Winter Fashion: What’s Hot On The Slopes

It might not seem like fashion is a high priority when you’re dressing up to battle extreme weather conditions and mountain ranges, but you just need to take a look at some of the top winter athletes – or vacationing celebrities – to see how stylish the slopes can be. The United States Winter Olympics team will be kitted out in Ralph Lauren designer clothing this year in Sochi, including a red, white and blue cardigan with stars, stripes and an American flag on the right breast. With the games almost kicking off, and ski resorts around the world in the midst of peak season, what better time than now to investigate winter 2014 ski fashion?

At the SnowSports Industries America trade show last year, attendees got a glimpse at the fashions which have been evident on ski fields this year so far. This winter, skiers and snowboarders are wearing color, prints and fun accessories. They've ditched the overly loud colors and bold prints that have been around in recent years, and this year items are more slimming and less bulky. For men, the hot color of the season is green, particularly muted, deep greens like olive green and forest green. For the ladies, stand out colors include blues, greens, soft greys, feminine prints and also bold oranges as well as traditional warm colors like pink and red.

Visiting a ski resort has long been a favorite vacation of stars – often because fans would have a hard time recognizing you when you’re kitted out in ski gear head to toe. Celebrities who are regular skiers include the Kardashians, Paris Hilton, Kate Moss, Gwen Stefani, Victoria Beckham and Heidi Klum. Read on to discover what the rich and famous will be wearing this year when they hit the slopes for a spot of skiing or snowboarding in Sochi and around the world. For those of you who hang out at the ski resort but might not be keen enough to brave the slopes – you’ll also find the latest trends for après ski wear.

10 Gold Eye Wear – $170

This is the year to go for gold when it comes to eye wear on the slopes. Goggles framed with white have been big for the past few seasons. However, this winter we’ve seen a slight twist on that trend. Oakley has released a pair of ski goggles for the 2013/14 season with a gold frame. With the Winter Olympics just around the corner, it’s no wonder that skiers and snowboarders letting also the excitement shine through by wearing some gold medal inspired goods! The Lindsey Vonn Signature Series A Frame Goggles by Oakley are $170 and is made with the latest technology, including anti-fog measures and 100% protection against the sun’s harmful rays.

9 Slimming Pants – $240

Year after year, the trendiest ski pants always tend to be super comfortable as well. Nils, a 35-year-old Swedish company, is one of the world’s top experts in high fashion ski and snowboard gear for women. One of the top picks for this season is its Annalise pants costing $240. They are black, mid-rise, semi-relaxed and properly insulated. The waist band is flattering, and the cut of the legs on these waterproof pants makes the wearer look slim. Black pants may look like a boring choice but take note – many celebs have recently been spotted wearing black ski pants. Pippa Middleton wore black ski pants during her charity cross country skiing event recently and brightened up her look with a bright orange hat and red jacket. Madonna was also spotted on a ski vacation wearing nothing but black clothes, and so too were Mariah Carey and Kim Kardashian.

8 Statement Beanie – $250+

Whether you’re wearing a helmet on not, a beanie is a must-wear item on the ski field. Actress Kate Hudson, who was recently spotted wearing a red and black ski outfit, topped her look off with a bright red woolen beanie. Paris Hilton wore a black beanie in Aspen recently, which was decorated with a diamante bow. Gucci has a big range of woolen beanies and wool ski caps. Available at stores such as Neiman Marcus, or Gucci stores, these beanies retail for about $250 and up and are available in many colors and patterns.

7 Stylish Under Layers – $300 

New Zealand company Icebreaker has the world’s best base layer technology and its sold around the world. All the Icebreaker range of products is made from pure New Zealand merino wool. All clothing items are breathable, warm and naturally anti-bacterial (meaning you can go days without needing to wash it).  The New York Times gave Icebreaker a special mention for its fashionable garments last November, stating that although active wear and under layers have little to do with the latest trends, companies like Icebreaker are “looking to rescue utility-minded clothing from the doldrums” and that some of its high quality items “could have passed for H&M”. For a pair of men’s merino base layer leggings and a long-sleeved men’s merino top, expect to pay around $300.  You can buy them in various weights depending on how cold it’ll be when you’re outside.

