10 Foods You Never Knew Were Aphrodisiacs

When it comes to setting the mood over dinner and some drinks, it can be tough to know what to serve, or what to order on a menu. Simply put, there are a few foods that are just tough to look sexy eating – no matter what a health conscious message it sends, it’s still difficult to look cute trying to devour kale leaves the size of your face. Some foods just aren’t sexy, whatsoever.

However, there are certain foods that have definite associations of the sensual. From chocolate to oysters, there are several dishes that are rumored to be aphrodisiacs – that is, to stimulate sexual desire when you consume them.

Now, no food is a magic potion that will suddenly give you an insatiable sexual appetite and irrepressible sensuality. However, there’s no doubt that foods can have a huge impact on you. After all, who hasn’t felt more energetic after eating healthy food all week, or felt sluggish after scarfing down half a pizza single-handedly? Food shapes how we feel in many ways, and that includes how inclined we are to romantic activities.

Sure, we all know about oysters, chocolate, and all those commonly known aphrodisiacs – but here are 10 foods you may not know are rumoured to have aphrodisiac qualities.

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10 Watermelon

First of all, watermelon is the perfect, refreshing food for a hot summer day, so chances are that you’re not consuming watermelon while bundled up in a winter coat. However, sexy summer attire aside, there are definitely aphrodisiac qualities in this hydrating fruit. Apparently, watermelon has a huge punch of lycopene, a pigment that gives pinkish and reddish fruits and vegetables their color. However, lycopene does more than lend a blush-like hue to watermelon – it also improves circulation and relaxes blood vessels, making sure that your blood is flowing to all the right places. A few poolside slices of watermelon might get things a little steamier than you had anticipated!

9 Chili peppers

Spicy foods are notorious for setting your mouth on fire, but what impact do they have on your desire level? Turns out, a lot. While you can certainly shake a few dashes of cayenne pepper on your meal, the real aphrodisiacs in the spicy food world are chili peppers. The spicy treat is known to stimulate your endorphins (the feel good chemicals in your brain), speed up your heart rate, and make you sweat. So, basically, everything that happens when you’re having a good time with your partner. Chili peppers are a definite aphrodisiac, but make sure that you’re not handling them with bare hands.

8 Red wine

There’s nothing more sensual than a rich, velvety glass of red wine. However, the aphrodisiac qualities in a glass of vino extend past the associations with relaxation and indulgence. While no alcohol is good to consume in excess, in moderation, red wine is actually fairly healthy – it contains reservatrol, which is a plant-based chemical compound with antioxidant properties that helps with heart health. For men, a glass of red gets the circulation going and makes sure that the blood is circulating everywhere. For women, a 2009 study in The Journal of Sexual Medicine (with, granted, a fairly small sample size), consuming a reasonable amount of red will allegedly increase and enhance sexual desire, lubrication, and overall sexual function.

7 Maca

What exactly is maca? Well, it’s a sweet root vegetable that can often be found in powdered form, and is often nicknamed Peruvian Viagra. That about says it all, no? To get into specifics, maca can be used as a healthy way to address several health ailments, and can help with stamina, athletic performance, fertility, erectile dysfunction, and more. While maca’s aphrodisiac effects on humans hasn’t been extensively tested, we’re going to go ahead and suggest you incorporate it into your diet – after all, there must be some reason behind the memorable nickname!

6 Garlic

Thanks to the foul odour it bestows upon your breath, garlic is surely one of the least sexy things you could consume, right? Well, kind of… while you may need some strong, minty mouthwash to disguise the tell-tale odor of garlic once you consume it, there are actually several qualities in this pungent powerhouse that are beneficial. Specifically, garlic is rich in arginine, an amino acid which is a precursor to the production of nitric oxide. What does nitric oxide do, you ask? It dilates blood vessels and makes sure that there’s adequate blood flow all over your body. Take from that what you will, but the moral of the story is, don’t be so quick to pass on that garlicky appetizer.

5 Eggs

More and more people are trying to slim down their diets and make them as low fat as possible – but if it’s sexual healing you’re after, there’s a few sources of healthy fats that you should definitely keep in your regular rotation. Forget all the scare talk about cholesterol – it turns out, cholesterol is needed for hormone production, and if your elimination of all fats causes your cholesterol to take a dive bomb, your libido might be what pays the prize. Eggs are a great source of cholesterol, and they also contain a healthy dose of the zinc necessary in testosterone production. Adding a little fat into your diet will bring you satisfaction… in more ways than one.

4 Celery

Celery may be a staple of every veggie plate you encounter, but it’s not something that seems particularly sexy. Sure, it comes in a stalk, but still – it’s watery, it’s fibrous, and it’s not really that flavourful. However, there’s a particular element in celery that might lead you to reconsider including it as a daily snack. Celery contains androsterone, a hormone that males produce which is known to stimulate sexual arousal in females. There’s no evidence that the androsterone found in celery has the same effect as the androsterone naturally produced by males, but hey – it’s good for you, so it doesn’t hurt to incorporate the crunchy veggie just in case.

3 Pine nuts

Pine nuts may seem too small to pack many nutrients or benefits, but trust us – they have certain benefits that definitely put them in the aphrodisiac camp. The most important is the healthy dose of zinc that they deliver – which, as you know, is a necessary nutrient for testosterone production. So guys, next time you’re wondering what pasta dish to order when you’re at an Italian restaurant for date night, go ahead and opt for the pesto – that dose of pine nuts will definitely serve you well. May as well pair it with some red wine while you’re at it, no?

2 Avocado

Avocado is delicious, and a favorite of health conscious eaters everywhere. After all, it contains the good fats, and makes whatever it’s on taste incredibly rich and delicious. It’s also been rumored to be an aphrodisiac for quite some time – allegedly the Aztecs viewed it as a food that would up your sensual desires. However, on a more scientific level, avocadoes contain high levels of vitamin E, which is essential to maintaining your energy levels. More avocadoes, more energy for whatever pursuits you have in mind. It’s really a win win. So, next time you’re debating whether or not to pay the extra to get guac on that Mexican treat, just say yes.

1 Pomegranate

Most fans of Greek mythology have heard of the myth of Hades and Persephone, something that has forever linked pomegranates with sexual desire in our culture’s collective memory. However, myths aside, pomegranates have some definite aphrodisiac qualities. The bright, tart jewels are full of antioxidants that help support blood flow – and we don’t need to tell you how important that is to a healthy sexual life. In fact, there was a study done on pomegranate consumption in males with mild to moderate erectile dysfunction, and the tart fruit was actually shown to help get things active below the belt.


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