15 Wardrobe Hacks Everyone Should Know

Life is hard, there really is no sugar coating that. We face challenges on a daily basis that can instantly change our mood from good to bad. One of the biggest challenges, that might not be so big in the grand scheme of things, is getting dressed for the day, only to pull a clothing item out of your closet that is distressed in some way. You know you have been there! Need some examples, because the options are endless, but we will list a few:

1. Opening your closet only to find your newest leather jacket is uncomfortable because it hasn’t been properly broken in.2. Spilling red wine on your new dress shirt during happy hour.3. Running late in the morning, only to run out the door and find that you have a big run in your nylons.

Things like this happen in life everyday and are a complete nuisance and mood changer for everyone involved. Luckily, we have pulled together a list of 15 wardrobe hacks that everyone should know, leaving you empowered to take on situations like this and kick them in the ass. Men and women alike can benefit from these tricks of the trade for making sure your attire is always on point, day or night.

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15 How To Get Red Wine Stains Out of Clothes

This is something that we have all experienced at one time or another. Whether you spill red wine on your favorite shirt or your white carpet, the resolution is the same: use white wine to clean it up! I know that sounds crazy, but simply take a cotton rag and pour whatever white wine you have handy on it and start blotting away. Before you know it, the red wine will all disappear.

14 How to Clean Dirt Off of Suede.

Whenever you have a piece of clothing, handbags or shoes in your wardrobe that is suede and covered in dirt, simply turn to your pantry to find your cleaning mechanism. Take a slice of bread, remove the crust and let it sit out and get stale. Once the bread has become stale, gently rub it over the dirty area and viola! Dirt easily removed!

13 How to Make T-Shirts Vintage Soft

Truthfully, this is what we all yearn for when we purchase a new tee. Most of them today are made to be soft from the beginning, but other companies still haven’t caught on yet so you will need to do this step yourself. Make yourself some salt water at home by mixing 1 quart of water and a half cup of salt and let the tee sit in the mixture for about three days. Once it is finished soaking, wash it regularly and it will turn out vintage soft, ready for your next wear.

12 How to Restore Sheen to Patent Leather Shoes

Patent leather shoes are obviously purchased for their stellar sheen, but what do you do when that starts to fade?! The secret is found wherever you keep your cleaning products! Grab your windex and spray it on your shoes, wiping it away with a paper towel and your favorite shoes will have their life restored in no time!

11 How to Remove Smells From your Favorite Vintage Treasures

We all love vintage shopping! How else do you find designer treasures for amazing prices? These pieces are priceless, valuable and become our special treasures. The only downfall is that many vintage pieces develop a nasty odor due to their age. This can simply be removed by concocting a mixture of one part vodka and two parts water, shaking it together in a spray bottle and then misting your vintage product. The smell will be gone quicker than you think.

10 How to Remove Oil Stains

With so many products being oil based today, and the fact that it is a key ingredient in most meals, it can be difficult to avoid oil from spilling on your clothes at times. To keep the stain from setting, place the garment on a flat surface and sprinkle a generous amount of baby powder over the entire stained area. Let this sit overnight and the oil should be lifted by morning.

9 How to Keep Angora or Mohair From Shedding

Your favorite cozy sweaters can surely keep you warm during the chilly months, but their shedding can bring a lot of annoyance and sometimes embarrassment. This can easily be avoided by folding the sweater, placing it into a ziplock bag and put it in the freezer for at least three hours. Let it warm up before putting it on and you will be shed free!

8 How to Keep Your Dark Denim Dark

Denim has easily become a part of everyone’s daily wardrobe as they can be dressed up or down, whatever fits your mood. However, there is nothing more annoying than buying a new pair of jeans in the perfect dark wash, only to see it fade before your eyes every time you do laundry. The solution is to merely add a half cup of distilled vinegar to the final rinse cycle whenever you are washing them to retain their color.

7 How to Remove Scratches From Leather

Scratching anything leather can be beyond frustrating due to the high price of leather products. This can be easily taken care of by rubbing whatever moisturizer you have handy around the house on the tip of a q-tip and rubbing it into the scratched area until it is gone. Works like a charm!

6 How to Keep Your Clothes From Wrinkling

The obvious solution to this one is to iron your clothes…duh. Although, what happens when you iron and they still wrinkle again as soon as you put them on? In this scenario, you need to iron your clothes in the morning and then leave at least five minutes for the ironing to set in before you put them on. This will keep the wrinkles gone for much longer.

5 How to Avoid Runs in Nylons

One of the biggest annoyances that a woman faces while working a professional job and needing to wear nylons everyday is getting a run in them. It’s embarrassing and just looks trashy. As strange as it may sound, this whole situation can be avoided by spraying your legs (while wearing the nylons) with hairspray before you run out the door. If a run happens, simply carry around clear nail polish to help battle it!

4 How to Stretch Out Shoes That are too Tight

Buying new shoes can give anyone a high, but when they are a little too tight it can make them beyond uncomfortable. To help stretch out your new shoes, fill two ziplock bags with water, place them inside your new shoes, and throw them in the freezer overnight. Problem solved!

3 How to Reduce Underarm Stains in Dress Shirts

Pit stains are beyond embarrassing! Unfortunately, they are very prevalent in the white clothing that we wear frequently. To combat this issue, spray lemon juice on the underarm area of your white shirts before washing and it will help battle the stain and keep them white.

2 How to Remove Makeup From Shirt Collars

Whether you are smooching your main or wiped your own foundation on your collared shirt...makeup stains are a pain! These can be easily removed using whatever shaving cream you happen to keep in your bathroom. Simply rub it on your shirt and the stain will rub out.

1 How to Break In New Leather Jackets

Adding a new leather jacket to your wardrobe can be a big investment and something that you are excited about showing off, but that exhilaration can quickly disappear when the jacket appears too “new.” We all know that leather looks better when it is distressed, so use water to break in your new wardrobe addition. Hint: wearing it out in the rain does the trick!

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