6 Leather Chanel Gloves - $500+

Gloves are one of those accessories you can’t go without on the slopes, and black leather is again the most popular choice in winter 2013/14.  Singer and designer Paris Hilton hit the slopes recently in Aspen, Colorado wearing black Chanel leather gloves (which sell for $500 and more). Another timeless option is fresh, white mittens. Check out the Leather Box Mitt from Swedish brand Hestra (one of the world’s leading glove brands, which produced more than two million pairs of gloves in 2012). This mitten is a classic and simple mitten that’s perfect for skiing and costs about $75.

5 Faux Fur Scarf – $645

When it comes to scarves on the slopes, unless you’re steering clear of any actual physical activity, you’re best to opt for something other than a regular scarf. A normal scarf could easily dangle and get caught, plus it’ll be too bulky to wear with all your other layers. Instead, the world’s richest skiers opt for a practical and warm neck-warmer loop scarf or a fur collar. A trendy choice is a fleecy Snow and Rock neck warmer, costing about $20 and available in lots of colors – including fuchsia. For something more glamorous, you could opt for a faux fur scarf or "snood" such as the Topshop Lux Twist Faux Fur Snood in red or mustard (costing $50) or the Stella Jean Amara Faux Fur Stole selling for $645. For another option, Harrods in London sells a Bogner reversible ski jacket, which is fully lined with leopard print faux fur (including a faux fur scarf), and costs $7,500.

4 Fun Ski Jackets – $1,500+ 

If there was one item in your ski outfit that should include a splash of color and fun, it’s the jacket. Every ski and snowboard brand has a big range of colorful jackets out for the 2013/14 season. Luxury ski brand, Bogner, has some of the best and most expensive. The Eli-D down jacket, costing $1,499, is white, orange, red and pink, and is described as an item where “fashion meets function”. It’s waterproof, breathable and highly fashionable. Paris Hilton is among the celebrities who have worn Bogner skiwear. If subtle colors are more your thing, follow in the footsteps of the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, who’s been a fan of skiing for many years and has worn many subtle styles including a snow white ski jacket.

3 Luxury Equipment – $1,600+

Coming in at number three on our list, is luxury ski (or snowboard) equipment. The style of your skis, boots and poles are just as important as the clothes on your back. For matching skis, bindings and boots, you could purchase the stylish Blizzard Black Pearl and X-Pro 90 package. Released in 2014, this package is one of the best on the market for female recreational skiers. Costing about $1640, the skis and boots are white, purple and black. Blizzard Sport is a reputable Austrian company, which has been manufacturing and designing ski equipment since the 1940s.

2 Swarovski Crystal Helmet - $1,750

The best way to be ski chic this season (and every season) is to not ski at all. However, if you’re determined to get in on the action, a stylish helmet is definitely an essential item. Not only will it hide that hat hair and keep your ears warm, but it’ll also protect you if needed. Harrods in London stock what is possibly the most glamorous ski helmet on the market for the 2014 season. Made by Kask, this lightweight helmet is lined with luxurious fur and topped with Swarovski crystals. On top of that, it has anti-fog, anti-scratch features and a wide visor allowing panoramic views.

1 Après Ski – $2,450+

This year it's all about versatility in your outfit; you shouldn't have to do a full costume change when you leave the ski field and head to the bar for a drink. Hermes Paris has released a silk turtleneck that fits this idea perfectly. Costing $2,450, it is black silk with a blue, mustard and neutral pattern. Aside from under layers that you can keep on, popular après ski items include fur-lined jackets and warm, stylish boots. Fusalp, a high-end label, sells après ski wear in Europe and around the world. The heirs to French tennis brand Lacoste, Sophie and Philippe Lacoste, became the majority stakeholders in Fusalp in 2013. The Fusalp women's jackets, designed specifically for after skiing, range from $500 to $800. UGG boots are also a popular choice, such as the black Bailey Bow Tall boots costing about $300.

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