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Nicole Polizzi Has Fashion Advice for Pregnant Kim

Nicole Polizzi Has Fashion Advice for Pregnant Kim


Kim Kardashian is going to go into labour soon. A lot of people are excited about this. Many of them are wondering what the fashion crazy Kim is going to be wearing when she is in labour. Nicole Polizzi from the sitcom “Jersey Shore” has some humorous fashion tips for Kim. Nicole says Kim should definitely consider them to look good during the delivery.


Nicole’s first fashion advice to Kim is to wear bright red or pink lipstick. She says that there is plenty of time to dilate, and during this time, Kim should do her makeup and look good. Nude shades should be avoided. She should opt for vibrant shades, Nicole says. The hospital walls are rather bland and boring, and so, vibrantly colored makeup will cheer her up. It is not certain whether Kim will take this advice, given how fond she is of nude shades.

Nicole feels that Kim should take her own hospital gown as the ones they provide are absolutely despicable. Kim will definitely look terrible in them. In fact, she says that if Kim wants to look good for the camera, then she should not be wearing these hospital gowns at all. Instead, she should carry some leopard printed gowns with her. This would certainly spice up her look, and make her come across as the glam doll that she is.


Kim should also take a box of eyelashes with her to keep herself entertained while she is recovering in the hospital. Kim should carry an entire box with her so that she doesn’t get bored. It is better that she keeps a scarf with her to cover up a puffy face, which is likely to happen during the pregnancy. The scarf will prevent the cameras from clicking a shot of this face.

Kim thus has a good number of fashion tips that she can consider. Nicole Polizzi has an amazing sense of style. Perhaps Kim will take her advice. We are keeping an eye open.

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