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Sexiest Halloween Costumes of 2013

Sexiest Halloween Costumes of 2013

Forget about pumpkins and ghosts, this year’s Halloween party is all about daring to be different, getting the spotlight, and attracting all the men at the party. Hide your unflattering and comical costumes, because this year, you are going to your Halloween party in your sexiest outfit. Let everyone swoon over your curves and let them see that you are set for anything.

A company that sells Halloween costumes and women’s lingerie came up with a list of the top ten sexiest Halloween costumes for 2013. This is a result of a survey conducted among Facebook and Pinterest users. Ten costumes stood out to be the crowd’s favorite and these costumes will surely make every man’s heart melt. Don’t waste your time thinking about that Disney princess you have always wanted to portray when you were young or that musical play role you have always wanted to do. Turn over a new leaf and be daring by selecting any one of these 10 sexiest Halloween costumes if 2013.

10. At You Service French Maid Costume


Who says maids are just meant to stay home with their boring lives? This Halloween, be the star of the party as you come in a black tube dress with a built-in white apron and back bow. For additional props, you can wear a headband, detachable sleeves, and a feather duster. Your friends will surely love to have you as their sexy maid for the night. Get ready to serve as everyone will certainly want to spend the rest of the party with you.

9. Three Piece Cheerful Cutie Costume


Were you a campus crushie back then because of your cheerleading moves? Or have you always wanted to be a cheerleader but the team never got to discover your moves? This Halloween, it is high time you show everyone your ability to show off your curves in that cheerful cheerleader costume. Every man in the room would surely want to be team captain and steal your heart for the night! Wear a two-tone tie top with two-tone pleated skirt. Bring along your pom-poms for a more energetic night! Cheerful and sexy, that is what you are about to become with this cheerleading costume.

8. Radiant Ringmaster Costume


You will never go unnoticed if you come to your Halloween party in a radiant ringmaster costume. Everyone will certainly turn their heads and get stunned with your personality and aura that only a sexy woman can evoke. Wear a sequined jacket and radiate those sexy, fun vibes for the night. Pair it with shiny leather shorts that will drive men crazy. To complete your radiant ensemble, wear a hat and bring that whip. You will be a certified party stunner and everyone will have difficulty forgetting about that night because of you.

7. Five Piece Gypsy Mistress Costume


Gypsy equals mystery. Be this year’s mysterious mistress as you wow everyone in the party with your seductive look. Wear that sexy white top with puff sleeves and do not forget to seal it with a black corset. Indulge in mystery with your layered skirt and a gold coin belt. Get ready for a memorable Halloween party, mysterious mistress!

6. Three Piece Court Jester Costume


Everyone in the party will surely be captivated with your sexy three piece Halloween costume. Wear that sequin lace-up corset complete with all the ruffle details. Do not forget the diamond print all over your top and skirt. You are about to transform everyone’s definition of jester, you are going to make it fun and sexy.

5. Seductive Pirate Wrench


Be the pirate who steals everyone’s heart. This Halloween, let your tough and seductive spirit conquer the party as you dress up as a sexy pirate wrench. A top and corset will definitely do the trick! Do not forget your sword!

4. Two Piece Camo Cutie


Brave your way to your Halloween party wearing that sexy camouflage catsuit. Everyone will salute you because of your seductive, tough look. Do not forget the bullet belt style to complete your camouflage look. Every guy in the room will surely battle for your attention. Once you arrive in the party—this means war!

3. Native American Temptress Costume


Get ready to send smoke signals as you exude hot, sexy vibes at the party with your native American temptress outfit. Wear a faux suede mini dress with a hood. Spice it up with fringe details.

2. Nurse Anita B Naughty Costume


Every guy in the party will surely have his temperatures rising and look for a nurse to cure their illness once you arrive in your Nurse costume. Wear a red bra top underneath the removable zip front top. A pleated skirt, garters, nurse’s cap and stethoscope complete the look that will help you make all the guys your patients for the night!

1. Sexy SWAT Agent Costume


All the men at the Halloween party will surely commit a crime and they would love to be captured by you. A sexy SWAT agent costume is what you need to capture and hold everyone’s attention. Wear a long sleeve crop top, sexy tight pants, and belt with gun and exude your tough, sexy vibes. You will surely make everyone wish it was Halloween everyday.

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