Miranda Kerr No Longer with Victoria’s Secret

Miranda Kerr is not going to be seen modeling for Victoria’s Secret underwear line any more. We will all surely miss her on the ramp looking like a sexy butterfly. Miranda does not want to be on the payroll of Victoria’s Secret because she wants to take a break from her modeling career. Kerr wants to focus on other things that matter to her. She has been modeling since she was thirteen years of age, and is quite tired of it by now.

Victoria’s Secret has in no way released Miranda. She is leaving the job on her own terms. In an interview with the Sydney Morning Herald, Miranda stated that it was entirely by choice that she was no longer interested in modeling for Victoria’s Secret. She has enjoyed many good years with them, and has won many laurels too for her modeling. There have been many good moments and not so good ones as well. She is going to cherish these memories, as she focuses on a new phase of her life.

Miranda is now thirty years of age, and is a doting mother to an adorable little boy. She also has her own line of beauty products, which she is interested in marketing.

Miranda managed to stir quite a few people as a Victoria’s Secret model. In fact, her presence on the Victoria’s Secret team was vital. Her absence is surely going to be felt badly. Clearly no other model can take Miranda’s place on the ramp so soon. Rarely did she get into a tiff with the authorities or with other models as she carried on the job with different outfits.

Her slender body and that smile on her face made it a winning combination. We certainly hope to see her again under the spotlight. For the moment though, she is going to focus on her little boy. He is going to get all the attention from a loving mommy.

There are some rumors floating that Victoria’s Secret is difficult to work with. Kerr has however denied these rumors, stating that they are not true. Miranda says that the relationship she enjoyed with her colleagues was very healthy.

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Miranda Kerr No Longer with Victoria’s Secret