Real Housewives with Beauty and Fashion Businesses!

Just because you are a housewife does not mean you cannot rock the corporate world by having a business of your own. The following are examples of housewives who are creating waves wherever they go because of their success in business.

Celebrity housewife Gretchen Rossi also does not believe in the idea of remaining idle at home. She has her very own line of make-up which is known as Gretchen Christine. The make-up items are conceived by Gretchen herself and are not a franchise. Consumers around the world are looking to buy these products online, because of their affordable price and amazing luster.

Jill Zarin is well known as a rich housewife in New York, but she is not just a housewife as such. She has her own make-up line too that goes by the name of Skweez Couture. According to Jill, beauty is what a person begins to achieve, first with a little foundation on the face. Jill’s line is extremely successful as the components of her products are herbal. They make the skin feel soft and smooth after their application. There is no harmful element on these products.

Alexis Bellino who is one of stars on the Real Housewives of Orange County has her own clothing line which she launched recently. It has become quite a hit in the Orange County market. Alexis has an incredible sense of style. The reason why her clothing line has turned out to be such a success is largely due to the fact that she understands the needs of the customer.

Brandi Glanville is a rich housewife who has made a name for herself because of the amazing line of clothes which she has started selling on Amazon. These clothes are quite trendy and are geared towards the pre-teen clientele. There are clothes for working professionals too. Brandi Glanville is a creative person in her own right, and has come up with some incredible designs.

Heather Thomson has also designed her own shapewear line. The clothes look extremely cute. Heather is even known to have modeled for this line herself. She has a great body and was able to carry of the clothes very well. Heather’s line is very popular among both teens and working professionals.

Lisa Wu Hartwell who is better known for the reality television series The Real Houswives of Atlanta has her own clothing line, the Closet Freak. Lisa has a freaky sense of style and is one of the coolest characters on the show. The manner in which she is known to carry of her own clothes is quite unique. It makes her one of the most stylish housewives. The clothes are priced affordably.

Teresa Giudice is well known for the lovely hair that she sports. She has recently launched the Milano hair care line. This is apparently the secret to the star’s beautiful hair. Her fans can now get the same gorgeous hair.

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Real Housewives with Beauty and Fashion Businesses!