookie recipes and yes, they’re probably all divine. If you’re making traditional chocolate chip cookies but want to have that hint of hazelnut mixed in, simply whisk in 1/3 cup of Nutella while beating your butter and sugar together. Your cookies will tastier and even more moist.

37 Nutella Brownies

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Pre-mixed brownies are great. But if you have a few extra minutes and can afford to make your brownies from scratch, then you should try this. By mixing in some Nutella, cocoa powder and some semi-sweet chocolate chips, your brownies will be chewy, tasty and addicting. There is no going wrong with brownies.

36 Nutella Milkshakes

Via bakerbynature.com

Especially during those hot summer months, what better way to quench one’s thirst and satisfy a sweet tooth than with a nice thick milkshake? What’s needed? 4 tablespoons of Nutella, 2 cups of milk and 2 scoops of vanilla ice cream. In a matter of seconds, you have a delicious, gluten-free dessert drink. What more could you ask for?

35 Nutella Mudslide Cocktail

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Amongst the numerous alcoholic drinks that can be made with Nutella, a Mudslide Cocktail seems like a pretty great option. Using only Nutella, ice, 2 ounces of Bailey’s Irish Cream, 2 ounces of Half & Half cream and 2 ounces of Frangelico liqueur, you have yourself a creamy, refreshing drink that would look awesome if served in a mason jar.

34 Nutella Gelato

Via guidecucina.pianetadonna.it

I scream, you scream, we all scream for... Nutella! Another fantastic dessert is Nutella gelato. And yes, you can make it at home. This recipe requires a little extra time as you have to cook certain components before mixing it all together and refrigerating/freezing it. When all is said and done, you will definitely enjoy every last scoop. You can find the recipe here.

33 Nutella Macaroons

Via 52kitchenadventures.com

Macaroons can be pretty intimidating to make, but according to many people it’s not as hard as it looks! Once you’ve managed to make the shells, you simply need to carefully spread some Nutella in the center and close them up! Macaroons are delicate but amazing. If you want to get fancy, you can even try making a Nutella ganache!

32 Nutella Cake

Via bewhatwelove.com

Whether you’re making a full on Nutella chocolate cake or a simple-single serving mug cake, the delicious hazelnut flavor will make all the difference. Making a layered cake looks fancy and really isn’t that difficult at all. Spreading a thick, creamy Nutella icing over the top is what will make your cake divine. Ditch the store-bought icing and switch things up!

31 Nutella Mousse

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Sometimes we have a taste for dessert but don’t want anything too heavy. This is when a nice light chocolate mousse comes in handy. With just four ingredients you have yourself a satisfying little treat. Mix together 3 cups of heavy cream, 1/3 cup of sugar and fold in 1 cup Nutella with ¾ cup of Whipped Cream. In a matter of minutes, you have yourself a light sweet snack.

30 Nutella S'mores Bars

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You don’t necessarily need a camp fire to make s'mores. With a simple 8x8 baking pan and some basic ingredients, you’ll have the sweet smell of ooey gooey s'mores bars in no time. The entire recipe takes less than an hour to prep AND cook. All you need are the essentials; graham crackers, marshmallows, a few other things and well…Nutella of course.

29 Nutella Cheesecake

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For all you cheesecake loves, let’s spice it up. Step away from the traditional strawberry cheesecake and make it even more mouthwatering by mixing it up with Nutella and topping it off with a couple Oreos or Fererro Rocher bites. You will be on a hazelnut overload, but who cares! The hardest part will be waiting five hours for it to set.

28 Nutella Banana Bread

Via bakingwithbasil.com

Here’s another easy recipe. Sure you can always bake banana bread and spread Nutella on it afterwards. But what if you baked it with Nutella swirls in it? This recipe is definitely a keeper and will make it very difficult to go back to regular banana bread. Accompany this with a nice cup of coffee and you’re set.

27 Nutella Fudgesicles

Via thewholesomedish.com

Yes that’s right. Instead of the regular store bought fudgesicles that we all know and love…now you can make them yourself with a twist. There are many different versions of this recipe but a quick and easy one requires only 2 ingredients. Simply mix together 1 ½ cups of Almond Breeze Chocolate almond milk with ½ cup of Nutella and freeze!

26 Nutella Calzone

Via pizzeriaoro1889.com

Depending on the size of it, a calzone can be quite filling and is often a perfect dessert for two. Like any other pizza-related dessert, you can put just about anything in it along with Nutella of course. Fresh fruit, caramel sauce, you name it. Two highly recommended ingredients that mix well with Nutella: ricotta and mascarpone cheese. Simply irresistible.

