Summer's 10 Hottest Swimwear Trends

Temperatures are heating up and we are all obviously looking forward to hitting the sand and the waves. It’s almost as if the extra heat coming from the sun casts a magic spell on the world, making us all instantly yearn for the feeling of wearing less clothing. If it were socially (and legally) acceptable, we would all probably walk around naked during the summer months, showing off our glistening skin and newest bikini wax. However, since it's not, we will all be hitting the waves in these summer’s hottest swimwear trends.

While many designers have moved forward and created new innovative styles based on what sold best in the prior season, some companies have stuck with what works, repeating the trends from last year. No matter what direction your favorite designers have taken, one thing remains true—swimwear is hot and we are ready to expose our skin!

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10 Printed Bathing Suits

Obviously the days for boring, monotone or chromatic bathing suits for both men and women are no longer in style. This is a time to have all eyes on you and your printed bathing suit! No matter what shaped bathing suit you are after, this trend has made its mark through runways and pool sides everywhere.

Women- Designers such as Marc Jacobs and Carmen Marc Valvo have jumped on board and created looks in both one and two pieces, and each is hotter than the next!

Men- Menswear designers certainly did NOT let men take a backseat to women on this hot swimwear trend! We are seeing designers Etro and Vilebrequin take this trend and transform it to another level through printed trunks in paisley, floral, and abstract prints.

9 Neon

Neon has really taken bathing suits to a surprising level and has taken us forward in time instead of back to the 80's…in a VERY good way! This is a trend that we first started seeing with celebrities while vacationing in the sexiest places in the world, and it has trickled down to the mass market and luxury retailers who are designing neon inspired bathing suits in the sexiest shapes for scorching temperatures.

Even though this is a popular trend for women’s wear, it’s not a trend that very high end designers are capitalizing on, which is good for your wallet. Brands such as Forever 21 and ASOS are showing this style in a very dominant way from sporty more masculine inspired silhouettes to flirty, ruffled and feminine.

8 Tribal

Tribal designs have taken prints to an entirely new level this season with their eccentric and relaxed feel yet eroticism that goes hand and hand with it. We are seeing classic designer prints in varied colors as well as textured tribal prints that takes monochromatic swimwear and prints an elevated pattern on top, making it ultra sultry.

Tribal prints can also be found in mixed media patterns as designer such as Beach Bunny have paired it with metal hardware, beading and leather.

7 Monokini

This playful swimwear style played a big role in summer of 2013 and is clearly standing strong in summer of 2014 as well. The interesting part about a monokini is that even though it is technically a one piece bathing suit, only connected by a thin strip of spandex-like fabric going along the torso, it leaves little to the imagination. It is also limitless in design in that designers really have the opportunity to get creative and play with this piece to further draw attention.

High end designers such as Michael Kors and Karla Colleto have released basic version that offer more coverage than most want, while swimwear specialists Beach Bunny have truly mastered the sexified version and have released designs that encompass every single trend on this list in one hot bathing suit!

6 Cut-outs

With festivals such a Coachella making a huge impacts on fashion trends, there was no doubt in our minds that the styles of Coachella would eventually lead into other fashion areas of influence, such as swimwear. If you were lucky enough to visit Coachella, you witnessed lots of skin exposure and not much clothing in general, but boy did it leave you inspired!

Cut out swimwear uses a device that actually laser cuts the swimwear piece to create the desired design that one wants cut out from the swimwear. It leads to a fun piece to wear in the sun that leaves your body almost tattooed by the sun in the cut out areas, so don’t forget your SPF!

5 Midkini

This style was originally made popular when it was spotted on singer Rihanna as she spent a day playing on the beach. A midkini is essentially a higher cut version of a bikini that doesn’t expose nearly as much of the stomach, similar to a high waisted trouser. It’s a hot swimwear trend simply because it allows for extra embellishment and leaves more to the imagination, making people yearn for more whenever they see you on the beach!Since the midkini is a very vintage silhouette, you will find designers sticking with that thought process and adding buttons that give the bottoms an older appearance even though it is a modern style.

4 Athletic Inspiration

Athletic inspiration in bathing suit trends for men has pretty much been the way that it has gone forever, you can't go on vacation without seeing a pool filled with Nike trunks! However, this year, the tables have turned and athletic inspiration has been handed to the ladies. Whenever we say athletic inspiration, we're not talking about slapping on a Reebok symbol and calling it a day, but focusing on those fine points.

Designers such as SAVASANA has delved into the athletic inspiration and focused on details such as mesh, zippers, and t-strap enclosures. This type of bathing suit is perfect for playing sports on the beach as well as swimming and running around without causing a big scene, unlike many of our other contenders.

3 Rashguards

This style isn't only for babies anymore! As we progress with swimwear trends, designers are learning how important it is to their clientele to make sure that their skin is protected from the sun, therefore creating designer rashguards that match the bathing suit design.

Designers such as Jean Paul Gaultier and Nanette Lepore have created signature rashguards to compliment various bathing suits from their high end collections that make sure their customers are still able to get their sexy on, while basking in the sand and protect their bronzed skin!

2 Macramé

This is a design detail that has been worked into many different swimwear collections for the 2014 season that has added just the right amount of sass to make a bathing suit go from boring to fierce! For those of you who do not know, macramé is a type of weaving or knotting of fabric to bring together a design, so it’s very easy to add to spandex blend swimwear for a playful embellishment.

Swimwear designers such as Seafolly had added this to their collections through monochromatic bathing suits as well as printed. It is most typically seen as an around the neck, strap, or back embellishment and creates a very hot piece of swimwear.

1 Nautical 

The nautical trend is something that we are seeing this season for both men and women alike, and taking an almost juvenile design and making it sexy. Don't picture a miniature Goldie Locks in a flowing dress, because this trend makes hot, scalding hot.

We are seeing your typical blue and white striped background for both genders, making this an almost gender bending style. In fact it is the only hot swimwear trend on this list that features almost matching his and hers bathing suits, bring new meaning to the word “hot.”

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