10 Most Lucrative Diets Of All Time

The weight-loss industry is blooming. Each passing year, it is fueled by people's constant desire to lose weight. Over the past three decades, the industry grew by 6%, while obesity rates grew as well

The weight-loss industry is blooming. Each passing year, it is fueled by people's constant desire to lose weight. Over the past three decades, the industry grew by 6%, while obesity rates grew as well. At least 22,000 people suffer from morbid obesity in the US alone. The weight-loss industry in the U.S alone makes nearly $60 billion each year. The weight-loss industry in Great Britain makes £ 2 billion (approximately 3.2 billion USD)  each year, while in Canada it makes $7 billion each year. There are 108 million dieters in the United States, out of which 85% are females

People struggling with weight problems are willing to spend a fortune on weight loss programs, products, books, and pills. Programs often require a paid membership juts to follow, not to mention consultation fees, coaching, and special types of food you need to buy. On average, Americans spend $65 billion each year on weight-loss products, which become in very high demand around the holidays. Paradoxically, all those miraculous products that promise the moon tend to let down. In fact, there's no other industry in the world like it: making jaw-dropping amounts of money, yet continuing to fail its customers. Celebrity endorsers of major weight-loss programs earn between $500,000 to $3 million. This means that, on average, the same endorsers earn $33,000 per each pound customers lose through their programs. But this doesn't mean they actually work? Many dieters who lost 30 pounds after following fabulous diets risk putting the same weight back on once they stop dieting.

10 The Ornish Diet, $16 million a year

Summing up Dr. Dean Ornish's over 35 years of research, the Ornish Diet is a whole different approach to dieting, underlining the fact that what you include in your diet is just as important as what you exclude. His book, Eat More, Weight Less, costs $11 on Amazon, providing an insight into healthy dieting, with all the necessary details an steps to follow.

The Ornish Diet is low in protein. It is also the number one weight-loss program recommended for heart diseases. It is one of the cheapest diets to follow, because there are no supplements of pre-packaged meals involved. You'll only spend money on fresh fruits and vegetables, and healthy foods, which sum up to around $300 per month.

9 The Zone Diet, $20 million a year

The Zone Diet, just like the Paleolithic Diet, is based on the idea that people have evolved from cavemen to modern men, and that their diet must be adjusted accordingly. It became popular after Barry Sears wrote a book describing the whole program.

The Zone Diet focuses on balancing both protein and carbohydrate sources, detrimental to counting calories. It is not a weight-loss program in the true sense of the word, although it does show successful results, but rather a program to eating healthy and complementing your own evolution. A moderate to expensive diet, it costs around $200 per week if you order all your meals from The Zone.

8 The Atkins Diet, $20 million a year

Yet another low-carb diet that encourages protein intake, the Atkins Diet aims at a lifetime approach that will burn fat and keep it away for good. It focuses on eliminating one the main causes of obesity, which is eating too many carbohydrates, especially sweets, sugar, corn syrup, and flour.

While it is truly effective on the short-term, it might prove risky on the long term due to restrictions. The Atkins diet comes at an average cost. Expect to pay $100 a week for recipes, supplements, and shakes.

7, $30 million a year

An online dieting service founded in 1997, offers professional weight-loss advice and nutrition plans. There are 15 different online plans with customizable meal plans to choose from. The company offers pre-packaged meals that fit their customers specific dietary needs. However, you don't need to go grocery shopping or supplement the meals in any way. It is considered the most expensive diet program to follow, at $170 per week. However, you don't need to go grocery shopping or supplement your meals in any way.

6 The Slim Fast Diet, $77 million a year

Slim Fast makes $77 million per year from selling shakes, packaged meals, bars, snacks, and dietary supplements across the US, UK, Ireland, Canada, Germany, France, the Netherlands, Brazil, and Mexico under the Unilever brand. It has become so popular thanks to its convenient and easy to follow approach. It delivers all kinds of meals, from pasta to soups and grab-and go bars. For $77 per week, Slim Fast Diet customers receive personalized weight-loss tools, meals, advice, and numerous other products. This means around $310 per month.

5 The South Beach Diet, $170 million a year

Around 18% of adolescent Americans are obese. This mainly due to the growth of the fast-food industry over the past decades. The South Beach Diet focuses on eliminating processed foods, unhealthy fats, deep-fired foods, and carbohydrates.


It is a high-protein and low-calorie diet. Just like other diets that encourage protein intake, it helps the chicken and turkey meat production industry reach the jaw-dropping number of $29 billion a year from sales in America. A relatively cheap diet to follow, expect to pay $314 per month.

4 The Jenny Craig Diet, $343 million per year

First released in 1983, Jenny Craig's three-phase program focuses on the interdependent relationship between food, the body, and the mind. First, it teaches patients to eat the foods they like in smaller amounts. Then, it introduces regular workouts, which increase energy levels and improve the metabolism and fat-burning process.


Lastly, it teaches patients how to achieve balance in life by complementing healthy food with a healthy lifestyle and positive thinking. Quite pricy, it costs an average $137 a week to follow the Jenny Craig diet, which sums up to about $551 per month. 

3 The Nutrisystem Diet, $396 million a year

With an easy to follow diet plan, Nutrisystem took weight-loss programs to a whole new level. The company sells pre-packaged meals through their website, which are delivered straight to their customer s' doors. With every 4 weeks of orders, clients receive a free week of meal planning. It is literally fast food for weight loss, which is exactly why it became so popular. Quite expensive, it costs approximately $113 per week to order you food from Nutrisystem, which brings the company an average $396 million per year.

2 Weight Watchers, $400 million a year

Their official website claims that the Weight Watchers Diet Program is a flexible and easy to follow diet in which diversity plays a key role. The Weight Watchers diet involves consuming a wide variety of foods and is one of the oldest and most effective weight-loss programs of all time,Weight Watchers is a famous weight-loss company that operates in 30 countries around the Globe, earning an average $400 million a year.

Based on fresh fruits and vegetables, dairy products, and whole grains, it costs patients approximately $96 per week to follow the program, which sums up to and average $386 per month.

1 The Dukan Diet, with total earnings of $660 million

Also known as the “princess diet,”, the Dukan Diet was invented by French doctor Pierre Dukan, based on a principle that has been on the weight-loss diets scene for more than three decades. But it wasn't until 2000, when the doctor published his book, that the diet became popular. The Dukan diet recommends protein consumption and excludes fats and carbohydrates. It is a high-protein, yet a low-calorie type of diet. There is a list of 100 foods that are allowed, out of which 72 are of animal origins. The diet raised a lot of controversy, because it excludes entire groups of nutrients.

A study on 5,000 patients that followed the Dukan diet shows that 80% of them put the weight back on when they stopped dieting. Pierre Dukan earned a fortune from selling and promoting his book and diet pills, especially after Hollywood celebrities like J Lo claimed it works, but apparently it puts the body under a lot of pressure. It comes at below average costs, and you can even do it at your own expense after buying the book. However, protein is more expensive than carbs, so expect to pay between $10 to $15 a day for 1,500 calories.

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10 Most Lucrative Diets Of All Time