25 Nutella Latte

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If you have access to a milk frother, you’re in business. Warm up some skim milk and Nutella in a pan, pass it through the frother and you have a delicious thick layer to place on top of your latte. If you want to get a little fancy, you can top it off with some whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles. You’ll be in chocolate heaven.

24 Nutella-Stuffed Pancakes

Via beccaannnappi.wordpress.com

You won’t be needing syrup for these babies, as the Nutella will give it a sweet and moist flavor. The final product looks more complicated than it actually is. Once you’ve prepped your pancake mix, pour some in your frying pan. Once it starts to bubble, spread some Nutella and place another layer of pancake mix over it. Flip when necessary and you’re good to go!

23 Nutella Frosting

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We can always just smear Nutella on anything, but sometimes we want to get a little more creative. Making a basic buttercream icing is the perfect final touch on most desserts. All you need is Nutella, confectioner’s sugar, vanilla extract, salt, butter and cream. Luckily, there are all things you probably already have in your pantry!

22 Nutella French Toast Roll Ups

Via whattheflicka.com

Whether you’re in the mood for a sweet breakfast or a simple dessert, this is it. First off, flatten out toast bread with a rolling pin. Spread Nutella on it, lay strawberries and roll. Dip the beautiful concoction in egg and fry it up like you would French toast. When done, roll in cinnamon & sugar and you’re set.

21 Nutella Smoothies

Via mumreinvented.co.uk

If you’ve got five minutes to spare and have a taste for a smoothie, here’s a quickie for you. Blend together one banana, half a cup of Greek yogurt, Nutella and ice cubes. Voila, you have yourself a banana-Nutella smoothie. Don’t stop there! Some people like to get adventurous with their fruit selections. Whatever floats your boat!

20 Nutella Croissants

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Delicious, gooey, chocolaty croissants. Need I say more? Get yourself a roll (or two) of Pillsbury crescent rolls. Once you’ve set them up on your cookie sheet, spread Nutella as desired (the more, the merrier) and bake. In a matter of ten minutes, you’ll be devouring them whole and washing them down with a nice glass of milk!

19 Nutella Hot Chocolate

Via fortunegoodies.com

For the non-coffee drinkers, or even for kiddos, this one’s for you. Another great gluten-free recipe for those cold winter days. All you need is some Nutella, cocoa powder, skim milk, water (if desired) and marshmallows. This recipe can be made on the stove or using a crock pot. Garnish with whipped cream and chocolate chips and sit by the fire!

18 Nutella Pie

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This awesome recipe requires no baking at all! With a light cream cheese filling, this Nutella pie is a cross between cheesecake and chocolate cake. With its graham cracker base, it is both light and tasty. Most importantly, it’s very easy to make and will satisfy just about any sweet tooth!

17 Nutella Pop Tarts

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Who said pop tarts could only be bought in stores? The tricky part is making the dough which has a similar texture to that of sugar cookies. Once you’ve kneaded the dough and rolled it out, you will need to cut out rectangles. Spread Nutella on half of the rectangles and close up with another. Poke holes using a fork and make an egg wash to give it that golden look. Bake and enjoy!

16 Nutella Donut Holes

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No you don’t need a deep fryer. All you need is a muffin tin and the essential ingredients to make these scrumptious donut holes. The only skill required it piping in the Nutella (not TOO much in order to avoid overflowing) Although it might be hard to resist, there’s one more step after baking them and that’s coating them in sugary goodness. Then you can indulge.

15 Nutella Crème Brulee

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Crème brulee, just the name of it sounds romantic. This recipe requires a little extra fine tuning but it's worth the time and effort. And no you don’t necessarily need a blow torch to give it that golden finishing touch. Simply place the dish under a broiler for a few minutes and you will get the same look.

14 Nutella Oreo Brownie Bites

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Three words here…Nutella…Oreo…Brownies. Could it get any better? The best way to bake these is using a muffin tray so that you will have the depth you need. Simply stack two Oreo cookies in each compartment, spread Nutella over them and pour the batter over it. Your mind will be blown.

13 Nutella-Coated Bananas

Via treatstrinkets.blogspot.com

This simple frosty treat is both easy and delicious! It’s like making your very own popsicle from home. Place a ripe banana on a wooden stick, coat with Nutella and nuts if desired and freeze. Although it is still coated in chocolate, we can probably convince ourselves that it’s healthier because there’s fruit involved, right?

