Kim Kardashian's Style: The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

Kim Kardashian started appearing more often on our television screens back in 2007, when her and her family landed their own reality television show, Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Since the 33-year-old reality TV star is only famous for being famous, it is absolutely critical for her success, to look good at any given moment. Kim makes it a point to wear all the latest fashions, keep her body in the best shape and to always be done up when she is filmed or photographed. However, it may not come as a shock to many fashion connoisseurs out there, that her desire to be stylish leads to fashion fails and fashion wins. Here is a list that looks at some of Kim Kardashian's good, bad and ugly looks, throughout the years.

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18 The Good

17 Nautical Rope Body Con Dress

Kim Kardashian wore this white and gold body con dress made of rope to a yacht party in Cannes, France in June 2014. The dress perfectly outlined her famous curves, while her sleek pony tail and smoky eyes were subtle enough for the flashy look. Also, bonus points to Kim for keeping with the theme of the yacht party.

16 Vintage Alaia Dress Paired With KK Cropped Turtleneck


Kim Kardashian hit it straight out of the park with this vintage Alaia dress, paired with a Kardashian Kollection cropped turtleneck that she wore in March 2014. The cropped top stops at the slimmest part of Kim's body, her waist. The Alaia heels and clutch also accentuated the stunning outfit nicely. We can also agree that the color of the ensemble definitely fit her beautifully, bronzed skin-tone. Overall, the look was chic and tasteful.

15 White Bodysuit and Blue Jeans

via: www.whowhatwear.com

Kim Kardashian played it down with a white long sleeve bodysuit, jeans and a pair of gold heels in May 2014. Although the look was simple, it was perfectly fitted and Kim still looked like a star in plain jeans. She made the wise decision of wearing a bodysuit rather than a white shirt, because the bodysuit didn't bunch up, come on tucked or bulge.

14 Lanvin Strapless Dress

via posh24.com

Kim Kardashian wore a blue and black strapless Lanvin dress to the 2014 Met Gala. Paired with strappy black heels, minimal makeup and side-swept loosely curled hair, the look was positively elegant. This outfit also landed Kim Kardashian on several best dressed lists for the 2014 Met Gala.

13 Black Beaded Mermaid Dress

via posh24.com

Kim Kardashian wore this stunning black, beaded mermaid style dress with lace capped sleeves to the 2012 Golden Globe awards show. The dress hugged Kim in all the right places and her loosely pulled back hair and glam makeup made this look an absolute winner.

12 The Bad

11 Skintight Caramel Leather Dress

In March 2013, Kim Kardashian seemingly squeezed into a caramel colored, skin tight leather dress. With the dress, she paired sky high black heels and a black leather jacket. Kim was five months pregnant at the time, and although she was still trying to maintain her trendy image, this look just didn't go. It was ill fitted and was definitely not the right outfit for a pregnant woman.

10 Mustard Jacket

via: www.thegloss.com

In December 2013, Kim Kardashian wore an over-sized mustard colored jacket, a black leather miniskirt and black cutout high heels, while she was out and about. From the hips down, the outfit looks great, but the overbearing condiment-colored jacket completely destroys the entire look. We do wonder what she was thinking of, when she decided to put this outfit together

9 White Accessory Overload

via: styleblazer.com

Okay, in all fairness this was a while ago, but we still feel this outfit deserves a spot on this list. In October 2006, Kim Kardashian wore this horrible ensemble to the Rock & Republic party. The whole get-up looks cheap and the excessive tan doesn't help either. There is absolutely nothing good about this outfit. In her defense, this outfit was worn before she became famous. So we can assume she did not own a mirror prior to 2007.

8 A Patterned Mess  Dress

via huffingtonpost.com

This geometric and paisley maxi dress that Kim sported in February 2013 was simply heavy and unappealing. Although small patterns are usually flattering because they keep the eyes moving, large patterns can seem like an optical illusion - not in a good way. In Kim's case, the large patterned dress made the petite reality TV star appear bigger than she actually was.

7 Genie in a Bottle

For the launch of one of her fragrances in June 2011, Kim wore a purple and orange color blocked Gucci dress. The dress clearly appears to be too tight, because Kim is spilling out in the midsection. Jennifer Lawrence donned the same dress on the cover of Flare magazine in June 2011, and the dress looked flawless on her. However, this dress on Kim looks like a cheap genie inspired costume.

6 ...and The Ugly

5 It's a curtain. It's a couch. It's a dress?

via bohomouth.com

Kim Kardashian wore this large flowery dress to the 2013 Met Gala. The floral pattern looked like curtains or a couch, from the 1960's. Kim was clearly pregnant at the time, so a pattern that made her look larger was not a good choice. The outfit was so bad, that Vogue actually cropped her out of a photo they used for their magazine, in which she was standing next to Kanye West. Kim Kardashian should have known that the only woman that can probably pull off a dress made of drapes is Scarlett O'Hara.

4 Military Inspired Dress

Kim Kardashian wore this military inspired outfit in June 2012, while strolling through Paris. Unfortunately, the whole ensemble looks cheap and does nothing for her body. The placement of the pockets on her mid-section make the size 4 star look larger, and the knee-length dress paired with the calf-height boots further shorten her already short, 5'3" stature. It almost seems as though Kanye isn't a fan of the outfit as well, just by the way he seems to be looking at it.

3 Homeless Look

In February 2014, Kim Kardashian hit the streets of New York in this rather unusual outfit. The greasy slicked back hair and the over-sized fur coat literally made Kim look like a homeless person. The coat also looked cheap and appeared to be made out of teddy bears. Kim should have stayed inside, because the only word to describe this ensemble is 'ugly.'

2 Ruffled Python Printed Pants

via posh24.com

Kim Kardashian wore this get-up in 2013. Unfortunately, there are three things wrong with those pants; the ruffles, the python print and the fit. The ruffles, known as peplum, are usually placed on the bottom of shirts to make the midsection appear smaller. The peplum on this pair of pants has a placement to make the hips appear wider - which is the last thing Kim needs. In addition, the python print is tacky and unsightly, while the pants are too tight - making Kim's waist bulge out on top. Hopefully, Kim burned these pants, because they are physical evidence of a fashion crime.

1 Leather Overload

via mirror.co.uk

In February 2014, Kim Kardashian stepped out in a sheer black blouse, studded booties and a full-length, dark green leather skirt. The outfit was ill-fitted and frumpy. It did Kim's figure no justice and the leather skirt literally looked like a trash bag. The length of the skirt and the booties cut Kim off in all the wrong places and made her appear short and dumpy. Hopefully, Kim donated this skirt so it could be recycled and used as a trash bag.

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