Top 10 Provocative Dresses Worn by Celebrities

Celebrities are known to be very adventurous and daring when it comes to wearing various outfits in different events, be it on a Grammy Awards Night, opening of an establishment, or on their respectiv

Celebrities are known to be very adventurous and daring when it comes to wearing various outfits in different events, be it on a Grammy Awards Night, opening of an establishment, or on their respective movie premieres. Paparazzi would definitely not miss any second to see and report about the outfit of these celebrities. Most showbiz oriented programs would have designers as guests to help them evaluate which dress is the most elegant, conservative, dull or even provocative.

Over the course of the last decade or so, there have been quite a lot of stars who have strutted the red carpet with dresses that are pretty wild. So, here are the top ten provocative dresses worn by famous celebrities.

10 Sharon Stone’s Side Boobs Dress

The 55-year old actress proved that age does not matter when it comes to dressing up with style. Sharon Stone wore a Red Roberto Cavalli dress during this year’s Cannes Film Festival, which had a slit that went almost near her nether regions. Her dress earned the admiration of the crowd, as it looked very daring yet elegant. Clearly, Sharon Stone has a lot to teach people when it comes to dressing and fashion.

9 Beyoncé’s Body Suit

Beyoncé has always been known for her sexy moves and it is one of the things that her fans just love about her. She always dazzles the people with her fitting dresses and gowns but what made much noise was the bodysuit she wore on the Mrs. Carter Show World tour. She wore her bodysuit with gold embroidery, with a cover for her nipples. This has been her trend for quite some time already.

8 Anne Hathaway Racy See-Through Dress

The sexy Anne Hathaway seems to always leave the crowd in awe, thanks to her style. With her racy see-through dress together with her platinum hair style, the actress was definitely in one of her experimental moods. The star arrived at the Metropolitan Museum of Art for the 2013 Met Ball showing off a great deal of sexy cleavage. She seems to be telling everyone that she’s done with the demure looks and is ready to flaunt her sexiness. With her dress, she decided to go braless. She might have worn a provocative dress but it is undeniable that she still looked elegant.

7 Lindsay Lohan’s Short Black dress

Lindsay Lohan has always loved buying transparent dresses and it is no longer new for people to see her dresses worn provocatively. She was seen in a club wearing a see-through short black dress that can very much expose her breasts. Her nipples were visible as she did not wear any bra or underwear. She walked confidently in and out of the club without minding the watchful eyes of the public and paparazzi. She was even quoted for saying that she’d dare go to the Oscars naked if allowed.

6 Irina Shayk Plunging Black Gown

The model Irina Shayk wore a plunging black gown at the Cannes Film Festival. She was clearly out to turn the heads of people after she revealed her sexy body with her gown. It was so sexy that it almost exposed her breasts, thanks to some minor wardrobe malfunction. Her gown was designed by Roberto Cavalli. It was covered with sequins and beading, making it a lot more show-stopping. And as it fell to the floor, the skirt revealed just how sexy her legs were through the stripes of the sheer panels. One more thing: the sheerness of the outfit left her lace thong visible for everybody on the red carpet to see.

5 Katy Perry’s Glittering Zuhair Murad Dress

Katy Perry has been known for her sexy outfits but this glittering dress simply amazed a lot of people. It may be a little eerie for others, but she didn’t mind wearing the long-sleeves and extremely body-con silhouette dress. The dress was designed by Zuhair Murad, who was said to have done a very good job in making Katy Perry look fantastic.

4 Elizabeth Hurley’s No Blouse and Only a Sari

Elizabeth Hurley left nothing for others to imagine as she went without a blouse and instead had a sari on when she attended the Love Ball in England. Her breast looked proud and high as it was made visible for photographers and fans. However, she felt quite exposed after a while as she placed a folder on her visible bosom.

3 Rihanna’s See-through Short Dress

Rihanna has never been a stranger when it comes to courting controversy with her sexy outfits. She showed herself to the world in a whole new level as she arrived at a nightclub in Hollywood with a completely see-through dress. She wore no bra with the sheer fabric, showing her skimpy black underwear.

2 Candice Boucher’s Black See-Through Dress

If she planned to make an impression at the Cannes Film festival, she definitely succeeded. Candice Boucher left the crowd’s jaws open as she arrived on the red carpet in a very daring see-through dress. She modeled her floor-length dress confidently and posed for photographers. Her dress was made out of sheer black material with black embroidery, allowing everybody to see just how sexy she is. The dress was designed by Gavin Rajah.

1 Jennifer Lopez' Green Versace Dress

The famous American actress and recording artist Jennifer Lopez wore a plunging exotic green Versace silk chiffon dress to the Grammy Awards in the year 2000. This dress was voted as the fifth most iconic dresses of all time. It was designed by Donatella Versace and was described as tropical green or jungle green with a touch of blue for a more exotic appearance. The see-through silk chiffon dress has a tropical leaf pattern as well as a citrine-studded crotch. It was designed to have a low-cut neck that has been extended several inches below the actress' navel and was fastened with a brooch. The design exposed her midriff and it was open at the back as it droops behind her on the floor. To this day, she admits to keeping that dress in her wardrobe.

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Top 10 Provocative Dresses Worn by Celebrities