Vanessa Hudgens the Best Dressed!

Vanessa is not a typical white beauty, her complexion looks like that of people from the Mediterranean region. Vanessa thus looks very exotic, her good frame helps her carry fashionable clothing with ease in fact, she can look amazing in just about anything. This includes both casuals and formal clothes. However formal clothing does indeed look better on her.

Vanessa is on a roll with the release of “Spring Breakers”. She has rendered a stupendous performance in this movie. Actually, her role in the film had a lot to do with the way she carried off her clothes. The director Harmony Korine did not dress the girls up too much, he made them wear bikinis for most parts of the movie. Vanessa still managed to look elegant and glamorous.

We hope that this sense of style will only continue to evolve for the better with time. Vanessa is picky about the designer she chooses. She generally opts for the top names in the business. Her style and charisma is simply perfect!

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Vanessa Hudgens the Best Dressed!