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The 10 Least Expensive Products by Hermes

The 10 Least Expensive Products by Hermes

In the world of high fashion, the name Hermes is one of the standout design houses. Thierry Hermes established the company way back in 1837 in Paris. Since then, the brand name Hermes has become synonymous with elegance, class, prestige and price.

Hermes actually started out as a workshop that created wrought harnesses and bridles for European royalty. Hermes was so good and sought after in this industry that he was awarded a first class medal during the Expositions Universelles in Paris in 1867.

Eventually, the company started producing saddlery and Haut a Courroies bags for equestrian riders to carry their saddles with them. Hermes also started retail sales and expanded from the elite markets of Europe to the rich noblemen of Asia, the Americas, Russia and North Africa.

Hermes was the first one to use the zipper device in France. From equestrian and horses, the company started producing leather goods for other sectors. In 1918, they created a leather golf jacket with a zipper and presented it to the Prince of Wales. The company also added an accessory collection and started making leather bags after the wife of one of the Hermes children complained that she could not find a decent one.

Other product lines were introduced later on. Hermes created a women’s couture line in 1929. Six years later, the company released the Kelly bag, named after Grace Kelly. Scarves were introduced in 1937, with Hermes timepieces also being created around this time. After World War II, the company continued expanding its product line and launched a perfume line.

Not everything was a cakewalk for the company. It suffered a decline in the 1970’s after it failed to adapt to the evolving use of man-made materials rather than just rely on the natural sources of the product. It recovered quickly, however, and is now one of the most respected fashion brands in the world.

Even a simple pencil can cost a fortune once you put the company’s brand name into it. Here are the 10 least expensive products by Hermes.

10. Hermes Voyage d’ Hermes Gift Set – $128


The Hermes Voyage d’ Hermes Gift Set is an ideal gift as it contains several items already included in just one package. The gift set includes a couple of pure perfume natural spray, with one coming in at 3.3 fl. ounces and the other at 0.17 fl. ounces; a perfumed shower and bath gel in a 1 fl. ounce container; and a moisturing face and body balm weighing 0.33 fl. ounce. This entire gift set package is being sold for only $128, making it one of the best value for money offerings in the Hermes collection.

9. Hermes Eau des Merveilles Lock Refill – $110


The Hermes Eau des Merveilles Lock Refill is used to fill up those pure perfume lock sprays. Those lock sprays are elegantly designed and are meant to be taken out of the bag regularly so that other people could admire it. Of course, it will mean nothing if it does not have anything inside it. That is where the lock refill comes in. For only $110, the pure perfume of Hermes Eau des Merveilles can be purchased to make sure that the lock spray is always full. The lock refill comes in 0.25 fl. ounce.

8. Hermes Arlequin Writing Instrument – $95


The Hermes Arlequin Writing Instrument is actually a pencil made of Madras goatskin. The pencil can be bought for $95 and comes in three different styles, namely lawn green, sapphire and blue combination, and sapphire, green and blue jean combination.

7. Hermes Carmencita Large Model Page Markers – $95


The Hermes Carmencita Large Model Page Markers is a large book marker for only $95. It comes in two colors, namely celeste blue and fire. The page marker is made of lambskin.

6. Hermes Centaures Equestrian Book – $80


The Hermes Centaures Equestrian Book is a book about horses and the sport of equestrian. Its complete title is “Centaures – Hommes et Chevaux.” The book is in French and it was written by Fulvio Cinquini. The book can be purchased for only $80.

5. Hermes Petit Modele Annual Agenda Refill – $70


The Hermes Petit Modele Annual Agenda Refill is an address booklet to refill those Hermes Agenda leather notebooks. Two pages are allotted for every week of the calendar. The entire book refill can be purchased for only $70.

4. Hermes Men’s Short Cotton Socks – $55


The Hermes Men’s Short Cotton Socks are elegantly styled with an H embroidered into them. It is made of 100 percent cotton and comes in several different colors. These are navy blue, black, brown, orange, anthracite, red, beige and white. Buyers can also choose between the regular socks or those with sporty ribs. Sizes are available from nine to 13. The Hermes men’s short cotton socks can be purchased for only $55 per pair.

3. Hermes Leather Cleaning Milk – $55


The Hermes Leather Cleaning Milk is used by lovers of horses, particularly in the sport of equestrianism. Specifically, the milk is used to care for saddles leather by cleaning and nourishing it through the application of this product. This comes in a bottle that carries 8.5 fl. ounces. The cleaning milk can be bought for only $55.

2. Terre d’ Hermes Travel Spray – $52


The Terre d’ Hermes Travel Spray is part of Hermes men’s fragrance collection. For only $52, one can purchase a set of three travel sprays of this eau de toilette. The bottles come in 0.33 fl. ounce bottles and can be outfitted with a leather case.

1. Hermes Clou de Selle Glycerine Soap – $45


The Hermes Clou de Selle Glycerine Soap is used by those involved in the sport of equestrianism. The soap comes in three different variants, namely blue lagoon, natural yellow and blue. This soap can be used for saddle leather cleaning and care. The Clou de Selle’s dimensions are three inches in diameter and one inch in height. This is probably the least expensive product of Hermes and it comes at only $45.

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