Top 10 Best Dressed Celebs at The 2016 Oscars

The Academy Awards are the most prestigious awards in Hollywood. Every year, Hollywood’s crème de la crème gather in Los Angeles and celebrate each other’s accomplishments. Last night, the talent and the fashion took the Academy Awards to an entirely different level. Let's be honest, most of us watch these awards to see what our favorite stars will be wearing, which is why we decided to make this list.

As a woman, I can’t even begin to imagine the thought process behind each red carpet look that we saw last night. Although some of our usual favorites were a disappointment (Heidi Klum), a lot of actresses brought their A-game, which made it even more fun to watch.

The following ten women completely stole the show last night. It is hard to pick which look was nicest because all of these actresses looked like a million dollars. From whites, to emeralds, there was a stunning variety at this year's Academy Awards and although there were a lot of beautiful dresses, the next ten gowns truly stole the show.

10 Alicia Vikander 

9 Cate Blanchett 

8 Saoirse Ronan 

7 Jennifer Lawrence 

6 Brie Larson 

5 Chrissy Teigen 

4 Charlize Theron 

3 Rachel McAdams 

2 Margot Robbie 

1 Rooney Mara 

The thirty-year-old actress made jaws drop around the world last night when she stepped onto the red carpet in that incredible ivory Givenchy gown. The dress, which looks like a work of art, had sheer lace details and incredible cut outs that accentuated her body perfectly. What we loved the most about the gown was the center slit and how it fell in such a delicate way. Although she didn’t win for Best Supporting Actress, she did win as  the best dressed star of the night and that has to mean something, right?

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Top 10 Best Dressed Celebs at The 2016 Oscars