The 10 Worst Fashion Trends of 2014

Celebrities are known to be trend setters and sometimes the fashion mistakes they make become the fashion mistakes of that year. 2014 was a year with a lot of iconic fashion moments. With numerous designer collaborations and fresh faces on the runaway, 2014 was a great year in the world of fashion. However, with great fashion comes some not so great examples as well.

With the new year already here, there are a few things we should start giving up as new year's resolutions. While cutting out the carbs this January, women around the world should cut some styles out of their wardrobe in 2015.

The following ten trends were not all horrible, however most of them shouldn’t have made the cut in 2014, so we hope they don’t travel into the new year with us. From big hats to black lipstick, this past year witnessed numerous fashion mistakes that the world decided to turn into awful trends.

Whether you thought you were at the Kentucky Derby or you were expressing yourself through your jewellery, the following trends were taken too far. Either they were over done, poorly done or should have never been executed, but the following trends have one thing in common - they should be exiled from the world of fashion and made extinct by 2015.

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10 Big Hats


So big hats can be really cool - they work at the beach, while driving down the coast in a convertible or during the Kentucky Derby. Other than that, big hats are not so hot. 2014 was the year that girls all over America wore huge hats everywhere - in clubs, at brunch, in class - these big hats made a big hit. Although some people can actually pull these hats off on the daily, most people look ridiculous wearing these face-covering apparatuses. Pharrell Williams is great, but a lot of people agree that he looks a bit ridiculous in his huge hat. Although this hat, and many like it, were huge this year, we are not so happy about it.

9 Harem Pants

T’was the year of wide-legged pants in 2014. Inspired by vintage glamour, Harem pants made a huge appearance this year. For those of you who are not too familiar with this look, picture MC Hammer in the early 90s. Harem pants are very problematic to fashion because it is rare to find a pair that is actually flattering on anyone. They distort your figure and eliminate curves and legs all together, which is not sexy. This style is one I am surprised made such a hit this year, seeing as how they are so unflattering on literally everybody, which is something no one wants when buying clothing.

8 Sheer Everything

Sheer was so "in" in 2014, and when layered properly the see-through fabric can create a beautifully delicate and feminine effect. With that being said, sheer tops are rarely worn well. Even when wearing a “fun” or nude bra underneath, the look is overdone and quite trashy. People will not be paying attention to anything but your exposed bra. Sheer tops are not to be worn with jeans or leggings with only a bra underneath. This creates a naked effect which can be taken from classy to trashy very quickly. To avoid looking "easy" in sheer, make sure to wear something besides a bra under it.

7 High-Waisted Anything

2014 was all about high-waisting everything from pencil skits to A-line skirts, jeans to shorts; women around the world were accentuating their waists with high-waisted clothing. Although in theory, high-waisted sounds perfect for every woman, it's not. A lot of women embarked on this trend and didn’t execute it properly. When dealing with high-waisted pants, getting the perfect size makes all the difference. If the fit is off, no matter how skinny you are, it will be unflattering.

While more than half of the women were wearing high-waisted shorts this summer, no one really looked good in them. This particular type of shorts and jeans makes women look uncomfortable and rigid.

6 Black Lipstick

Last I remember, black lipstick was reserved for a more gothic look. Normally a staple for Halloween, black lipstick made a huge appearance in 2014. Influential fashionistas like Kylie Jenner are big supporters of this look. Although it may look super chic in photoshoots, black lipstick really does not suit many people. First off, the dark tone of the lipstick washes most girls out, making them look more pale then they are (and not many girls want to look pale).

Men also hate this trend. A lot of men don’t even like red lipstick, so the black is really too much edge for them to understand. Like everything else, some men like the darker shades of lips but chances are a guy won't approach you when you're wearing this lipstick, and if they do it would be to ask you “Why are your lips black?” Trust me, you don’t want that kind of attention.

5 Word Jewellery

If you are over the age of 14, word jewellery is not okay. 2014 was the year where girls walked around talking to the world with their accessories, wearing necklaces, rings, and bracelets with all kinds of words from "love" to "hope" to "bitch" and "help." Word Jewelry is not cute and is probably the farthest thing from classy, although many females beg to differ. After Yves Saint Laurent launched their “love” and “help” jewellery, retailers around the world began selling them and almost overnight they were in every Forever 21 store across the country.

Ladies, if you really need something to read, pick up a book, or better yet, read another article off TheRichest, but know that jewellery is not meant to be read, only worn.

4 Giant Handbags

It seems as though handbags keep getting bigger as the years go on. However, enormous handbags should only be used on certain occasions. In 2014 many women were guilty of being at the club with their giant Louis Vuitton never full bags. There is a line between big and too big when it comes to bags. A lot of women used bags comparable to luggage on a daily basis this year, and it was truly cringe worthy. A messy bag is equivalent to a messy life, so keep the big bag at home and carry what is necessary in a reasonably sized purse. Keep those oversized bags as a carry-on or a briefcase, not as an everyday bag.

3 Ombre Hair

When celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Beyonce introduced the newest approach to hair, the world was pretty into it. At first glance there is something unique about blonde hair with dark roots, however, this style was abused throughout the year. This offbeat look was overdone and so unprofessionally done by so many women that its appeal was lost. Although many women think this hairstyle will not need upkeep, they are truly mistaken. This not-so-chic hairstyle needs to be done by a professional colourist and needs serious upkeep or else it will look even worse than it already does.

2 Sneaker Wedges

These hideous shoes have been around far too long and 2015 should be the end of this madness. Women are known to be indecisive creatures but this trend is taking it too far. Sneakers or wedges. Pick one because you cannot have them both. No one is really sure how this trend took off but we are praying it does not return in 2015. Ladies, if you are going to wear heels, commit to it and suck up the pain, and if you are going to wear flats, work them.

Heals are not made for comfort and sneakers are not made for glamour, so stop trying to bring these two worlds together, it's never going to happen

1 Onesies

Via usmagazine.com

Okay, so we can admit that onesies were spotted most this year in airports, but still, if you want to be comfortable there are a ton of different options you can wear besides a onesie. What started as a pajama has now turned into a full-on trend, and we need it to end. Unless you are snuggled up in the comfort of your own home, onesies are not acceptable clothing. 2014 was also the year onesie parties became a thing…really?

I took a vow that I will never be seen in public in a onesie and I suggest you all do the same.

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