Mila Kunis: Speculation Of Tattoos

Are Mila Kunis’ tattoos authentic? Seen on the cover of GQ's August 2011 issue she is seen with a full tattoo sleeve on her left arm, a pistol on her hip, a coy fish covering her left thigh as well as an intricate star design on her right hand. However, the World’s Sexiest Woman is appears proud to flaunt her ink even though they have been deemed to be fake.

She aroused controversy with her character Lily in the dramatic thriller Black Swan. Lily is the dark ego of Nina, a character played by Natalie Portman. In the movie, Kunis was seen inked with a large black swan tattoo on her back. There are also leaked photos of her in shorts and a tank top, photographed with a little ink drawn on the side of her lower back. Others say it was fake because the photo was taken when she was still filming for Black Swan. Rumor has it that Kunis is also fond of collecting playing cards as her tattoos, one seen on her wrist but was just hidden through a makeup and bracelet.

These tattoos remain merely as speculation due to the fact that no proof has been uncovered revealing their authenticity. The issue on Kunis’s tattoos started in her films Get Over It, American Psycho 2, Moving McAllister, After Sex and Boot Camp, Max Payne and the latest Black Swan.

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