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Rachel McAdams Looks Awesome with Bright Red Hair

Rachel McAdams Looks Awesome with Bright Red Hair


Rachel McAdams, who is among the most loved stars on American television, has colored her hair a bright red! It is looking good on her as well. Actually, she seems quite gorgeous in this.

Rachel is an understated actress in terms of appearance, and does not pay much attention to style when she sets out in public. She is usually happy to look casual, just like the girl next door, and is not conscious in the least about making a style statement. Her new look thus comes as a welcome surprise. The red hair is making Rachel look quite bold. She is sure to get a few acting offers with this red hair.


Why did Rachel suddenly opt for this red hair? It is probably because of her breakup with Michael Sheen. It is said that Michael was not too serious about their relationship. He was very casual in his approach to Rachel, who by the way is known to take her relationships very seriously. She doesn’t like being messed around with. It is thus natural that she decided to color her hair in a style which revealed a completely new look. Rachel it seems wants to make a new start. This make over might indeed give her a fresh start. She will not just look different, but might also feel different.


This is of course not Rachel’s first time with experimenting with her hair. She has experimented with the color of her hair several times before as well. She has colored her hair chocolate brown in the past. Rachel has also been seen as a pink and platinum blonde. No doubt Rachel manages to look good no matter what her hair color turns out to be. She is one of the best looking Hollywood stars, and has a fine sense of style. The red hair is her way of dealing with the breakup for now, but this can soon become a style statement.

What is evident is that, Rachel really seems to love her red hair at the moment. We won’t see her reverting to blonde any time soon.

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