10 Of The Best Restaurants In Dubai

Any holiday to a far away destination would not be complete without spending some money on an exclusive fine dining experience. After all, a vacation is the perfect time for couples, families or friends to take time for themselves and each other and to enjoy that time to the fullest.

The Middle East has some of the finest and most flavorful cuisine; however, tourism in Dubai has allowed entrepreneurs to invest in exclusive restaurants that offer international cuisine. The modern and international fine dining restaurants of Dubai has put the city on the map when it comes to culinary experiences and Dubai is now much more than the city of skyscrapers and high-end shopping malls. These fine dining restaurants are some of the best in Dubai, offering fine cuisine, stunning views and excellent service.

10 Zheng He’s Restaurant - $100+ per Person

Zheng He’s Restaurant is one of Dubai’s best Chinese restaurants, serving exquisitely traditional flavors, combined with a fresh, modern twist. Zheng He is located on the ground floor of the luxurious Jumeirah Resort, where fine dingers are invited to enjoy the serene restaurant terrace, overlooking the Arabian Gulf and the famous Burj Al Arab. Zheng He’s offers set menus with surprising dishes, such as deep fried beef strips, caviar shellfish dumplings and foie gras siew mai. A set menu starts at $100 per person, beverages excluded.

9 Eauzone Restaurant - $100+ per Person

The Eauzone Restaurant is situated within the Royal Mirage Hotel, along the white, sandy beach and surrounded by palm trees. This fine dining restaurant offers guests a unique experience, with its shaded wooden decks as well as wooden platforms floating in a pool, allowing diners to enjoy a dinner in ultimate privacy. Although the ambience at Eauzone is casual during the day, the restaurant becomes one of Dubai’s most stylish venues after sunset. The menu offers Asian fusion cuisine, including sashimi and seared boneless quail. A three-course menu starts at $100 per person, including beverages.

8 Zuma Restaurant - $130+ per Person

The Japanese cuisine at Zuma Restaurant follows the Izakaya style of dining, where food is served to be shared. Located in the financial center of Dubai, this grand restaurant draws many business diners, but it is also popular among locals who love Japanese cuisine. The restaurant has a main dining area, a sushi bar and private dining rooms as well as a bar and lounge for stylish cocktails. This makes Zuma the perfect venue for a night out. Refined wine and sake drinkers are sure to be satisfied here, as Zuma has its own wine and sake cellar with an extensive collection. A shared dinner at Zuma will cost around $130 per person, including beverages.

7 Junsui Restaurant - $130+ per Person

For ultimate opulence, there is Junsui, situated in the 7-star hotel Burj Al Arab. The stylish dining room, with ceilings bathed in Swarovski crystals, and the 12 live cooking stations make a dinner at Junsui an experience to never forget. Mouth-watering creations are cooked in front of the eyes of refined diners by a team of no less than 45 chefs. Junsui focuses on Asian cuisine, but has a specialty in Korean, Japanese, Indonesian, Thai and Chinese cuisine. Junsui offers mainly set menus, which start at $130 per person, beverages excluded.

6 Sahn Eddar - $140+ per Person

Dubai is not only a popular destination for business travelers. It is also a widely known destination for women who are on a shopping spree with their girlfriends. And what is better than to rest those tired feet while indulging in an opulent afternoon tea? Sahn Eddar is all about the pleasures of afternoon tea in a restaurant filled with marble, mosaic, bright colors and soft touch lighting. The sweet and savory delights at Sahn Eddar are created by some of the best pastry chefs from around the globe, aiming to create the very best afternoon tea experience you will ever have in your life. Sahn Eddar’s ultimate afternoon tea includes a glass of bubbly champagne and starts at $140 per person.

5 Al Iwan - $150+ per Person

Al Iwan serves sumptuous Arabic cuisine within surroundings that are nothing but spectacular. This restaurant is situated on the first floor of the beautiful 7-star hotel Burj Al Arab. By day, guests can overlook the Arabian Gulf from their table over lunch, but by night, Al Iwan turns into a romantic fine dining venue, offering food with the best possible ingredients for an extraordinary fine dining experience. Some of the dishes at Al Iwan include vine leaves, babaganoj and a traditional Arabic mixed grill with only the best cut meats. Al Iwan serves set menus, starting at $150 per person, excluding beverages.

4 La Petite Maison - $150+ per Person

La Petite Maison is one of the most popular restaurants of Dubai, mainly thanks to their exquisite French Mediterranean cuisine, mixed with a little bit of Italian flavors. Food at La Petite Maison is un-fussy, as locals call it, and the chefs turn the best ingredients into simple, flavorful dishes that every refined diner will love. Razor clams with an herb crust, foie gras and whole sea bream are just a few of the delightful dishes that are on the menu. The interior is as simple and timeless as the dishes that are served: La Petite Maison has an elegantly decorated dining room with French touches. A three-course meal starts at $150 per person, excluding beverages.

3 AT.MOSPHERE - $175+ per Person

Situated on level 122 of the world’s tallest building, Burj Khalifa, AT.MOSPHERE is the holder of the Guinness World Record of highest restaurant from ground level in the world. Although the restaurant’s view might be enough of an experience for some guests, AT.MOSPHERE is all about the fine dining experience and Michelin-Chef Jitin Joshi makes the unique experience of visiting the highest restaurant in the world even more memorable with his exquisite set menus. But even though AT.MOSPHERE is all about food, those who want to enjoy a cocktail to simply admire the views are also welcomed. Some of his dishes include veal tartar and seared langoustine. Set menus start at $175 per person, excluding beverages.

2 Pierchic - $225+ per Person

Pierchic sits on stilts in the open water, accessible through the long pier from the beach of Dubai. This fine dining restaurant is considered to be one of the most romantic restaurants in the city, offering stunning views of the ocean, the majestic hotel Burj Al Arab and the beautiful luxury resort Jumeirah. The open layout of the restaurant is inviting to those who want to feel one with the sea and it provides the perfect balance of inside and outside space. Pierchic serves gourmet seafood, including the best oysters, crab risotto and poached trout. Chef de Cuisine Rosalind Parsk has worked in numerous Michelin-star restaurants around the world and has worked with international celebrity chefs, including Gordon Ramsay, Gary Rhodes and Marco Pierre White. Pierchic serves set menus, starting at $225 per person, beverages excluded.

1 Al Mahara - $230+ per Person

Al Mahara, situated within the famous Burj Al Arab, will stimulate all the senses. From the soft seating to the floor to ceiling aquarium, from the most flavorful dishes to the attentive service like you have ever experienced before. Offering fresh seafood every day, Al Mahara makes it a mission to create delicious dishes to compliment the taste of seafood and guests are encourage to combine the delicate flavors with one of the fine wines from their great selection from around the globe. Although some dishes are kept authentic and simple, others are quite surprising, such as poached oysters and foie gras ravioli. Meat lovers can also get their satisfaction at Al Mahara, as they also serve the best cuts of Wagyu beef. Al Mahara serves set menus, starting at $230 per person, excluding beverages.

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