12 Nutella Energy Bites

Via thesecretingredientis.com

Speaking of health…what’s better than having a little post-workout energy bite? The best part of this recipe is that it doesn’t require any baking whatsoever. If you have some crispy rice cereal or oatmeal laying around, mix it up with some Nutella, peanut butter and a few other ingredients and you have little energy bites. You can find the recipe here.

11 Nutella Fudge

Via thewanderlustkitchen.com

Another no-bake recipe. Gotta love it! Ditch the traditional maple flavor for a change and Nutellafy things! Using butter, Nutella, powdered sugar and vanilla extract, you have the perfect mélange to make a sweet treat. Add a few sprinkles on it for extra color and people will be eyeing it from across the room.

10 Nutella Crepe Cake

Via diethood.com

This is a great change to traditional birthday cakes. It's sweet, unique and chocolaty. The beautiful thing about this recipe is that you can make your cake as thick or thin as you want it to be. Simply make a batch of very thin crepes and spread Nutella between each one before stacking. You definitely won’t be stuck with birthday leftovers, that’s for sure!

9 Deep Dish Nutella Cookie

Via deliciouslyyum.com

Just the sound of it makes you start to drool. It might be a little tricky to make but it will be well worth your while. The trick is spreading some Nutella on the raw batter, and covering it up with some more. Once you’ve managed to do this, bake and top it off with a nice scoop of vanilla ice cream. It’s perfect for a cold winter’s day.

8 Grilled Nutella Marshmallow Sandwich

Via gatherforbread.com

Grilled cheese? Please! Time to spice things up and take it to the next level. Ditch the cheese and coat the inner part of the sandwich with Nutella and marshmallows. It will be like having your very own s'more sandwich. Chances are you’ll be going back for round two in no time!

7 Nutella Popcorn

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There’s nothing like a good movie and a nice bowl of popcorn. The beautiful thing about popcorn is that you can dress it up however you like. Even with Nutella! A great garnish for popcorn includes sugar, honey, Nutella and peanut butter. Bring to a boil and spread over your popped kernels. Sugar heaven is right at your fingertips!

6 Oreo Nutella Cheesecake Bars

Via livelovepasta.com

The perfect triad. Oreo crumbs, Nutella and cheesecake. Can this combination get any better? This recipe is very basic as you have two main steps to follow. First, you need to make the crust using crumbled Oreos and butter. Allow it to cool and then add in your cheesecake mixture. Your taste buds will be very happy!

5 Nutella Pizza

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Let’s face it…who doesn’t love pizza? The beautiful thing about Nutella pizza is that it’s so easy to make! Once you have your baked your dough, simply spread Nutella over it and top with any ingredients you’d like! Strawberry-banana is said to be an incredible mix. Top with a little powdered sugar and you’ve got a succulent dessert.

4 Nutella Fudge Crumble Bars

Via sugarpuffpuff.blogspot.com

This recipe is like apple crumble but with a twist. The best part is that it calls for ingredients that you probably have lying around in your pantry. Wondering what you’re going to do with that big bag of rolled oats? Don’t break your head. Whip out a jar of Nutella and you have a great dessert at the tip of your fingers.

3 Nutella Puppy Chow

Via bakestravaganza.com

Don’t be deceived by the name of this recipe. It’s actually for humans but got it’s name because it resembles puppy chow. Another quick and easy mix! Simply melt butter, mix it with Nutella and pour it over some Chex cereal. Once it is well mixed, sprinkle some powdered sugar over it and you’re good to go!

2 Nutella Cream Cheese Turnovers

Via asweetandspicyblog.blogspot.com

There’s just something great about mixing Nutella with cream cheese. This sweet treat can easily be made using Pillsbury turnover sheets. All you have to do is mix together the cream cheese and Nutella, fill and turn over. Drizzling over some extra Nutella and powdered sugar once they’re done can add a little extra TLC.

1 Nutella and Vanilla Bean Panna Cotta

Via foodgawker.com

Want to a beautiful and romantic dessert for your other half? This scrumptious panna cotta recipe is just perfect. Add a few fresh berries and you’ve got it yourself a rich, creamy recipe. Perfect for Valentine’s day or any other special celebration for that matter. After all, who doesn’t love chocolate and vanilla?

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