10 Most Popular Dieting Apps

We all very well know the trials and tribulations that you have to undergo in order to lose a bit of weight. Whether you want to step out in style on the beach or lose the pounds for your wedding day, there are numerous ways to fight the flab.

Watching your intake of calories is an important step to take. In addition to this, common sense should prevail at all times. At the end of the day we very well know that consuming donuts and sugary foods won’t lead to a bronzed body. On the other hand, you will need to have a lot of determination not to mention discipline to reach your optimum weight.

If you are looking to lose the pounds, then ease off those sugary drinks and fatty foods as soon as possible. You should replace them with a healthy balanced diet which is rich in fruit and of course vegetables.

As technology takes over our everyday existence, you can choose from a number of different dieting apps that are aimed at promoting your wellbeing. It is all too easy to fall by the wayside, while at the same time sum up all those unnecessary calories. Yet, instead of reaching for that extra biscuit or slice of cake, why not reach for your smartphone instead.

The selection of diet related apps are endless and will make sure you don’t fall by the wayside during your regime. Luckily, you can ditch the books and weight loss meetings in favour of a seamless and convenient app.

All you need to do is pick the one that suits your specific needs as well as objectives. So if you are ready to become a lean mean fighting machine, here is the roundup of the 10 best dieting apps around.

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10 My Diet Journal

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An easy to follow app that can be downloaded from the Google Play Store, my Diet Journal will transform your daily routine. Instead of using endless paper and notepads, this app ensures you can write everything that you eat into electronic format.

9 Diet Plan

If you are searching for the perfect individual diet plan, then look no further than Diet Plan. This application offers a personalised diet which is all done according to your own requirements and activities that you partake in. In fact, every diet plan that you undertake comes complete with handy little reminders and even recipe proposals.

8 Superfoods

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Considered to be all the rage at the moment, superfoods are an ideal way to keep healthy. They have numerous benefits such as increasing metabolic rates but we don't know how much we should really consume. The app of the same name puts this to the test and gives you an insight through a series of useful articles on individual superfoods. It contains everything you need to know when it comes to the ground breaking superfood revolution.

7 Nutrino

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If you want to develop a unique menu tailored for you then Nutrino can assist. This excellent app allows you to view how many calories you need to eat daily in order to reach your targets. It will also show you what your optimum weight should be and after personalising what foods you prefer, it creates a shopping list and more. The usual social media facilities are included where you can share everything about your journey.

6 My Diet Coach

Targeted more for the ladies, My Diet Coach provides plenty of motivation in the ongoing struggle against dieting. It features a host of individual reminders as well as a series of inspirational photos and key slogans. This highly supportive app ensures you never give up on yourself and acts as an alternative tech friend who will be with you until the very end.

5 Weightbot

If you are one to record your weight on a regular basis then Weightbot is the answer. If you want to visually see your weight spelt out in black and white then this really is the solution. Daily recordings come as a standard with graphs to chart your progress. Furthermore your BMI or Body Mass Index is also recorded and the hassle free interface enables you to interact seamlessly.

4 Low Fat Recipes

For the ultimate low-fat diet, Low Fat Recipes is a strong contender for best app. This simple to use cookbook provides you with an extensive catalogue of nutritional information. The choice is mind boggling where you can download an array of dietary selections including gluten free. Browsing is a walk in the park and there are numerous ranges available from budget to high end needs. You can find recipe ideas based on what you have in the fridge which is another ingenious concept. Cookbooks may be a thing of the past with this clever app.

3 Scarsdale Diet

There have always been fads and dieting trends around, but the Scarsdale Diet is a sure fire winner. With all the hoohah surrounding the Atkins Diet, there is plenty of rich food diversity in this particular app. The idea revolved around a disciplined food structure over the course of a fortnight. However, you have to stick to the given meal plan regime accordingly with minor replacements.

2 Diet Watchers Diary

If you are familiar with a dieting programme such as Weight Watchers then Diet Watchers Diary may just be for you. All foods are converted in points, some of which are good and some bad. This comprehensive program is done on a daily and weekly basis with relevant graphics and setups according to your own personal weight and objectives. You can take advantage of a recipe creator and the chance to keep an eye on a myriad of health suggestions.

1 Fooducate

Instead of being educated, you can always fooducate yourself. Available on both the Android and Apple platforms, you can swipe your way to a healthier lifestyle. It is truly a great app endorsed by leading scientists where you can utilise it in a variety of ways. This features barcode scanning different types of products, comparing items and gaining an insight into nutrition. With more than 200,000 products available you can allow the app to offer an alternative, calorie count and chart your own progress.

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