The Hottest Fashion Trends at Coachella 2014

There is one thing that consistently garners a lot of attention at Coachella (aside from the music, of course) – and that’s the fashion worn by the performers, the celebrities in the crowds and of course the festival's thousands of attendees. The event’s first weekend, April 11 to 13, has already come and gone, and with it a flurry of new (and retro) trends. From hot pants to crop tops, wild floral prints to head-to-toe gothic black, and cool fedoras to floral crowns, almost anything goes at Coachella.

Thanks to the fact that some of Hollywood's most fashionable celebs make an appearance at the festival, Coachella is rapidly becoming one of the biggest style events of the year. The unexpected trends that crop up at the festival help to provide the rest of us with a hint of what to expect to see on the streets and store shelves for the rest of the year. Let’s break down some of the most popular looks spotted in the California desert this past weekend that will most likely become a part of this summer’s biggest fashion trends.


10 Blonde hair with splashes of neon

Although the desert – with all of its sun and sand – isn’t exactly easy on festivalgoers’ locks and therefore hair tends to be (mercifully) less of a focus at this event, there were a couple of noteworthy ‘hairstyles spotted over the weekend. Vanessa Hudgens and Kylie Jenner both sported pretty blonde tips at Coachella.

For a more eye-catching look, Katy Perry opted for locks dipped in grass-green, and Keisha rocked bright neon yellow highlights one day and a bright yellow and green rinse on another day. Rita Ora wore elaborate braids with streaks of soft pink. And of course, no discussion about Coachella hairstyles would be complete without an honorable mention to Jared Leto for his covetable beachy blonde waves.

9 Hippie chic


Channeling bohemian vibes and memories of the Woodstock era is nothing new to Coachella or at music festivals in general, so it was no surprise that many rocked these laid-back looks over the weekend. There was a slightly more sophisticated angle to some of the bohemian aesthetic this year, however, with festivalgoers sporting delicate gold or flowered headbands (like the precious bright pink floral crown worn by Poppy Delavigne or the flamboyant all-white crown worn by Emmy Rossum). Meanwhile, Chanel Imam made sure that the Woodstock-inspired look was a little more modern by wearing a short, sleek crochet dress and a neatly tied headscarf. Of course, the ubiquitous long, sleek maxi dresses and long vests were once again abundant over the weekend, worn by many veteran Coachella attendees including Paris Hilton.

8 Lace (and not much else)

If Coachella is any indication, lace will continue to be a popular trend. Stars such as Selena Gomez wore a floor-length white lace cover up that channeled a granny chic look. Other stars opted for black lace: Kendall Jenner wore a gothy black lace coat that was reminiscent of Elvira more than a music fest. Singer Rita Ora also opted for a floor-length black lace dress that caused a bit of a stir since she didn’t seem to have much else on underneath.

7 Black


There was a dark, or distinctly Goth, look to many of the outfits at Coachella. In addition to those floor-length dark lace dresses worn by several women, black nails, black combat boots, and simple dark dresses were favored by men and women alike, including Kate Bosworth who sported a grungy floral dress, heavy black platform shoes and a black choker necklace. We can’t help but wonder if the decision to wear all black might have been later regretted by some: a day in the desert sun head-to-toe black doesn’t exactly seem like a very comfortable choice.

6 Prints

Beyonce was one of the biggest surprise guests during the festival’s first weekend, showing up to perform onstage with her sister Solange. Queen Bey wore a pretty – and very sophisticated - purple flowered ensemble. Paris Hilton sported a long maxi dress featuring blue printed flowers, and nearly looked like she was off to enjoy lunch in the garden rather than attend a music fest.  Katy Perry also rocked matching floral prints on a crop top and skirt set. Of course, the more prints at once, the better: Jared Leto opted for zebra stripe pants with a flannel shirt.

5 California surfer


It is California, so we’d expect to see some West Coast representation in the fashion of Coachella. Poppy Delevingne would have been right at home on the beach with her quirky pink-rimmed palm tree sunglasses with black shorts and a bikini top. Jared Leto didn’t disappoint, channeling a beachy, surfy aesthetic in the California desert, wearing a Hawaiian shirt over the weekend. Of course, his beach wave hair also helped him give off that relaxed surfer vibe.

4 Hot Pants

Ellie Goulding wore chic leather hot pants during her concert. She certainly wasn’t alone wearing hot pants at the fest: many attendees and artists alike sported the shortest possible shorts they could get their hands on. Unsurprisingly, a popular (and perennial music festival favorite) look worn throughout the weekend was frayed micro-sized denim cutoffs. Actress Jamie Chung freshened up her denim cutoff jeans outfit with a bright pink moto jacket, adding a chic twist to the otherwise basic short jean shorts and tank ensemble.


3 Hats


Undoubtedly taking a cue from the man of the moment, Pharell, hats were a must-have fashion accessory at Coachella this year. When Beyonce, made her appearance onstage with her sister Solange, she sported a cute fedora. The Jonas Brothers and Selena Gomez also hopped on the hat bandwagon. At least these hats served a practical purpose: the desert sun can be intense, and shade is at a premium on the festival grounds.

2 The 1990s



Forget the bohemian Woodstock era vibes: the 1990s were back in full force at Coachella this weekend. Lana Del Rey wore a pretty neon babydoll dress for her concert that channeled a cute 1990s aesthetic. Chance the Rapper wore dungarees up on stage, possibly hinting that overalls could be the next statement wardrobe piece. And of course, crop tops were worn by everyone –  not only women, such as Katy Petty, but also a couple of men as well, including rapper Kid Cudi.


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