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Octavia Spencer Refuses to Dress as Muumuu to the Oscar Ceremony!

Octavia Spencer Refuses to Dress as Muumuu to the Oscar Ceremony!

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is going to be seen wearing this year! The days when Octavia Spencer could not find any one who would not be able to dress her up in a desirable manner for ceremonies, are now long gone! She has found a wonderful designer who can now dress her up in a glamorous way for popular events. This is none other than Tadashi Shoji.

The stunning gown which Octavia Spencer was seen wearing to the Oscars last year was designed by this designer. Spencer’s fondness for Shoji is now quite apparent. Indeed, her fans have much to be thankful to Shoji for making their favorite presenter look hot and sexy at award ceremonies.

Octavia Spencer 2

It is a talent of a designer to be able to make a person who does not have the best figure in the world to look sexy and chic, says Octavia Spencer. This is something that Tadashi Shoji has been able to do with her. Shoji has been able to make Spencer sport a designer look without making her seem as if she is wearing a tent. Spencer says that several designers in the past have forced her to wear tent like outfits, saying these would look good on her. This left the presenter feeling very frustrated.

She was determined to find someone who would not repeat the same mistakes and who would make her look like the glamorous doll that she is! The stunning outfits that Spencer has been seen wearing recently are all those which are designed by Tadashi Shoji. Indeed, finding this designer has been like a dream come true for Octavia Spencer. She is so overjoyed about her new found designer, that she just can’t stop talking about Shoji’s talents to everyone she knows and even the media. Her happiness is so evident from the look on her face when she is seen talking to reporters about the new looks which she portrays now, and the success with which she carries them off.

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Spencer denied rumors that she was making attempts to cut flab by following a lean diet. The television presenter made it quite clear that missing out on a big meal was not something that she was going to do any time in the near future.

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