Top 10 Weirdest Bikinis Ever Designed

Summer is the most anticipated season of the year as it is the time to hit the sand and bask under the sun to get some tan. Women will go into different diets and workout regimens, some will actually

Summer is the most anticipated season of the year as it is the time to hit the sand and bask under the sun to get some tan. Women will go into different diets and workout regimens, some will actually skip meals, to shed off extra pounds so they can flaunt their bodies using those fashionable bikinis, which provide little coverage for their bodies. Bikinis are considered as the most popular kind of swimwear worldwide. Men would get all hyped up to see a throng of scantily clad females enjoying the sun and water.

Many designers come up with different styles a season earlier to show their patrons what is the next “in” thing for the swimwear fashion. Bikinis have come a long way through history after Louis Réard, a French automobile engineer and fashion designer coined the term “bikini” in 1946 into a million dollar industry. However, the origins of the bikini can be traced back to ancient times in the Western world.

To date, designers can be overly creative and innovative that the bikinis they present can be a little too far from what people are used to. Some can be downright bizarre and controversial while some have meanings behind them. Still, these bikinis made it to the fashion headlines. Nothing is impossible if you want to be different with your creations.

Here is a list of the top 10 weirdest bikinis ever designed.

10 White & Pink Eyelet-Trim Bikini

Taking the 10th spot in the list is the White & Pink Eyelet-Trim Bikini that has the famous Swarovski Crystals crafted unto the fabric, making the wearer look sensually luxurious like an exotic performer for the Cabaret Lido Paris. This bikini was designed by Alessandra Vicedomini and costs $625. This is perhaps not meant to be worn when going for a swim at the beach.

9 Lettuce Bikini

Next in line in the 9th place is the Lettuce Bikini. Vegetarians have another way to campaign for PETA to make the organization’s mission known, and it is through this “lettuce bikini”. This strange bikini is actually made of real lettuce. PETA supporters and vegetarians are adorned in lettuce and are photographed for the organization’s vegetarian media campaigns. There is a how-to-guide on how to make a homemade Lettuce Bikini for those who want to join in to promote vegetarianism. Romaine lettuce is highly recommended since it has large leaves enough to cover the private areas. It is such an innovative way to get the message across.

8 LED Bikini

Landing on the 8th spot is a rather off the wall but awesome swimwear; the LED (Light Emitting Diode) Bikini. A lot of people, especially the guys will definitely hoot over this piece of beachwear. The bikini is quite revealing making it rather risqué but the impressive technology used is also one to be noticed.

7 Solar Powered Bikini

The Solar Powered Bikini hits the next spot in the list of the top weirdest bikinis ever designed. It looks like being eco-friendly has slithered its way into the swimwear industry. Andrew Schneider designed this ultra-unique bikini. It has a USB connection that allows the wearer to power up her gadgets and allow her drink to stay cool while getting a tan and staying refreshed. This bikini functions just as it’s supposed to, provide solar power.

6 SmartSwim Bikini

The next spot in the list goes to Solestrom’s SmartSwim Bikini, which has a built-in UV meter and costs $170. Sun and beach lovers do not have to worry about getting burned due to high UV exposure. They can see the intensity level of the UV ray on the display screen. The UV meter is waterproof and the battery can last up to two years. It’s a good way to avoid getting skin cancer and other skin problems.

5 Pacman Bikini

Retro-gamers will want to try the Pacman Bikini, which hits the 5th spot in the list. Pacman is seen on the top part while the ghost is hiding right down there at the bottom. The bikini may not be as revealing as the others, but who would have thought that it is possible to come up with this wacky design.

4 Bacon Bikini

Another weird bikini to have ever been designed is the Bacon Bikini and it takes 4th place in the list. It looks odd, a woman wearing a bikini made of bacon, but it makes for a good snack if the owner wants a last minute snack.

3 Dissolvable Bikini

Skinny-dipping now comes with a new twist. The Dissolvable Bikini or Get Naked Bikini hits the 3rd spot in the list. It really is a bikini, but it completely dissolves once the wearer goes into the water. This is ideal for those who want a quite odd but fun way to go skinny-dipping, though it may not be practical since it can only be worn once.

2 World's Most Expensive Bikini

The 2nd spot in the list goes to the World’s Most Expensive Bikini. It was created by Susan Rosen featuring over 150 carat diamonds, which amounts to an astonishing price of $30 million. The bikini also leaves very little room for imagination; quite too little, so to speak. The very high price of the bikini is high but the risk of wearing it in a non revealing way is high as well. With its bejeweled pieces it leads the mind to wonder whether its is worth getting wet considering its price tag.

1 Burkini (burqa+bikini)

The Burkini that is designed by Ahiida (an Australian company) tops the weirdest bikini ever designed. It is a combination of a burqa (a cloak worn by Muslim women) and a bikini. It is quite a weird creation since most bikinis are skimpy. As part of their religious traditions, women are not allowed to wear clothes that exposes their skin like swimsuits for instance. This bikini design will help the modern Muslim women have an enhanced lifestyle to enjoy the beach and still adhere to their Islamic values. These women will not have to worry about buying and putting sunscreen lotion since they are already protected from the harsh rays of the sun by their Burkinis.

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Top 10 Weirdest Bikinis Ever Designed