Kate Hudson Says That Her Son Bing Has a Natural Mullet Just Like Kurt Russell Does

Friends of Kate in the past have lied to her and have even stolen from her. This has however not come to exercise any influence on her transparency and the honest way in which she carries out her day to day affairs. The only time when the interference does bother her is when they bring her kids into the whole affair, getting them involved when this is completely unnecessary. Kate fails to understand the reason behind such bitchiness, and says that she would never ever talk nasty about other people’s children. This is something that she is definitely against. When it happens with her own children, she feels really terrible and hurt about it.

Kate Hudson is at present busy playing the role of a vixen Cassandra on the well-known American sitcom “Glee”. When she is not busy shooting, she spends as much time as she can with her two children, Ryder and Bing. Ryder is the older brother. She says that Bing is the one who is particularly talented when it comes to using the mullet. He does so quite frequently in their backyard. According to Kate, Bing’s talent with the mullet is similar to the kind of talent which Kurt Russell had with the mullet in the 1980’s. She also says that Ryder plays the role of the older brother to perfection. He never lets the younger one out of his sight. Hudson’s pride about her older son was quite evident when she spoke about him. She almost sounded relieved to have him around.

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Kate Hudson Says That Her Son Bing Has a Natural Mullet Just Like Kurt Russell Does