10 Of The Best Restaurants To Spot Your Favourite Celebs

There are few things more enjoyable than going out to a high-end restaurant to indulge in excellent food and wine. Not only does dining out tickle the taste buds, but it is also a great way to be in the company of family and friends. Dining out is considered to be the ultimate way to spend an evening, and for those who club until dawn, the evening often starts with a good meal.

Whether or not you are into the scene, celebrities always trigger some kind of interest, and it is sometimes easy to forget that they are humans, like you and I. They work, sleep and eat; moreover, they dine in restaurants like many other people in the world do. Although celebrities can also be spotted on the streets in places like Hollywood and New York, it can entertaining and surprising to spot them while they are wining and dining. The following restaurants are known to be the hotspots for celebrity spotting.

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10 Il Cantinori, New York City - $80+ per Person

Il Cantinori, located in Manhattan’s Greenwich Village, was once the décor in an episode of Sex and the City and has drawn the hottest A-listers ever since. Bradley CooperJennifer AnistonDavid and Victoria Beckham and even fashion icons like Isaac Mizrahi have come to Il Cantinori to savor a traditional Tuscan meal. Some of the favorites on the menu are a veal shank with risotto and a grilled rack of lamb. Apart from the no-nonsense décor of the restaurant, Il Cantinori also has private dining rooms available for those who are celebrating a special occasion with a larger party. A 3-course meal with wine costs around $80 per person.

9 The Ivy, Los Angeles - $85+ per Person

The Ivy is a charming, unpretentious restaurant and one of the best places to spot celebrities. The front patio, merely divided by a low, white fence from the curbside, draws stars like Jennifer Aniston, George Clooney and Kim Kardashian on a regular basis. It can be assumed that the paparazzi drive past The Ivy daily, to see which celebrities are savoring brunch. Apart from brunch, The Ivy serves lunch and dinner and their menu includes dishes like India’s Hamburger and Mesquite’s Natural Pork Back Ribs. A 3-course meal with wine at The Ivy costs around $85 per person.

8 Boa Steakhouse, West Hollywood - $90+ per Person

Boa Steakhouse is a high-end restaurant, serving customers some of the juiciest re-known steaks and fresh seafood platters. Their bold, modern interior draws in the sophisticated, who are seeking superb meals and excellent service. Boa Steakhouse is sometimes considered as the capital of celebrity spotting. Stars like Sharon Stone, Sheryl Crow and Scarlett Johansson are regular customers at this steakhouse. It is believed that celebrities are drawn to Boa Steakhouse because the staff keeps celebrity reservations and visits confidential. In addition, service is equally as excellent for all customers and is not merely saved for those who occasionally walk the red carpet. Boa Steakhouse serves lunch and dinner and they even have a gluten free menu. A 3-course meal with wine starts around $90 per person.

7 Chateau Marmont, West Hollywood - $90+ per Person

Chateau Marmont is the one of the most popular hotels among celebrities who stay in West Hollywood. With its superb location on Sunset Boulevard, it’s an everyday hangout for paparazzi for a reason. This castle-like hotel, built in 1929, and its on-site restaurant has hosted some of the most famous celebrities, including Bob DylanMick JaggerLeonardo DicaprioRobert De Niro and Britney Spears. Restaurant Chateau Marmont features an indoor dining area, as well as a garden terrace. Typical American meals, such as a starter of shrimp cocktail and main courses of thyme roasted chicken and a lamb shepherd’s pie are freshly cooked by Chef Carolynn Spence. A 3-course meal with wine starts around $90 per person.

6 Koi, West Hollywood - $90+ per Person

Restaurant Koi in West Hollywood, was the first one to open, but soon it expanded to cities like Las Vegas, New York City, Bangkok and Abu Dhabi. This high-end Japanese fusion restaurant has drawn many celebrities since their opening, including Ashton Kutcher and Eva Longoria. The traditional, but classy Asian décor is well-combined with the Hollywood-appeal, making Koi not only perfect for dinner, but also for cocktails and dancing. Their fine cuisine includes Miso Bronzed Black Cod and Kobe-Style Filet Mignon, but those who crave traditional Japanese cuisine may opt for the sushi and sashimi menu. A 3-course meal with wine starts around $90 per person.

