Restaurants That Will Blow Your Mind


8 Labassin Waterfall Restaurant - Philippines

The Labassin Waterfall Restaurant sits among the most untouched nature of the region as it was formerly occupied by a farm and coconut plantations. Villa Escudero, located at San Pablo City in the Philippines, is a resort which even houses a museum. However its true attraction is the amazing restaurant at the foot of a small waterfall.

7 Yellow Treehouse Restaurant- Warkworth, New Zealand


The Redwoods Treehouse was authorized for production as part of a marketing campaign by Yellow in 2008, once complete was turned into a beautiful venue for private parties or corporate events. A private event will cost US$2,500.00 and allows for the maximum capacity of 30 guests, the hire rate is for the day. Dinner starts at US$100.00 per person.

6 Troll Wall Restaurant, Romsdal Valley, Norway

The Troll Wall is the tallest vertical rock face in Europe, about 3,600 ft from its base to the summit of its highest point in The Romsdal Valley. The dining area is all about the view. This is a simple cafeteria which offers casual meals. In good weather, the best seats are on the terrace or the integrated bleachers. But even when rain or cool temperatures force people inside, the glass walls and steeply angled roof ensures great views.

The Romsdal valley has some of the tallest, sheerest cliffs in Europe and is a popular place for BASE jumping including "birdmen" jumping off cliffs in Wingsuits!

5 Ithaa Undersea Restaurant - Rangali Island, Maldives


4 Dinner In The Sky - Worldwide

3 Nyotaimori- Many Locations


Nyotaimori is the Japanese tradition of eating sushi off a perfectly still, and naked woman’s body.  Nyotaimori can be roughly translated to mean the ‘adorned body of a woman’, ‘female body plate’ or ‘female body arrangement’.  The practice of eating sushi off of a naked woman, is a Japanese practice dating back to the late nineteenth century.  Ladies, don’t quit your day jobs just yet.  Before you can become a living sushi platter there is some necessary training.  This involves learning to lie down for hours without moving.  These women must also be able to withstand the prolonged exposure to the cold food.  Before service, the woman is to have taken a bath using a special fragrance-free soap and then finish off with a splash of cold water to chill the body down a bit for placement of the sushi. In some parts of the world, in order to comply with sanitation laws, there must be a layer of plastic or other material between the sushi and the body of the woman.

This dinner party can be brought to you and served in the comfort of your own home or be arranged at a private venue of your choice. Nyotaimori is also offered in a private dining room at the world famous Spearmint Rhino London. However some countries, such as China have banned the practice due to public health and moral issues.  Live entertainment is also offered. Nyotaimori has been a successful and established business since 2005. Prices are steep, beginning at US$1,000.00 per person.

2 La Maison 1888 – Danang, Vietnam

Inspired by three-star Michelin chef  Michel Roux, La Maison 1888 restaurant serves French haute cuisine that is not to be missed. Designed by Bangkok-based Bill Bensley as part of the Intercontinental Danang Sun Peninsula Resort the detail of the structure is unique and truly breathtaking. The interiors of La Maison 1888 offer French Colonial architecture with a contemporary twist.

As the name suggests, the restaurant is situated in its own mansion-like “house” on the property. Illuminating the main staircase are pendant lamps made to look like Vietnamese birdcages, complete with the shadows of imaginary feathered friends.


1 Hajime Robot Restaurant, Bangkok, Thailand


The owner of this “robot run” restaurant has high hopes of success for this place as the investment of nearly $1 million for the purchase of four robots who serve diners is a high price to pay for success. Each robot is samurai-like (see photo). They act as waiters and they slide all the way to the customer’s table, bring their orders, cleaning up afterwards and they even do a dance routine to entertain guests. It would seem this owner will get his money back, as the place is popular and diners seem to be enjoying it enough to return for more.


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