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Miley Cyrus Criticized by Tabatha Coffey

Miley Cyrus Criticized by Tabatha Coffey


. We agree that Miley has been acting rather weird lately, ever since her involvement with the Hemsworth family. It is evident by the clothes she has been wearing. The fashion police don’t know whether to declare her crazy or bizarre.

Tabatha has criticized Miley’s black and white striped dress that she wore to a social event recently. Coffey feels that it looks more like a prison outfit. In fact, she was left absolutely speechless when she saw the dress. She wonders how Miley could choose something like this in front of everybody. Tabatha is quite fond of Miley otherwise. She feels that Miley is one of the boldest young celebrities in Hollywood these days, who is not afraid to express herself freely.


Tabatha’s views about Miley’s outfit is so stinging that Miley is sure going to feel embarrassed about it. Initially, when Miley became well know, she was seen as a style icon. But all her efforts at being a stylist, has now gone down the drain.

What Tabatha approves is the fantastic hair and make-up that Miley has been sporting lately. This includes her hair and makeup with the striped dress. Miley completed her look with shocking blonde short hair and bright red lipstick. The style and cut was quite flattering. It suited the shape of her face.
Tabatha admits that not all celebs can pull-off the look of the black and white striped dress. Cyrus should thus be credited for trying it. The neck and eyes of Miley Cyrus are very well defined. This certainly goes in favor of the actresses. We hope Miley takes this criticism positively, and does something about her weird outfits soon.


Tabatha is harsh and unkind, but her views have often helped celebrities transform themselves completely. Miley, if she is clever, will avoid shedding tears after reading this fierce review. She should instead try to do her best to please Tabatha and prove everybody wrong with her style.

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