The Most Important Collections From 2013 Paris Fashion Week

This year, Paris has made it possible for fashion enthusiast to be much more dedicated to the week reserved for fashion. From the most awaited Paris Fashion Week, new designers and collections are int

This year, Paris has made it possible for fashion enthusiast to be much more dedicated to the week reserved for fashion. From the most awaited Paris Fashion Week, new designers and collections are introduced such as those recently blooming ones this year, Karl Lagerfeld, Hedi Slimane and Riccardo Tisci who have featured a full line of amazing new designs. The fashion shows are looked forward to for one reason – a full blast show of all collections that are easily viewed in one sitting. So what makes this year’s collection significant? Here’s a sneak peak.

10 Isabel Marant - Designer of the Sneaker Wedge

Isabel Marant is a known new icon for fashionable designs inspired by French culture within a posh design. Audiences of new collections presented by this chic designer break free and adore new lines she released such as those sneaker wedges that Asian countries re-made. This year’s new collection has made a new impact on people using ruffles. Hopefully next year, we won’t be seeing clown-like attires among the streets of New York.

9 Balenciaga - Simple and Sporty

Known for its simple yet classy look, Alexander Wang continues to impress followers for his new line this year. In an impression of simplicity in his previous works, his collection this year remains the same with a slight twist. His designs are now featured with a slight sporty look that most simple Joe’s could relate to. The question though is the price – can the average Joe afford it?

8 Céline - Orange is the new Trend

Another simple designer with the focus on minimalistic projects have featured her designs again in the fashion show as it has the same concept in the aim of making orange the new trending color for next year. Though millennial generations have fixed themselves with the color black, having Phoebe Philo start the trend may have a little impact on this so be prepared to see a lot of orange next year, the celebrities in Hollywood have already started wearing it.

7 Chanel - Perfume Robot?

The famous brand Chanel is already a given element in fashion shows. Without it, you can’t really say the Paris fashion show is complete and this year, this lovable brand presents a futuristic approach with a Chanel No. 5 perfume robot running down the stage. Though it was an attractive and creative way to get everyone’s attention, it wasn’t the new trend that Chanel was trying to implement on people, in fact it featured the same trend as of Phoebe Philo, featuring the new collection with a splash of orange within 89 styles, street inspire clothes and continued on to bring out their classics.

6 Saint Laurent - Las Vegas Inspirations

Las Vegas is known to be a wild and free place, which Saint Laurent seem to get the inspiration from. With a slight twist on the Las Vegas inspirations, the new collection featured hard core leather skirts and animal prints. If there you were to ask other veteran designers, this is probably one of the biggest tricks that anyone can make – launching trends of the past! Some even say this was quite similar to another designer’s set of collections.

5 Givenchy - Split Decision

It’s always expected that Givenchy has the most extreme designs among all known brands and this year, the Paris Fashion Show was divided among those fans and those who disliked it. It’s up to the eye of the beholder, as anyone would say but if you could see the brilliance between vintage cars and sequins, then Givenchy could be your artist – just make sure you’re also in between high-fashion enthusiast as wearing extreme designs as such makes a person a target of mockery.

4 Stella McCartney - Practical yet Fashionable

With the target of allowing anyone to feel fashion within their daily lives, Stella McCartney brings out a new line of collection that doesn’t stray away from all of its other collections. Those normal designs mixed with the unique fabrics make it a fashionable statement but it has always stayed within practical clothes that are wearable daily. It’s no wonder this designer has already reached its peak in such a short notice.

3 Valentino - Stylish yet Vintage

Anyone who loves Valentino and wears one is known to be rich – that is all there is to it as it focuses on being a brand of luxury. In a stylish yet vintage looking style, Valentino features embroidery, embellishments and drapes in full explosions. The oldies should love this with the classic look and so should elegant loving rich people.

2 Alexander McQueen - Rocker Chic, Modern Approach

Designers of all nations love this designer as much as his collection. With the help of Sara Burton’s direction, a modern approach was shown but with a slight rocker chic inspired outfit that featured leather, violence and weirdly, feathers! This is quite an extreme approach toward modernism but many people say that the weird ones are usually the geniuses of tomorrow. Who knows, this design may be the new undying trend of tomorrow.

1 Louis Vuitton - Black is the Theme

The sad truth is already out and it is all over the news stating that Marc Jacobs stepped down the ladder of designing for Louis Vuitton. Many say that this is one of the historical moments that could change fashion. This year’s fashion show however, was the last of his designs for the said fashion house and it probably reflected a sad notion of his resignation. With black as the main theme of the collection that significantly symbolizes the way many of his fans feel, the clothes are still stunning as usual in unique embellishments and textures.

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The Most Important Collections From 2013 Paris Fashion Week