Nicole Kidman the Best Dressed Celebrity

Jennifer Hudson has impressed her admirers with her tightly knit white dress, but she missed out on being the best dressed celebrity in Hollywood. Guess who beat her to the spot? It was Nicole Kidman. Yes, the Australian beauty has been declared as the best dressed star in the American glamour world, a title she deserves fully. Nicole is one of the top actresses in Hollywood. She is among the best dressed ones too.

Nicole Kidman has a really impressive figure, and is capable of carrying off any dress in style. She was declared the best dressed actress by the fashion police because of her black and nude ornate gown that she wore at a social event in Vienna recently. The gown has been designed by Oscar de la Renta. It costs a lot of money of course. Critics in the fashion world have said that only Nicole could have pulled off this dress with style, and that, she did it perfectly.

With black floral embroidery all over, it certainly looked very sophisticated. But its back wasn’t honestly too impressive. In fact, if fans of Kidman and the fashion police too, had seen the back of the dress, then they would have been disappointed surely. Luckily, this wasn’t noticed too much at the event. We can only say that Nicole got lucky. Nicole has always made a style statement, and this probably worked in her favor.

It was a bit of a shock that Nicole Kidman was declared to be the best dressed celebrity. We had hoped that Jennifer Hudson’s dress would impress the fashion critics more. The competition between her and Kidman was very close. Kidman won it in the end by a narrow margin. Hudson now needs to focus on improving her personal style, and adorning garments which highlight her essential features. She should avoid looking too voluptuous at the same time. She has a great height and body, and can do wonders with the outfits she wears.

Kidman got more than twenty thousand votes for the outfit she wore in Vienna. Hudson got twenty thousand votes, and Salma Hayek received nineteen thousand votes. All three ladies are very stylish. We can’t wait to know what stylish surprises they have in store for us.

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