Ten 2015 Trends To Ditch And Ten That Are 'Still Hot' For 2016

2015 and its fashion trends are already being referred to as “last year,” while the fashion books of 2016 are still open and waiting to be written. It’s inevitable that some of last year's fashion trends will thankfully be written out of fashion history forever, while some of them will remain firmly rooted in the average woman’s closet. The trends that remain into 2016 are the items that have made their mark in fashion history, and these are the pieces that will hover in those same women’s closets for years to come. Ultimately, these items will become the fashion staples that will long represent the time period and culture that they came from.

For instance, the 1970s gave women headbands, wide-legged pants and outrageously large floral prints. The 1980s made way for leg warmers, thong underwear and shoulder pads. The 1990s gave American girls grunge, chunky heels and the green light to wear vintage. The new millennium brought square-tipped shoes, fedora hats and the permanent return of flip flops. Fast forward to 2015/2016 and living in the midst of a hoard of chokers, micro bikinis, tulle skirts and tribal-print everything. This ever mindful fashionista is already trimming the 2015 fat from her closet as she readies herself for what’s next in 2016. And you should be too!

Sharp fashion mavens with the ability to distinguish between a good fad and a blip on the fashion radar will have no problem figuring out what to toss and what to keep. However, if you’re not a professional fashion blogger and if you’re not the type to be thumbing through Glamour or Vogue every spare second you have, perhaps you need a little help distinguishing between what to keep from 2015 and what you should be saying so long to as you look ahead to 2016.

Below are ten trends still labeled as hot for 2016 and ten trends from 2015 you can say so long to right now. To start, here are 10 trends that need to hide in the back of your closet!

20 Matching Denim Twin Sets


19 Long Flowing Cardigans

Via somethingaboutthat

18 Negative Space Manicures

Via Chalkboard Nails

17 Neon Eyeliner 

Via blogspot

16 Hair Chalking


15 Micro Bikinis


14 Tribal 

via theclosetfeminsh

13 Rainbow Trend 

Via Anthony Woods

12 Contouring 

Via YouTube

11 Rat Fashion

Via Paetau

2015 was the unofficial year of the rat. The viral world forced fashion designers to recognize that there was something fascinating about a rat hustling a piece of pizza down a New York City subway stairwell. Yes people, the pizza is that good in NYC and the secret is in the water the city gets from the Catskills. Because people were so fascinated, “rat-pizza” costumes were made and worn by trendy Halloween revelers everywhere. What came next was more than a second step into rat fashion, it was actual rat wearing – cue up taxidermied rat fashion and rat underwear. Say it out loud – OUT!

10 Graphic Eyeliner

Via Steps.Be

9 Crop Tops

Via Averias 24H

8 Chokers

Via Lily-Like

7 Camel 

Via Fashiongum

6 Corset Tops

Via dhgate

5 Long Hair, Ponytails And Braids 

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4 Gladiators 

Via thechrisellefactor

3 Sneaker-Heading

2 Rompers 

vai lapetitepear

1 Tulle Skirts

Via theblondescoutoure

There’s something about the flow of a full tulle skirt around a girl’s knees that makes her want to never want to take it off. Once worn, women revert to their five-year-old inner selves and want to remain in their princess-ballerina mode forever. It appears as if all living creatures would be seduced into the soft cushiony layers of a fluffy tulle skirt. Don't believe me? Just ask my cats (and dog) who love to demonstrate with a long stretched out paw, and sleepy eye each time I pull one down to inspect for the annual Winter-Spring parade season. Yes, everyone feels like a princess when wearing tulle. This one was easy ladies, the tulle skirts stay!

Alright ladies,  you have the updated list. Now let's get to those closets! 

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Ten 2015 Trends To Ditch And Ten That Are 'Still Hot' For 2016