5 Scarpetta, Beverly Hills - $100+ per Person

As one of the hottest spots in town, Scarpetta is considered a great place to spot celebrities. Situated in the Montage Beverly Hills Hotel, both paparazzi and celebrity fans have a high chance of bumping into notable A-listers, any day of the week. Heidi KlumBruce Willis and Khloe Kardashian have all enjoyed dinner at Scarpetta at some point, while staying at the Montage Beverly Hills Hotel. This high-end Italian restaurant has received glowing reviews and Chef Contant cooks modern, earthy and refined cuisine for his guests, such as white truffle tagliatelle and lobster farfalle, all prepared with house made pasta. The spacious dining area is a perfect setting for celebrities because of its privacy, and those who prefer private dining can make use of one of the secluded dining rooms. A 3-course meal with wine starts at $100 per person.

4 ABC Kitchen, New York City - $100+ per Person

While ABC Kitchen is situated inside a home furnishings store, called ABC Carpet & Home, this restaurant is popular among celebrities like Russell BrandMeg Ryan and Kanye West. After looking at the restaurant’s menu, these A-listers cannot be blamed for enjoying this restaurant. ABC Kitchen is committed to serving a seasonal menu with fresh and local ingredients, balancing taste and healthy fare. The menu is free from pesticides, GMO and anything artificial and Michelin star Chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten, encourages his customers to eat environmentally conscious. ABC Kitchen serves brunch, lunch and dinner and a 3-course meal with wine starts at $100 per person. Menu items include a red snapper and organic fried chicken.

3 The Lion, New York City - $120+ per Person

New York City’s most famous gastro pub draws some of the most impressive A-listers, including Madonna, Ann Hathaway and Jim Carrey. This two-storey restaurant has a unique, bold interior, filled with art walls, tasty dishes like Spiced Duck Breast and Local Diver Scallop. Additionally, their service is known to be excellent. Although The Lion serves a dinner only menu, on Sundays they go out of their way to serve their customers brunch. For larger parties, there is a private dining area. A 3-course meal with wine starts around $120 per person.

2 The Polo Lounge, Beverly Hills - $120+ per Person

The Polo Lounge is situated in the famous Beverly Hills Hotel on Sunset Boulevard and is the most famous go to spot for celebrities since almost a century. While in the early days it was most popular among sportsmen, it is now popular among all types of celebrities, from actors to singers to TV hosts. Elizabeth TaylorJanet Jackson and Jennifer Aniston have all been seen on the idyllic patio of The Polo Lounge, and so, the curbside of the Beverly Hills Hotel is a frequent spot for paparazzi to spend their time. This high-end restaurant is perfect for breakfast, lunch and dinner, accompanied by light jazz music. During weekend, the restaurant also serves brunch or afternoon tea. Dinner dishes include a spicy seafood stew and Scottish salmon. A 3-course meal, including wine, starts at around $120 per person.

1 CUT, Beverly Hills - $150+ per Person

In the heart of Beverly Hills, this chic restaurant is a place to see and to be seen, and for that reason, a favorite spot for celebrities. Will Smith, Jada Pinkett and Tom Cruise love going to CUT, and this award-winning restaurant has been praised by many restaurant critics throughout the country. Not only is CUT considered as one of the best classic steakhouses in town, with an extensive international wine list; the restaurant is also home to a notable art collection. Also, it occasionally exhibits new collections from renowned artists. Those who only want to enjoy light snacks and cocktails are invited to CUT’s sidebar, a modern lounge with a bar and comfortable sofas, separated from the main dining area. A 3-course meal with wine at CUT starts at $150 per person.

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