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Kim Kardashian Sporting New Bangs

Kim Kardashian Sporting New Bangs


We have the pregnant Kim Kardashian making a style statement once again before the camera. The reality television star is not content to remain at home and be the regular pregnant mother like most others in her situation. She has to be trendy and stylish and consequently true to her personality.

It is therefore no surprise to see Kim sporting a new hair style. The television personality has been seen flaunting bangs again, bringing these back to fashion. Of course the video posted on her twitter account shows her in a good deal of dilemma and with her hair stylist humorously saying that one should never take what a pregnant woman says seriously. We can’t of course blame him for this, as Kim has always been rather whimsical about most things in life. However the scissors went chop-chop and before we knew it, Kim was flaunting some awesome bangs before the camera. The hair style is in keeping with the appearance of her face and overall personality. She is going to rock whichever event she attends with these bangs on.


Kim’s latest hairstyle is reminiscent of the styles showcased recently by the British model Kate Moss. It is no secret that Kim has admired Kate Moss for a very long time. She often yearns to look and be like Kate. Kim has been seen to ape Kate in a number of things. For instance, she definitely apes the way Kate walks and the kind of accessories she carries with her. We wonder whether Kim is content to be a clone of Kate Moss?

The bangs are going to be an instant hit. She has been well known for showcasing a number of bizarre and aesthetic stylish trends. They have almost all been positively accepted. Kim is never the target of the fashion police, she has inherited a unique sense of style from her mother Kris Jenner and is determined to look and feel gorgeous.


Kim’s bangs are up for all to see on her twitter account, the bangs have accentuated Kim’s sharp features, making her look more appealing. We wonder what Kanye might say about this new look of hers.

Kim is not just any pregnant mother. She is Kim Kardashian and is determined to be that, whether she is pregnant or not. We now have to wait and see what hair style she comes out with after giving birth to her child. The surprise is certain to be a good one!

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