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You Can Now Win Suri Cruise’s Favorite Backpack

You Can Now Win Suri Cruise’s Favorite Backpack

Suri Cruise 1

Suri Cruise is undoubtedly the spoiled and pampered child of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. She is one of the most adorable kids in the world. Suri has inherited her father’s good looks and her mother’s elegance and is known to create quite a style statement wherever she happens to go, with the clothes that she wears. She can be spotted from a distance and looks like a perfect celebrity because of the manner in which she walks and talks. Indeed she is very charming and will someday grow up to be a fascinating woman.

There is one thing that little Suri is never really seen without, and that is her Hello Kitty backpack. Hello Kitty is popular among girls of every age between six and twelve. Suri is never seen before the camera without holding this backpack in her hands. She is seen with it even when she is accompanying her parents on a movie shoot. Suri is a quiet child and is seen to hold onto this backpack – it seems that she is scared to ever let go of it. Possibly, she even sleeps with it next to her at night.

While the six year old is certainly possessive about her backpack, this is a product that is now open for sweepstakes. Those who have adorable little ones at home can get the chance of winning it. One lucky winner of the OK magazine will be able to win this Hello Kitty backpack for his son or daughter at home. The backpack is pink in color and contains some exciting puzzles and other activity kits that could be of interest for children.

Suri Cruise 3

Suri Cruise like all celebrity kids, leads the good life with everything provided by her parents, but her fondness for this backpack is really quaint.

The daughter of Tom Cruise has a lovely disposition. She is one of the most, well behaved of all celebrity children. Girly in style and also in behavior, Suri Cruise is the cynosure of the media’s eyes. Her get up with the backpack has made her come across as even sweeter than usual. Indeed most celebrity kids have a lot to learn from Suri Cruise in terms of style and grace. The one who wins this Hello Kitty backpack will surely be a lucky one.

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