10 Of The Dirtiest Celebrity-Owned Restaurants

Celebrities love to dabble with different business ventures, because they believe their talents for acting, singing, comedy, etc., will directly translate into being a savvy business man or woman. Sometimes, celebs get it right, and their ventures outside of the entertainment world go on to earn even more money than their Hollywood job. However, sometimes celebs get it very wrong-and for these 10 celebs, very dirty. Here are the 10 dirtiest celebrity-owned restaurants.

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10 Pete Wentz - Angels & Kings Bar

In March 2013, Pete Wentz's Angels & Kings bar in Chicago, IL was cited for numerous health code violations, including discoloration and slimy surfaces inside the ice machines, no sneeze guard over the food buffet and unprotected and improperly stored food. The Fall Out Boy bassist may have passed the restaurant inspection, but the conditions were clearly dirty. According to reports, management corrected the violations as they were able to -well, that's good.

9 Britney Spears - Nyla Restaurant


At only 21 years of age, pop star Britney Spears had already mastered the art of music and she decided to take the next step and explore the food industry. In 2002, she opened up a Cajun-themed restaurant in Manhattan. Spears named the restaurant Nyla, stemming from the state abbreviations of New York and Louisiana. Unfortunately, Nyla faced many hardships, including numerous health code violations, bad reviews and high staff turnover. In an attempt to save the restaurant, she changed the Cajun menu completely and replaced it in favor of Italian food. Unfortunately, not even a menu overhaul could save the business. Less than six months after doors opened, Nyla was shut down - considering the health code violations, this was probably for the best.

8 Justin Timberlake - Southern Hospitality


7 Bill and  Giuliana Rancic - RPM Italian


6 Brad Womack - Dogwood

In 2013, former Bachelor star, Brad Womack received a mere 72 out of 100 on his Dogwood restaurant in Austin, Texas. A score of 69 is a fail - so, Brad missed it by just 3 little points. Although the specific violations were not released, we can only assume that they were very, very dirty.

5 Jamie Oliver - Barbecoa


4 Lisa Vanderpump - Villa Blanca

In September 2013, Real Housewife, Lisa Vanderpump had her swanky Beverly Hills restaurant, Villa Blanca shut down for three days after it was cited for, 'rodents, insects, birds or animals.' Six months later, the restaurant received a rating of 90/100 with violations, including disrepair, unclean non-food contact surfaces and wiping cloths and unclean and inadequate sanitizer/storage. Vanderpump denies ever having rodents in her restaurant, despite the reports. Maybe, the citation for rodents was just one of her small dogs.

3 Donald Trump - Trump Steakhouse


In November 2012, Donald Trump's Las Vegas restaurant, Trump Steakhouse, was hit with 51 violations during a health inspection. Some of the violations included outdated, expired, unlabeled, mishandled and improperly stored food, month old caviar and expired yogurt, duck dated back to June, 2-week expired veal and tomato sauce. Additionally, inspectors found no measures to destroy parasites in under-cooked halibut and salmon. As a result, the restaurant was closed down. However, Trump Steakhouse cleaned up their act and three hours later, they opened back up with an 'A' grade.

2 Gladys Knight - Chicken & Waffles

In 2013, Gladys Knight's Chicken & Waffles restaurant was not a huge hit with Atlanta health inspectors. On a health inspection, Chicken & Waffles earned an 86/100. Inspectors found that food contact surfaces were not clean, proper dates were not marked, food wasn't labeled properly, non-food surfaces were not clean, physical facilities were not clean and there was not adequate ventilation and lighting - sounds pretty dirty.

1 Lady Gaga - Joanne Trattoria


In July 2013, Lady Gaga's parents' upscale New York restaurant, Joanne Trattoria was given a 'B' grade during a health inspection. Violations included finding a rotten potato with a bucket of good potatoes, no wash hands sign and an ice scoop with no holder. Gaga's father took to Twitter after the inspection and tweeted, "He took our A and left B or Grade Pending sign, our choice to display. Seems a little harsh." Well, surprisingly, on the same day as the health inspection, customers spotted rats inside the Central Park restaurant. Diners were shocked to see rodents running around the tables and nibbling on crumbs off the floor. One customer even managed to take photos of the mice, which were reportedly making their way into the restaurant through a hole in the wall. It looks like the health inspector wasn't being harsh at all.

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