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Kate Returns Gift Sent by Kim Kardashian

Kate Returns Gift Sent by Kim Kardashian


 is known to embrace high fashion frequently. But she does not like to attend social events with the Queen wearing a cheap mini-skirt with leopard prints on it. That’s what the Kardashian sisters had sent Kate Middleton. Kate is a very elegant lady. She is known to don a great sense of style.

Kate Middleton promotes designers in the UK and US. But she seems to be in no mood to oblige the Kardashian sisters by wearing their clothes to any social event in the UK. The Kardashians are big in the US. They want to do well in the UK as well and thus the intention of associating themselves with royalty. Social climbers like the Kardashian sisters are not likely to get any attention from the royal family with such moves.


Kim Kardashian wanted to meet Kate by inviting her to have tea with her during her stay in London. But the Duchess of Cambridge politely refused her invitation. This was a huge slap on Kim’s face as well. She loves to grab attention wherever she goes. Kim believes that important people will notice her because of her wealth. It is unlikely that a classy lady like the Duchess of Cambridge would ever associate herself with any of the Kardashian sisters, let alone spend time with them.


The Kardashians were hoping that if Kate had their clothes on her, then it would promote the sales for their clothing line, Dorothy Perkins. Tough luck! This is not going to happen any time soon, as long as the royal family keeps its classy act going.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge only accept gifts from people they know very well. The gifts are always returned with a thank you note, and an explanation of the royal policy, if the person is not that well known.

Kim and her siblings are likely to have received this same letter. Kim’s intention appears to have been dashed. She will have to look elsewhere to promote her clothing line.

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